If Islam is such a religion of peace, why do its converts so often turn out to be violent thugs?

If you say this and mean it and convert to Islam, then you are a weapons grade knobhead who deserves all the disgust and hatred that's coming your way.


We keep getting told by dishonest politicians, and various useful idiots from the diversity industry, that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. But the evidence for this statement of peacefulness is very very thin on the ground. There are so many indicators of the unpeacefulness of Islam that it would be more useful and practical to count the tiny number of occasions that it and its followers are peaceful. It’s a depressing task to count the massive amount of violence coming from this alleged ‘religion of peace’.

If we want concrete evidence of Islam’s lack of peace then we only need to look at the rapidly rising death toll that occurs during Ramadan or, as in this example, the aggressive behaviour of those individuals who convert to Islam. These converts to Islam seem to be either attracted to the violence in Islam or are brainwashed into being violent by other followers of the ideology of Islam.

For this latest case of Islamic convert violent behaviour we need to go to France where we can see a convert to Islam threatening a peaceful nudist camp. This is the normal behaviour of the Moslem, they feel offended and how they deal with being offended is they threaten violence. This is not the action of a genuine religion of peace, this is the action of a murderous death cult.

The French newspaper The Local has reported on this story. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics and this bloggers comments are in plain text.

A Frenchman already serving prison time for glorifying terrorism has had his sentence extended after he reportedly threatened to attack a popular nudist colony in France because he didn’t like the “naked arses”.

The man had said that he wanted to attack the famous Cap d’Agde nudist colony on the coast of southern France, the Midi Libre newspaper reported. 

This is ‘normal for Islam’. A Muslim doesn’t like something so rather than discuss it with those he may disagree with and come to either a compromise or agree to disagree, the Muslim resorts to threats of violence. Not the sort of actions that could be ascribed to a genuine ‘religion of peace’

Other inmates reported the man to authorities after he confessed his desire was motivated by the fact he did not like the “naked arses” of the nudists at Cap d’Agde.

The inmates also accused the convicted man of proselytism (attempting to convert others to his religion), anti-Semitism, and for being extremely noisy with his calls to prayer.  

This is excellent and highly patriotic behaviour on the part of the other prisoners and I hope that their actions are acknowledged. Those incarcerated with this savage have probably saved hundreds of lives.

On the very day he was set to be released a court in Beziers, southern France, ruled this week to extend the man’s sentence by six months, just days before he was supposed to be released. 

Excellent, at least this savage is out of the way for a bit.

The man had been sentenced in October to a year in prison for glorifying terrorism after his gun-themed kebab restaurant in southern France’s Beziers triggered police concern.

His entire restaurant – Toubib Burger – appeared to be an homage to weaponry, with the T in the shop’s name resembling a Kalashnikov.

The menu was no better, with one option named K-Lach – an apparent reference to the the Russian firearm Kalashnikov – and another called M16.

Hmmm! Convert to Islam with a less than savoury interest in the sort of firearms often used by Islamic terrorists. I’d be shocked if this savage was not under the gaze of the French police.

The convicted man, who is in his mid forties, converted from Catholicism to Islam and is a known acquaintance of Mohamed Merah, whose shooting spree in and around the southern city of Toulouse left seven people dead, reported  Europe 1.

Oh there’s a surprise, or not. It’s yet another peace professing Muslim who just happens to have been an acquaintance of terrorists. There seems to be quite a few of these.

This case illustrates why civilised nations should hold those who convert to Islam knowing of its violence and the hate filled nature of its theology, in contempt and be very suspicious of them. Someone who converts to an ideology that wants you dead for excercising your choices of free speech or playing voleyball in your birthday suit is not someone we should ever trust.

Islam is bad and those who convert to it are choosing not life, but death.


Original story from the Local news outlet