Another Islamic mass murder, in Dhaka this time.


Yet again the deranged followers of the ideology of Islam have committed an act of mass murder. This time it was Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. 20 people, mostly non-Bangladeshi nationals have been murdered by those who have have followed the violent example of Islam’s ‘prophet’ Mohammed.

Another nation, another city can be added to the growing list of places where this foul ideology has made its violent presence felt. We can now add Dhaka to Paris, Orlando, San Bernardino, London, New York, Washington DC, Nairobi, Mumbai, Brussels and others, as places where the death cult of Islam has cut innocent lives short. In nations across the world, in Italy, the USA, India and Japan families will be grieving because of this latest Islamic atrocity.

No doubt the naïve, the stupid and the malevolent will be tut-tutting and saying ‘it’s nothing to do with Islam’ or ‘it’s just a tiny minority of extremists’ or trying to divert attention from the Islamic ideology that lies behind this and so many other attacks. There will no doubt the the usual candle-lit vigils and expressions of shock of the sort that nearly always follow every Islamic atrocity. None of these vigils or empty words of shock will do one damned thing to deter or stop Islam and it’s violent followers. Surely it’s time for this to change? Surely the civilised world will wake up and smell the Islamic coffee and say ‘enough is enough’? Until we do these attacks will continue and will probably get worse with each event. Today the savages of Islam have murdered twenty people, tomorrow it could be two hundred and the day after that it could be two thousand. The bloodlust of Islam and its equally bloodthirsty deity ‘Allah’ seems to know no bounds.

The time has come for honesty about Islam and for people to realise that if we are to survive the we must galvanise ourselves to fight it. It is also time for the world’s decent Muslims, many of whom learn the Koran by rote without truly understanding what they’ve learned, and have little idea of the violence and incitement contained within ‘the big book of death’, to decide just whose side they are on. They are either on the side of humanity or they are on the side of Islam, it’s as simple as that. There can be no more equivocation, no more excuses, no more wishful thinking. The choice is between either Islam or civilisation, it’s plain to me at least that we can’t have both.

My thoughts and prayers are with those murdered in this latest Islamic atrocity and with their grieving families. The ocean of blood of millions of innocents that has been spilled by the criminal followers of Islam, not just in recent years but over previous centuries, requires us to ask for justice for these victims. That justice will only come when the free world does what should have been done years ago and that is for Governments to deal with Islam harshly and uncompromisingly. The more I learn about Islam the more I dislike it, and there is nothing more that I desire than that the world is freed from it. It should not be allowed to continue to torture and kill Muslim and non-Muslim alike in its hunger for human sacrifices. Islam is the Nazism of our age and just like Nazism needs fighting before it consumes all that is beautiful, true and good.


BBC report on the latest Islamic atrocity

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  1. It was a really sad thing, people just chilling killed for no mistake.

  2. Wow!! for sure you are a paid anti-islam blogger, and muslim hater. hate mongers only sees one side, not all sides. so nothing can convince you unless you step away from any kind of hatred and open your heart to all human kind.
    every thing happening in this world is because of hatred and corporate greed. no one should hate, biased on color, race, religion. your reporting is very shallow, and hateful. which is very sad.
    look at all the suffering innocent people are having around the world. you have a tunnel vision, so open your eyes wider then you can see the world clearly. and travel the world so you can understand people and culture. do not just sit home in front of your computer and write hateful blog. you are the one who is spreading the hate. we need to less hateful people like you to bring peace in this troubled world.

    May God bless you and your soul with kindness and peace. Amen.

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 15, 2017 at 8:19 pm |

      Thank you for your kind blessings but I will still continue to dislike and disparage the hateful, violent, misogynistic ideology of Islam.

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