Good news from Afghanistan. Seven Islamic savages bent on murder die in premature IED explosion

The location of Logar province in Afghanistan


My mum and my nan used to have an expression: ‘God pays debts without money’, which was a way of saying, if you do bad things and there will be consequences. A good example of this old expression coming true comes from Afghanistan where

The Indian news outlet Zee News has reported this case of seven savages slaughtered before they could kill others and has said:

Seven Taliban militants including their commander Abdul Rauf were planting a mine on a road outside Pul-e-Alam city to target security personnel but the device exploded prematurely, killing all on the spot,” One of the officials was quoted as saying by Xinhua news agency.

The commander and his team had an active role in organising attacks on security forces and planting roadside bombs in Logar province and adjoining are

This really is an classic example of the universe or God dealing out a just punishment to these vile and violent savages who make up the Taliban.

Goodbye and good riddance, the more of these savages who self explode without damage to the innocent, the better in my view. Although I feel sad that creatures created in the image of God have died, I can’t but help but also think that it’s better they die like this, than murder who knows how many innocents. This is justice, swift and true.


Original story from Zee News