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Running this blog doesn’t come either free or cheap so it’s time for one of my occasional reminders that the Fahrenheit 211 blog does have a shop for various counterjihad related gifts, such this lovely ‘Zionist Plotter’ mug.


There is also a donate button on the top right hand side of the home page where you can show your appreciation by chucking some shekels/dollars/pounds etc into the pot. All funds (except maybe Zimbabwean Dollars, which are worth slightly less than toilet paper) are greatly appreciated and you will have the knowledge that you will be supporting this increasingly popular, avowedly anti-racist, but equally avowedly anti-the religion of rape murder and terror aka Islam, blog.

Every penny you give helps this blog reach out to more people, take the time to research more stories and help in the political fight against the most pernicious and destructive ideology the free world has faced since the fall of Communism. Every penny you give helps me to increase server space, travel to meetings and upgrade the IT that runs the site and possibly add new features.