The Post-Brexit political and cultural scene – Some personal observations


There’s a lot to say and a lot I want to say, about the post-Brexit vote political and cultural scene. This means that this article on the effects of Brexit is much longer than normal for a piece on this site. Therefore because of the length of it I’ve divided it into sections.

The Brexit effect on Westminster.

‘Tumultuous’ is not too strong a word to describe the effects of the Brexit vote on the Westminster village. David Cameron the British Prime Minister who had pushed heavily the cause of Britain remaining in an increasingly tyrannical and centralised EU resigned following the result of the referendum. This looks very much to me like a ‘tactical’ resignation as Cameron is staying on for three months after which there will be a leadership election in the Conservative Party. I say it’s a tactical resignation for two reasons.

Firstly it gives the Prime Minister and the pro-EU ministers in government a window of opportunity to try to do some back room deals in order to frustrate the people’s will as expressed in the referendum and keep us in the EU. Secondly this three month gap may well cause problems for whoever succeeds Cameron. Any potential successor will be campaigning for Tory leader at a time of great political uncertainty. In the words of James Delingpole of Brietbart Cameron ‘salted the ground’ in order to frustrate any pro-Brexit successor. Mr Delingpole said that Cameron deliberately made sure that there wasn’t a post Brexit political or economic plan in order to frustrate Cameron’s most likely successor Boris Johnson. Cameron has unleashed the potential for political and economic chaos merely in order to score political points. I’ve not doubt that Cameron hopes by resigning to engineer the election of a pro-EU leader who will ensure that something or other happens which will have the effect of keeping us in the EU. This is not the action of a sensible political leader who cares for his or her country or their people, but the actions of a traitor to the nation.

On the subject of post Brexit planning it’s utterly scandalous that there has been no planning for a potential Leave vote. It’s a gross dereliction of duty. I’ve spoken to former civil servants who’ve been involved in election planning and they tell me that in the run up to an election senior civil servants plan for either a Tory, Labour, Lib Dem or Coalition government and produce briefing plans for potential incoming ministers based on information contained in the manifestos of different parties. This is sensible. It means that there is less of a shock to the system when a new government comes in. If the Civil Service can do this for elections and see it as vital, then how much more important is it for something as momentous as leaving the EU? On the subject of the Civil Service it appears plain to me that Cameron has gone out of his way to politicise the Civil Service and has worked with senior pro-EU civil servants to promote the EU cause. Watching Cameron use and abuse the Civil Service is like watching an updated episode of ‘Yes Minister’ but one with added corruption and malevolence.

I also get the distinct impression of arrogance on the part of pro-EU Westminster politicians who may also have failed to plan for a potential Brexit because they thought that they would be able to scare the people of the UK into submission and into voting for Remain. Unfortunately the Remain camp failed to take into account just how pissed off the British people are with the EU. Britons had had enough of the restrictions it places on people and their right to earn a livelihood, with the excessive and inappropriate immigration it has brought and with the interference with British courts by a Euro-justice system that is radically different from the continental systems, often based on the Code Napoleon. The Remainers failed to learn from history and realise that a nation that has stood up to the likes of Adolf Hitler, Kaiser Bill, Napoleon and the Soviet Union was not going to roll over and surrender over mere scare stories from the Remain camp. I truly believe that it was the arrogance, dishonesty and bad political taste of the Remainers that lost this referendum for them. Remain deserved to lose they really did.

