The National Union of Teachers, an enemy of a decent and balanced education


It seems that the National Union of Teachers (NUT), a union whose governing executive seems to be dominated by the far Left, multikulti obsessives and others whom you wouldn’t put in charge of a goldfish let alone a child, are going on strike today. The NUT and especially their leader Christine Blower seem more interested in pumping our children fill of dishonest pro-Islam and pro-multicultural propaganda than they do in making sure that the children have the building blocks of a basic education.

It’s the second time in 2 years that the NUT has held a national strike, the last time they were whining about workload and about performance related pay. The second reason should tell us all we need to know about the priorities of the NUT which is not to give our kids the best education possible, but to prevent bad teachers being penalised for being rubbish at their job. This time the NUT is striking over alleged ‘cuts’ to education budgets. It probably doesn’t occur to the morons of the NUT, that one of the reasons that our schools and their budgets are under pressure is because of the monstrous levels of immigration that Britain has experienced in recent years. Yet still Ms Blower, a hard leftist calls for ‘more refugees‘, even though these ‘refugees’ are a burden on our societies and often are not even ‘refugees’ at all, but invading ponces and criminals. Ms Blower also quite rightly decries anti-Semitism, but she fails to understand that the more Islam a society is infected with, the the greater will be the amount of Jew hatred that that society experiences.

Here’s the Sky News report on today’s strike with as usual the original report in italics and this blogger’s comments in plain text.

Sky News said:

Teachers across England are walking off the job today to protest “damaging” funding cuts to schools.

Members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) are staging the one-day strike as part of a long-running dispute with the Government over what it describes as the “the worst cuts in funding since the 1970s”.

This is the usual hyperbole that we’ve come to expect from the Left and from Leftist unions. Having covered stories on here, and seen stories elsewhere, about the obscene waste of money spent on the social engineering guff that goes on in schools, I’d say that there was fat still to trim from the education system.

It is expected to close or disrupt schools across the country.

Exactly, and for what? So the Left can grandstand and whine again? Haven’t we had enough Leftist whining recently following the Brexit referendum result?

The NUT, which voted 9-1 in favour of industrial action, will also stage marches and rallies in support of the strike.

What this sentence fails to say is that this ‘9-1 strike vote was on a turnout of union members that was only 24.5%. If there are any decent members of the NUT who really do care about our children’s education then they should have bothered to turn out and vote against the strike call. All that has happened now is that those teachers who didn’t bother to vote are going to be forced to lose a days pay and take part in a strike that they didn’t agree with or were ambivalent about.

Acting general secretary Kevin Courtney said teachers are not taking strike action “lightly”, but consider the problems facing education “too great to ignore”.

Don’t give me this ‘lightly’ nonsense. The NUT came out on strike a mere two years ago.


“The strike is about the underfunding of our schools and the negative impact it is having on children’s education and teachers’ terms and conditions,” he said.

It may have escaped Mr Courtney’s notice that there are parts of the world where schools are much worse resourced than those in the UK, but the education the kids get there is probably better than our children get in schools that seem to care more for political correctness than about imparting knowledge.

“Schools are facing the worst cuts in funding since the 1970s. The decisions which head teachers have to make are damaging to our children and young people’s education.

If there’s cuts that need to be made lets start with ‘mosque visits’ or forcing pro-transgender propaganda on 4 year old children or the various other left orientated guff that our children are being subjected to.

“Class sizes going up, school trips reduced, materials and resources reduced, and subjects – particularly in the arts – are being removed from the curriculum. Teaching posts are being cut or not filled when staff leave. All of this just to balance the books.

Has it ever occurred to Mr Courtney that part of the reason class sizes are going up is because of excessive levels of immigration. Also cash that could be used for general teaching are being used for interpreters, ‘culturally appropriate teaching resources’ and teaching assistants to baby-sit those from families that shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Yes, the Arts are important, but surely it’s more important to teach children the important stuff that they will need when they leave school to either work or go on to higher education? If there is the need for cuts then why not hit the Lefty rubbish non-subjects or the social engineering that goes on in PSHE lessons?

“No parent wants this for their children. No teacher wants this for their school or pupils. With political parties in turmoil since the EU referendum, it is imperative that education is put to the forefront of every election campaign.

To be quite frank what I want for my child is a sane, decent and balanced education, which is not what we get from the NUT and far too many of its members.

“The problems schools face need addressing immediately. We must not let the education of the next generation be sidelined.”

Why not? After all it’s the Left who have seen to it that the idea of children having a decent well-rounded and vigorous education has been sidelined.

The NUT says its demands include an increase to funding in schools and education and for negotiations on teachers’ contracts to resume to address workload concerns.

Yes some teachers to have a high workload but that workload could be reduced if we had a much more streamlined education system that taught children what they need to know and stripped away the stuff that the Left feel is ‘nice to have’. As regards class sizes, they would not be an issue if discipline was enforced. You can have a class of 50 children learning effectively provided that there is a calm and studious attitude in the class. A class of 20 with 2 or three disruptive children is a disaster zone for those who wish to learn. Until classroom discipline becomes much more draconian the size of a class is immaterial.

It has written to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan to call for “meaningful” discussions to tackle issues it said were damaging education.

This is a real chicken and egg situation here. We wouldn’t be in the position of having to have a piss poor National Curriculum and an even more piss poor GCSE exam had it not been for the fact that since the 1960’s teachers have consistently failed their pupils. Teachers have subjected our children to trendy initiative after trendy initiative over the years, and have failed to take note of tried and trusted techniques, such as whole class teaching, that work.

The Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has backed the strike, warning that funding cuts are leading to a “poorer education for pupils”.

Not surprised to see Nuttily supporting this strike, I’ve never seen a lunatic left wing, fringe cause that she hasn’t supported.

“Teachers are striking in defence of the education their pupils, and future pupils, receive,” she said.

No they are striking to protect themselves, the teachers and their pay and conditions. The NUT is using children’s education as a shield.

“Schools that I visit up and down the country tell me they are struggling to maintain the quality of education in the face of slashed funding.

“Some are being forced into making teachers and support staff redundant, which means a poorer education for pupils. Others are resisting that at the cost of spending on building maintenance, spending that can’t be postponed indefinitely.”

So what? Many organisations or companies or individuals have to cut their coat according to their cloth. For example, I’d love to drive round in a Bentley but I can’t afford to do so. Some of the teachers and support staff who may be being let go are probably worse than useless and deserve to be the first to cut. As regards building maintenance well blame the Labour party for that. Labour had a ‘building schools for the future’ programme which was a financial ‘black hole’. Also on the subject of building maintenance, there are schools in some parts of the world, namely Africa, where the floors are made of compacted earth and the roofs are corrugated iron sheets, but the kids in them probably still get a better standard of basic education in them than children get in our posh and relatively well resourced schools.

I’m dreading my child having to go to school in the British State School System primarily because of the attitudes and policies of organisations such as the NUT. I know that they will give him a low grade, fact-light education infused with political correctness and even, as in the case where Islam is taught, outright dishonesty. I dread my child having to go through this system because I’ve both been subjected to it, and for a short time worked within the education sector. If we have a failing education system then our teachers must share a large proportion of the blame.

Teachers should start to realise that they are the employees of us the taxpaying public. It’s time they starred to treat our children and we parents as customers, and give us and our children the respect that a paying customer deserves.