So what about us then West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, when do WE get defended like this?

David Jamieson West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner


The Centre-Left Establishment has had a field day of dishonesty and misinformation following the Brexit vote. Egged on by dishonest grievance-mongers such as the Tell Mama group and fake taxpayer supported ‘charities’ such as Stop Hate UK, the Establishment is trying to push the narrative that there has been a massive jump in ‘hate crime’ (a very conveniently flexible term in itself) since the vote to leave the EU. Much of what has been reported appears to be merely people saying stuff about immigration that some people don’t like and criminal damage that may, or just as likely may not, be targeted because of a persons religious identity or national origin. Many of these allegations could quite easy be complete bollocks but are being spun by elements in the media and politics into something that they may not be in reality.

Now it seems that the Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands David Jameson has climbed aboard the ‘hate crime’ bandwagon. Despite very scant trustworthy evidence that there is a rash of so called ‘hate crime’ that has not stopped the PCC from mouthing off.

The West Midlands PCC’s statement said:

“Members of the public have raised concerns with me about reports about hate crime, in particular since the result of the EU referendum.

“Let me make it clear, hate crime is not acceptable and tackling the crime is a priority of mine and West Midlands Police. We are all extremely proud that the West Midlands is a diverse region, where people from different backgrounds and cultures get on. That will not be allowed to change.

“I want to reassure people that we are monitoring the situation closely and if there is any upsurge in hate crime the police will take swift action.

“If you are a victim of, or see any evidence of hate crime please report it to either the police or use one of the 188 third-party reporting centres across the West Midlands where people can report the crimes if you don’t want to go to the police.”

This statement really does deserve a little bit of a fisking. Firstly ‘members of the public have raised concerns’. Now the raising of concerns doesn’t actually mean that something has happened in reality. I have a concern that a meteor might fall on my house but the chances of a meteor falling on my house is very remote. The PCC says that ‘hate crime is not acceptable’ I’d ask: what’s so special about ‘hate crime’? Isn’t all crime unacceptable or are some crimes, like some animals in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm‘, more equal than others? Then we have the statement of ‘reassurance’ that the police will take ‘swift action’ against ‘hate crime’. All I can say to that is it is a great shame that the police in the West Midlands have not been so swift in taking action against the Islamic Rape Gangs that have victimised hundreds of children and young women in the West Midlands area over a long period of time.

The bit that made me laugh out loud was the statement that if people see evidence of hate crime then they should report it to either the police or one of the third party ‘hate crime’ reporting centres in the West Midlands area. I had to laugh because one of those ‘third party hate crime monitors’ is the Tell Mama organisation who a few years ago lost their government funding for lying about hate crime levels and have a long and undistinguished record of distorting stories and relying on witnesses and complainants who lack credibility. Sadly West Midlands has a sorry record for not taking enough care with who they work with and that is epitomised by their close association with the Tell Mama group.

I’d like to conclude this article by asking the PCC a question, and a link to this article has been sent to the PCC, and the question is this: what about the rest of us? When do we who don’t fit into some ‘special’ box get defended like this? Let’s take Islam for instance, after all that is the most lethal minority group in the UK today. When do we, the non-Muslim majority get some defence from Islamic Rape Gangs, Islamic terror, Islamic political corruption, Islamic class A drug dealers, Islamic thugs and all the other problems that this dangerous ideology has brought to the UK.

The law and justice system should ideally treat everyone equally. Even the Bible says this in Leviticus 19:15 when it states ‘Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgement; thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor favour the person of the mighty; but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour‘**. This is a lesson that the whole ‘hate crimes’ ethos tramples over as it creates classes of people who either by birth or by dint of the theological ideology they follow are advantaged by the law.

The swiftness with which the PCC has weighed in on this issue contrasts much with the tardiness with which West Midlands Police, and other police forces, have shown when it comes to crimes and social problems that have been caused by certain favoured groups such as the followers of the ideology of Islam.

This contrast in approach has been noted not just by me but by many other people and it is time that this discrepancy was dealt with and the whole concept of ‘hate crimes’ was junked. All crimes are to some extent acts of hate and there is nothing at all to be gained by creating special classes of people who get better served by the law than others. I ask again Mr Jamieson when do the rest of us get the same level of care and concern that you are showing here because we deserve to know?


**Jewish Publication Society Tanakh 1917 edition

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