I now need to move on to the subject of Cameron’s most likely potential successor Boris Johnson. Now I like Boris as a person. I find him an engaging and intelligent speaker who is a sharp political operator. Boris Johnson .managed to pull of a major coup and gain the London mayoralty from Labour despite London being very badly afflicted by the Blair/Brown government’s policy of stuffing the city with Labour voting immigrants. That was a very big achievement. As I said I like Boris Johnson but on the subject of the EU I find that I cannot trust him at all. He’s such a sharp operator that I worry that Johnson will, if he becomes Tory leader and therefore Prime Minister, despite his high profile part in the Leave campaign, do the country great damage. It’s likely that Johnson will be a bit too lukewarm on the idea of British sovereignty and I’m concerned that he may negotiate a sort of ‘half in half out’ deal with the EU. This sort of useless deal would see us still subjected to EU dominance and also still forced by the EU to have open borders. This would be almost as bad as staying in. The Conservative party needs a leader who is without a doubt aligned to the idea of Brexit and the sort of ‘half rice half chips’ leader which Boris Johnson may end up as would do us no good at all.

Let’s have a look at the Labour party now. In order for a nation to be a functioning democracy you need two main things. Firstly you need a government that is elected by the majority of the population and secondly you need an effective opposition to the government to act as a check on the government and to make sure that minority opinion is not completely squashed. Labour under Jeremy Corbyn has been neither an effective opposition nor has it represented those people who did not vote Conservative in 2015 very well at all. Corbyn’s Labour has been heavily dominated by the far Left and Britons have never voted in any great number for far leftist parties. Yes, we’ve occasionally had Communist or extreme socialist MP’s but they’ve been few and far between. When Labour has been at its most effective it’s because it’s remembered that the roots of the Labour party are rooted in Methodism rather than Marx. Corbyn and his supporters appear to have forgotten that fact.

Jeremy Corbyn is a sign of just how far Labour has gone down the toilet. Corbyn, and those like him, have turned the Labour party from one that represented British workers, especially those who worked in dangerous and ill-paid jobs, into a party of the middle class Left. Labour is now a byword for treachery towards the working classes in the UK. It has bought into the post-1968 radical values of multiculturalism and identity politics and whole heartedly has morphed almost without shame, into being a de facto Islam Party. Labour MP”s, councillors and activists have stood there and said nothing whilst Islamic Rape Gangs have terrorised city after city so that they can gain and hang on to the often fraudulent Islamic bloc vote. Labour, since at least the time of the leadership of John Smith, have been a party that has ignored many of the problems that Islam has brought to the UK and especially to the local areas that Labour control.

Sometimes Labour activists and elected officials have ignored Islamic problems because of a misplaced fear of being called ‘racist’ and at other times and other places Labour have ignored Islam problems for more cynical political reasons. It must be said that although the former leader of Labour Neil Kinnock did a great job in clearing out the worst of the far Leftist elements of Militant Tendency from the party, his reforms did not go nearly far enough. The far Leftists, the Islamopanderers and those middle class Lefties who snobbishly despise the British working classes, kept their heads down and regrouped and reappeared in suits and ties in the Blair government. This coterie of dangerous radicals and those who hate this nation and its people did great damage to us all during the Blair/Brown years, damage that will take decades to repair. As well as the damage that Labour did in government the party also damaged a multitude of local areas right across the North of England and also to places like East London by their policies, most notably their policy of pandering to the followers of Islam.

I must say it’s been a little bit of fun watching the Labour party implode in recent days, and I cannot recall such a great number of Labour ministers resigning so quickly and I can remember back to the days of the incompetent and divisive leadership of Labour by Michael Foot. Such destruction by far Left domination is in one way a bit of payback for all the damage that Labour did whilst in national office and in the local areas that they’ve controlled.

On the other hand to have an opposition in such disarray is not good for a democracy. It means that the government is not held to account when it needs to be held to account. This also means that those who didn’t vote for the governing party are not effectively represented in the House of Commons. This is not a situation that any nation and any party should aspire to be in. I despise Labour for the damage they have done to British society but it’s not right that we have an opposition that represents nothing except the totally mad middle class far Left, public sector management and the Muslims who would destroy us all if they had the chance. The slow death of the Labour party and its deliberate distancing of itself from the bulk of British society is driving ordinary working class voters away. Many of them, like me, who voted for Labour back in the mid to late 1980’s see the Labour party as not representing us any more and are switching their vote to UKIP. Labour have let us all down and we can only hope that one day the party will learn that lesson.

