From Elsewhere: Socialism the Destroyer


The organisation Restore Australia has a very interesting article on its website about how socialism destroys nations. Mike Holt has written a long piece about how socialists and members of the Australian Fabian Society have steadily, and under successive governments, put their supporters in key positions, especially non-elected positions, so as to create the effect of creating a shadow government in the civil service and other agencies. This means that no matter what government Australians vote for, socialist policies are still there, in one form or another, most notably for me at least in the socialist policies on restrictions of freedom of speech.

I was struck by how similar this situation was to that in the United Kingdom. It doesn’t matter whether we have a Tory or a Labour government, or even a Coalition, we still have a perma-government of the Left in the civil service, the education sector, the charity sector (especially that part which is State funded) and among local authorities. This shadow government has sympathies to socialistic ideas and is hostile to concepts of individual freedom. This makes change, even with a change of government, very difficult. Socialists in Britain for example have created legal instruments such as the Equalities Act of 2010, which intrude into almost every aspect of British life and not always for the better and which in certain circumstances,give the Government and the courts the means to attack people’s right to free association. I believe that it was Harriet Harman, former Deputy Leader of Britain’s Labour Party and drafter of the Equalities Act, who made this Act so all encompassing and intrusive, that it was described by one Cabinet Minister in 2010 as: ‘Socialism in one clause’.

But back to Mr Holt’s article. It begins by stating how the Commonwealth Bank of Australia was steadily nationalised and used as a tool of government. Although I don’t agree with all of Mr Holt’s conclusions on this issue,as finance and government has always to a certain extent been intertwined, I do agree that he’s correct in saying that government ruined the Commonwealth Bank. Government involvement in areas that they should be stepping back from does cause problems, just as government interference and centralised diktat has ruined so much else, not just in Australia but in other nations of the world too.

Mr Holt then goes on to outline how creeping socialism has destroyed Australia’s ability to pay its way in the world and has created a culture of reliance on Government to sort out the problems of Australians. Here’s the excerpt from Mr Holt’s article:

Mr Mike Holt said:

Since Niemier’s (Former Director of the Bank of England) destruction of the Commonwealth Bank, the People’s Bank, Australia has slowly but steadily lost its productivity and industry. But even worse, the Australian people have been conditioned to expect the government to bail them out of any trouble. Of course, the government has never bailed us out of trouble. It has only ever worked to benefit the international banking cartel and the political parties that are in thrall to the cartel, and its tool the United Nations.

Over the years socialist policies have been implemented which have undermined and eroded our national sovereignty and created the appalling conditions we face today — Australia has lost our manufacturing capabilities, our farmers face ruin as the banks have put them into debt from which many cannot escape. Successive governments have signed trade and defense agreements that have put us at a terrible disadvantage and given us nothing worthwhile in return.

Do you remember all the goods our nation used to produce?

  • Holden and Ford cars (owned by overseas corporations, but manufactured here, employing thousand of Aussies)
  • Hills Hoists
  • Vegemite
  • Aeroplane Jelly
  • AussieBum clothing
  • Rosella sauces, jams and food
  • WD-40
  • Edgel Peas

And so many more….all gone or sold to overseas companies now because of the trade agreements Australian governments have signed without a referendum of We the People.

In short, Socialism is destroying our nation.

National Insanity

In 1972, in what was apparently a fit of madness, we voted in a Labor Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam.

What we didn’t know when he was elected was that he was a Fabian dedicated to destroying the way of life our forefathers had worked so hard to create. Fabianism is just a “softer” form of Communism.

The Fabian motto is ‘educate, agitate and organise’ — this must be our goal too to counter the pernicious effects of Socialism

Even though Whitlam was soon toppled the Fabians had got their foot in our government door and they kept getting more Fabian Prime Ministers elected.

The Fabians didn’t stop with Whitlam. Getting him elected was just the first step in a long-term strategy to take over our government system and install a Socialist system instead. They have suffered a few setbacks along they way but they have simply continued on, slowly installing their people into key positions. They have infiltrated their members into many influential positions in our body politic and media, including, but not limited to:

Other members include Chris Bowen, Jenny McAllister, Tim Watts, Stephen Jones, Wayne Swan, Andrew Leigh, Julie Collins, Claire Moore Luke Foley and many more.

