The scenes that the BBC didn’t want you to see.


For the last 24 hours the French port of Calais has seemingly been turned into a war-zone by migrant invaders from the Jungle camp in that town. These invaders, who have been continually fed, watered and supported by various British Lefties and bleeding hearts, have been attacking British registered vehicles in their quest to get to the UK.

This Battle of Calais, which has seen travellers stuck in the area, and being attacked by hostile migrant invaders in five mile queues for at least 12 hours and some even more. Travellers found their vehicles were surrounded by violent migrant invaders throwing bricks at cars, diving into the dock and screaming ‘F**k the UK’. This savagery on the part of the migrant invaders desperate to get to the UK is truly appalling. Furthermore this violence is seriously endangering the lives of Britons who are attempting to cross the Channel.

You’d think, wouldn’t you that a story like this would be seriously newsworthy and something that one of the most well resourced news organisations in the world, that of the BBC,would be covering. It really fits into the category ‘if it bleeds it leads’. As a news story i’s got the lot. It’s got British people under threat, it’s got photogenic violence and it’s an ongoing story that’s easy to research and script. Yet the BBC is not covering it. All they’ve said according the Brietbart site is that there are problems with the Channel Tunnel due to ‘power problems’.

I’ve just been to check the BBC news website and there is nothing at all on there about this story. I’ve looked at the front page, nothing. The world news page, nothing and the Europe page, yes you guessed it, nothing again. This glaring absence of coverage by the BBC, a channel we all pay for in the UK through our Television Licences, is either a serious error of judgement by the organisation’s News Editor or a deliberate attempt to avoid inflaming Brexit-leaning people and pushing them to vote Leave, by highlighting the violence in Calais. Sadly, and I’m speaking now as someone who used to admire the BBC and believes that the BBC used to be better than it is now, such malfeasance on the part of the BBC as it is today, cannot be discounted.

Other commentators, such as the former Conservative MP Louise Mensch writing on the Heatstreet site, have also noticed the glaring anomaly of the lack of coverage of this major story by the BBC. She has come out and called it as malfeasance and said:

Social media reports suggest that there is serious violence going on in Calais with the BBC suppressing the news to help Remain as it struggles in the polls before the Brexit vote:”

Suppressing news of this violence aimed at Britons is a terrible dereliction of duty by the BBC and a clear example of pro-EU bias by the organisation. To become a mere purveyor of EU propaganda is a terrible fate for the BBC. It used to be a great and respected public service broadcaster whose transmissions helped to keep the flame of freedom burning in Occupied Europe during WWII and was a beacon of hope for listeners behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War, It’s technical department advanced the science of broadcasting and it’s training in this area was once consider the gold standard for broadcast engineers. Now it is just a dishonest messenger boy for the unelected nomenklatura in Brussels. A terrible end for an organisation with such an illustrious history.

I’ve not trusted the BBC’s coverage of certain issues, such as Islamic Rape Gangs or other aspects of Islamic cultural predation for a while now. After this disgusting and blatant propaganda for the EU episode I don’t think I’d trust the weather forecast on the BBC let alone any of their news programmes or their drama. The BBC has become politically corrupt from top to bottom and this scandalous failure to cover a major story like this should really be seen as evidence of that. The former publisher of the Washington Post, Phil Graham, speaking to a journalistic audience in April 1963 said that ‘news is the first rough draft of history’. The BBC’s visibly biased behaviour over the Calais story and in other coverage of the EU referendum and similar issues, is so bad that maybe the failure to cover this story should be seen as the first rough draft of the BBC’s death warrant.

I have no problem, and indeed support the idea of public service broadcasting, but what we’ve seen from the BBC today is not ‘public service’ in any way, shape or form, it is outright dishonesty and it is something that needs to be highlighted and punished.


The following websites contain a far more accurate account of what is going on in Calais than you would ever find on the BBC.


Heatstreet article on the invader violence at Calais and the BBC’s failure to cover it


And keep a sick bag handy when you read about some of the ‘useful idiots’ who are feeding, clothing and supporting the very same ‘migrants’, or rather invaders, who are endangering the lives of Britons at Calais.

Does no real honest fact ever enter these moron’s thick skulls?