7/7 – We shall remember those who died and remember that it was Islam that murdered them.


Eleven years ago today, Islamic savages, pumped full of the hatred and the desire to kill that Islam pumps into far too many of its followers, boarded tube trains and a bus in London and set off explosives. These Islamic savages killed over 50 people in these attacks that, despite denials to the contrary by lying Muslim spokespersons and idiotic Leftists, were directly attributable to the commands that are to be found in Islamic scriptutre.

The murdering Islamic savages who carried out this attack were not imported from overseas as part of Blair’s mass immigration project, nor did they slip in unseen illegally, but were born here in the United Kingdom. The murdering Islamic savages were without a doubt the product of Britain’s Islamic community, a community that has never properly apologised for producing them nor stopped producing similar violent savages.

Nobody who was in London that day, as I was, even if they were not directly affected by the actions of these Islamic savages, will ever forget what happened, no matter how much the mainstream media or the politicians would like us to do so. 7/7 was the day when the whole world, and especially Londoners, say the true and violent face of Islam. That day we learned that Islam is definitely NOT a ‘religion of peace’.

We should never ever forget those who died that day and who were killed by Islamic savagery. We should also never forget who and what murdered them. Neither should we forget that it was Islam that inspired these savages to kill in such great numbers.

I look at the list of the dead and I cannot help but wonder how many of these people would still be alive today had Britain and its politicians, taken a more realistic and indeed robust attitude towards the Islamic death-cult. The 52 people who were murdered that day were killed because successive governments had tolerated an Islamic ideology that should never have been allowed to be a part of British society. Too many politicians have let the sickness of Islam metastazise here in the UK, when instead they should have bringing in legislation that would have been mercilessly controlled it, and treated Islam as the threat to civilisation that it really is.

Here are the names of the dead, of those murdered by Islamic savages on the 7th July 2005. We shall remember them and the Islamic savagery which killed them. 7/7 – Never forget and never forgive.

Here are the victims and the locations where they were murdered by Muslims


  • Lee Baisden (34)
  • Benedetta Ciaccia (30)
  • Richard Ellery (21)
  • Richard Gray (41)
  • Anne Moffat (48)
  • Fiona Stevenson (29)
  • Carrie Taylor (24)

Edgware Road:

  • Michael Stanley Brewster (52)
  • Johnathan Downey (34)
  • David Graham Foulkes (22)
  • Colin William Morley (52)
  • Jennifer Vanda Nicholson (24)
  • Laura Webb (29)

Russell Square:

  • James Adams (32)
  • Samantha Badham (35)
  • Phillip Beer (22)
  • Anna Brandt (41)
  • Ciaran Cassidy (22)
  • Elizabeth Daplyn (26)
  • Arthur Frederick (60)
  • Emily Jenkins (24)
  • Adrian Johnson (37)
  • Helen Jones (28)
  • Karolina Gluck (29)
  • Gamze Gunoral (24)
  • Lee Harris (30)
  • Ojara Ikeagwu (56)
  • Susan Levy (53)
  • Shelley Mather (25)
  • Michael Matsushita (37)
  • James Mayes (28)
  • Behnaz Mozakka (47)
  • Mihaela Otto (46)
  • Atique Sharifi (24)
  • Ihab Slimane (24)
  • Christian Small (28)
  • Monika Suchocka (23)
  • Mala Trivedi (51)
  • Rachell Chung For Yuen (27)

Tavistock Square:

  • Anthony Fatayi-Williams (26)
  • Jamie Gordon (30)
  • Giles Hart (55)
  • Marie Hartley (34)
  • Miriam Hyman (31)
  • Shahara Islam (20)
  • Neetu Jain (37)
  • Sam Ly (28)
  • Anat Rosenberg (39)
  • William Wise (54)
  • Gladys Wundowa (50)


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