To conclude this section on the Labour party there is one MP whose behaviour has been utterly disrespectful towards the British electorate and that is the MP for Tottenham David Lammy. He arrogantly said that he would defy the people’s will and try to block any attempt at Britain to leave the EU. This is not good, and condescending and arrogant attitudes like that risk stirring up civil disorder. I’ve never ever encouraged or approved of civil disorder or wished for it, but I would like to remind David Lammy and those like him of something from British history. What Lammy and those like him need to remember, is that although Britain has not had an incident where an MP has been lynched by a mob since 1461, arrogance like his may encourage dangerous hotheads to do just such a thing. Lynching MP’s would in no way be of any benefit to civil society and would probably only benefit the Establishment itself.

On politics outside the Westminster village

The vote, unexpected by the Establishment, to leave the EU, has wounded UK politics. Although I personally voted to leave the EU and supported the Leave Campaign I must say that I was shocked to the core about the behaviour of the Remainers both before the vote and after. What a nasty bunch of bastards they’ve been. Apart from the big stuff, such as Will Straw of Remain allegedly giving instructions that the murder of an MP by a nutter, was to be used as a campaigning tool the Remainers have distinguished themselves by their dishonesty and their nastiness. In any political campaign there is spin but the number of times that the Leave campaign has been caught spinning is very few when compared to that of the Remainers.

Foul language, threats, personal attacks on people’s character and even incitement to violence has been a notable feature of the supporters of Remain following the vote. Young people brainwashed by a Leftist dominated education system have ignored that fact that a lot of young people refused to vote or voted Leave and have blamed ‘old white people’ for the Leave result. ‘Kill the old white people’ has been a refrain from these idiots that I’ve seen on social media and displayed on placards at demonstrations which the Left has organised in attempt to subvert the people’s will.

These young Leftist activists have behaved disgracefully and have failed to see that freedom is always preferable to slavery. Too many of Britain’s young people have been educated in a system that places conformity to leftist ‘values’ above all else. The result of such bent ‘education’ is really showing through now. I was a Leftist when I was younger and I grew out of it as I grew up and realised that socialism really is the biggest crock of shit in the world. Hopefully these brainwashed products of leftist dominated schools and universities will also grow up and realise as I did the error of their ways. As Churchill once said for a person to be a socialist when they are 20 shows that the person has a heart, but for that individual to still be a socialist at 40 shows that they have no brain.

I was disgusted to see comments from socialist youth saying that ‘old people’ had damaged young people’s future. They have failed to take into account that there were many individuals like myself who voted Leave because we have children. My baby son deserves much better than what the EU is offering the people of Britain. Also they fail to understand that we voted Leave not because we hated Europeans or were xenophobic or racist but because we want our children to have a future in a dynamic independent, sovereign nation, not in a hollowed out satrapy of Brussels.

The Media

I believe that future historians, if we still live in an environment of free academic enquiry that is, will look back to this period and note it as the point when the British people finally realised that their mass media is bent. They may also view it as the time when large mass media organisations started to be distrusted by many more people than previously. The behaviour of the BBC, Sky and ITV when covering the Referendum has left a lot to be desired. The BBC has been plainly partisan for the Remain side and I believe that this point will mark the decline of the BBC as a trusted media organisation. I suspect that the BBC’s income from the Television Licence Fee will start to decline as large numbers of people say ‘sod this, I’m not paying 150 quid a year to be lied to’ and refuse to buy a TV licence. By not living up to the ideal of impartiality the BBC has badly shot itself in the foot.

Post the Brexit vote the media has still misbehaved. They’ve spun everything and everything they can in order to smear pro-Leave voters and Leave supporters.

Britain is a country where the division isn’t primarily between Left and Right any more but between the Establishment and the rest of us. There’s always been an element of this in British society but the Referendum has made this divide much much worse. As someone who takes an interest in British history these divisions have the propensity to grow into a similar gulf to that which erupted during the Civil War in the 17th Century. Instead of Parliamentarians and Royalists we will have the people verses the Establishment and the result is not going to be pretty.

