Never in London’s history have so many cretins been concentrated in one place


London has seen many huge gatherings over the years some more unruly than others and some more justifiable than others. The Capital has seen the Peasants Revolt that was crushed at Smithfield, the giant Chartist Gatherings, the Battle of Cable Street in East London, the CND demonstrations from the 50’s to the 80’s that filled Trafalgar Square, and the massive Iraq War demo. However I don’t think London has ever seen so many mindless cretins campaigning for the people’s democratic will to be cast aside, as what the city has seen today.

According to news reports up to 40,000 Leftists, useful idiots and those who benefit from the EU gravy train took to the streets of London to support the idea that the massive vote to leave the EU, the largest mandate in modern British political history, should be tossed in the bin. Today we saw the revolting spectacle of Leftists who claim to be on the side of the ‘workers’ and who should know better, marching for the benefit of Leftism’s traditional enemies. They were marching for fat cat Eurocrats, mega-banks, vested establishment interests and for politicians like David Lammy who since the Referendum has shown extreme disdain for the British people.

This was not a march by ‘the people’, or ‘the oppressed’ or ‘the workers’, this was a march by the Establishment and more pertinently the Leftist Establishment. It wasn’t a march made up of ordinary people doing ordinary jobs who faced by extraordinary challenges have taken to the streets, it was the exact opposite. This was clearly a march by the middle class Left.

It was a march made up of many of those who are the architects of many of the problems that Britain faces today. It was a march by the teachers who short change our children by filling their heads with leftist propaganda instead of giving them a decent education. By the ‘diversity officers’ who cringe when they hear the phrase ‘the white working class’ and who consider those who question their ‘diversity’ obsession as ‘backward’. Also present were the social workers whose ‘profession’ is characterised by a mixture of lack of care, doctrinaire thinking and gross incompetence. As usual this demo was ‘graced’ by the vile wannabe dictators of the Socialist Workers Party.

The ‘refugees welcome’ clowns were also represented today, even though their misguided campaign has been revealed to be a disaster, and those ‘refugees’ who they have championed have raped and murdered their way across Europe. The student revolutionaries were also present filling in a bit of time fantasising about being modern day Bolsheviks while they wait to take up positions in family companies or some taxpayer funded non job promoting ‘lesbian dance theory’ or some other such crud. This was a march of the brain dead, a march by ‘Generation Snowflake’ trying to replace democracy, by a system of government by foolish tantrums. It was also a march by those you wouldn’t trust to run a whelk stall, something that should be patently obvious to any observer with more than half a brain.

Despite what the mainstream media may be trying to tell you all about today’s pro-EU march, this was not an expression of the people’s will in the form of of a street protest, but instead the enemies of the people doing their very best to be as intimidatory as possible.


Sky News’s coverage of today’s left wing ‘wank-fest’

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  1. Michael H | July 3, 2016 at 11:08 am |

    Looking at your photo, I’m not sure they are all cretins. The two blokes with placards reading “Careful Now!” and “Down With This Sort of Thing” look like they are simply taking the p**s!

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 3, 2016 at 11:22 am |

      I agree there but there were an awful lot of other genuine cretins in the image. BTW welcome to Fahrenheit 211

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