Friday Night Movie number 78 – Chance Meeting


An excellent British crime thriller from 1959 called ‘Chance Meeting’. This BAFTA nominated movie starring Hardy Kruger is about a rich woman who meets a struggling Dutch artist, Jan-Van Rooyer, whilst shopping for a painting in a West End gallery.

The woman who calls her self Jacqueline Cousteau tells Van Rooyer that she is married but still makes a play for him. The pair become lovers but one day Van Rooyer goes to Cousteau’s flat where he is confonted by police officers who accuse him of the murder of a woman who is assumed to be Cousteau.

Van Rooyer is the prime suspect in the murder and all the circumstantial evidence and physical evidence seems to point to Van Rooyer’s guilt, a fact that had been noted by the officer in charge of the case Inspector Morgan, ably played by Stanley Baker.

Will Van Rooyer be able to explain how he came to be in a flat with the body of a woman and a wad of cash in an envelope with his name on it. You will have to watch this excellent and very gripping thriller to find out.

I really enjoyed this film and I hope that you enjoy it too.

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  1. I really enjoyed it ~ what a start: I loved the “banter” with the police in the apartment. Almost like “Who are you, who are YOU?” Brilliant!

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