Following the Brexit result the media, not just the BBC indulged in an orgy of spin over a few relatively minor incidents where people from Eastern Europe and members of other minority groups were insulted. The media have talked this small number of incidents up into something that it plainly is not. In this they have been assisted by known liars such as the Tell Mama organisation and the taxpayer funded ‘charity’ Stop Hate UK. It’s galling to see these political activists and axe-grinders being treated by the media is honest brokers when in fact they are anything but. So far any attacks on those perceived as ‘foreign’ have been pretty minor. There’s been as little bit of anti Polish leafleting, some graffiti on the Polish centre in Hammersmith West London and sporadic incidents of people saying unkind and impolite things to minorities. None of these do a pogrom make and it is irresponsible of the media to talk up these incidents into something that they are not. Oh I almost forgot there was one attack on a mosque where copies of the Koran were destroyed but it’s unclear if this is connected with the Brexit vote. Many people hated Islam (for good reason ) before Brexit so I’m going to call this incident as one that is sod all to do with the referendum result.

To inject an element of common sense into the proceedings it helps to realise that for at least 20 years Britons have been forbidden from speaking about any of the problems that massive levels and inappropriate types of immigration have caused. Sometimes people have been arrested and imprisoned merely for stating an opinion about immigration especially when they have tried to speak up or demonstrate about the religion of rape and murder aka Islam.

For many years the Establishment have forced the bulk of the population to bottle up feelings of discontent about the negative effects of immigration and the presence of Islam and to a certain extent the Brexit vote has given one or two hotheads the idea that they can engage in direct action. However it must be remembered that it is only a tiny number of hotheads who have done this. It also pays to remember that if you force people to suppress their opinions and call them ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’ for voicing their views on unacceptable levels and types of immigration then things may boil over in some areas.

What successive British governments have done is akin to putting a flame under a boiler, hammering a bung into the water inlet and disabling the safety valve. Screaming ‘shut up and enjoy the enforced diversity’ at those who object to seeing their nation destroyed is not the way to get open civil discourse. It is however the ideal way to create angry people who will seize any and every opportunity to hit back. Unfortunately as I’ve so often said in the past, if society cannot deal with its problems in a political way then you will get a growing number of people who will abandon civilised politics and look toward the street violence option. We must hope that this doesn’t happen but it’s in the hands of both the politicians and the media to help prevent this. They can help by not screaming ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’ or ‘shut up and enjoy the enforced diversity’ at those who have genuinely suffered from the immigration and social policies of many of Britain’s governments since the 1990’s.


I’m glad that Britain voted to leave an increasingly autocratic and anti-democratic European Union. However we must all be on our guard to ensure that the Establishment doesn’t stitch us all up and keep us in the EU. The actions of the politicians and most notably the pro-EU politicians and their supporters has created a boil of division to grow in British society and British politics. I believe that the only way to truly lance that boil would be for the Government to immediately invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and start the process of leaving the EU. If this matter is left untended to for much longer than is necessary, then there is not only the danger of a stitch up by pro-EU politicians but also a much greater danger of a violent reaction if such an event occurs. There is also the worrying possibility that procrastination about getting out of the EU or the prospect of civil disturbance following an Establishment coup, will damage Britain’s financial position.

Despite the lies, false promises and despicable behaviour by the political Establishment, the far Left agitation, the pro-EU tools of academia and the dishonest media that some thought would lock Britain into the EU, the opposite has occurred. It’s now time for our politicians to bite the bullet, accept the will of the people and activate Article 50. To leave this too long will increase the divisions and make a challenging situation into one of conflict and disaster.

Britain has a long and mostly honourable history of facing the outside world and trading with the world. It’s time we grabbed this new opportunity as quickly as possible before those who are unfit to govern throw it all away.