The Fabians have been spectacularly successful because they have worked behind the scenes to install their members in almost every public sector where they have instituted their socialist/communist agenda. As a result, they have implemented many socialist policies that have enslaved our people and conditioned so many to rely on government handouts, instead of working hard to create wealth. Socialism is destroying our work ethic and drive to be self-sufficient.

Howard the Fabian

Sir Robert Menzies was and is John Howard’s hero. Yet John Howard is not a clone of Sir Robert. In fact, their political styles are completely  different. John Howard is more like a Labor politician than any other leader of Australia’s political conservatives, all the way back to 1901, as stated in a speech to the Fabian Society by Gerard Henderson, Executive Director of the Sydney Institute

Is it any wonder then that the supposed Liberal Prime Minister John Howard from 11.3.1996 to 3.12.2007 is actually a Socialist Fabian? This is why he was responsible for disarming the Australian people, and why he continued many of the policies first installed by the Fabian socialists. People may ask how is it possible for an apparently conservative man to be a socialist, but this is how subtle the Fabians have been.

When Howard became PM the Left and the Right finally became virtually inseparable….a trend that continues today. There is almost no difference these days between the ALP and LIBS: Their policies are so similar. Neither party can manage the budget any more, because their policies are based on the same flawed socialist model. As a result, we are in tremendous debt, with very little hope of getting out of that debt for the foreseeable future.

PM Malcolm Turnbull is also a left winger who ‘defected’ to the Liberals because he saw more opportunities to achieve his overweening ambition to become PM. As we have seen, he was quite willing to engineer a coup to achieve his goal. His performance since stealing the top job has been so abysmal that he has likely destroyed any chance for the Liberal Party to gain enough votes at the election to be able to form a government.

The only saving grace in this sad and sorry state of affairs is that the ALP, led by Bill Shorten, is in the same boat as the Libs. Both parties have lost the confidence of a large number of Australians. Where this will lead at the elections is hard to predict, but at the very least it means that many of the minor parties contesting the election are going to take votes away from the two majors. If the LIBS and LABS cannot get enough votes to form a government we are in for some very “interesting” times.

Socialism the Destroyer

As a result of the wholesale destruction of our ability to manufacture the goods we used to make, and undermining our farmers, the Australian people have slowly had our freedoms whittled away as well. The spectre of that draconian and awful 18c law overshadows our right to speak out. Political Correctness has replaced common sense.

Reliance on the government means that many Australians today have lost their work ethic. It’s much easier to stand in line at Centrelink for a government handout than it is to get a job and actually work for your money.

This malaise is compounded by the increasing number of “refugees” who have been allowed into our nation who have no skills they can contribute to our nation. Nor are they willing to get a job. Instead, they are paid by the government not to work. As many of them have more than one wife, and each wife bears an average of eight children, the problem is compounding at a rapid rate.

The big question is….who pays for all this?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics our population today exceeds 24 million people. We are seeing:

  • one birth every 1 minute and 46 seconds,
  • one death every 3 minutes and 27 seconds,
  • a net gain of one international migration every 2 minutes and 39 seconds, leading to
  • an overall total population increase of one person every 1 minute and 32 seconds.

This would be all well and good if the net gain we are experiencing was producing enough workers to sustain this population growth. But it’s not.

In 2011 10,057,142 people living in Australia were employed, of which 63% worked full-time (6,335,999.46 people) and 35% part-time (3,519,999.7 people). According to the government a part-time worker may be someone who works as little as one hour a week, hardly enough to sustain life. So, many of those part time workers will also be subsidised by the government at Centrelink.

If we are generous, this means that perhaps only seven million people actually pay taxes to the government. On average that means the government is getting about 32% in taxes. If you do the sums, that is not enough revenue to support the government’s extravagant lifestyle. We are billions of dollars in debt and that amount is not decreasing. Our children’s children will be paying off that debt if we don’t do something about it…and soon!

How to Overcome Socialism

Socialism has entrenched itself into our system for almost 50 years. Weeding it out and changing our government system is not going to be easy, or comfortable, for a lot of people. But RestoreAustralia believes it must be done.

If we allow the current system to continue we will only dig ourselves an ever deeper hole until we lose not only our ability to pay our way, but we will lose our national sovereignty and the promise of the great nation we could have been.

Read the rest of this thought provoking article here:


Although Australia, like many nations in the 1920’s, had extensive debts due to the cost of fighting World War One, there is much debate to be had as to whether or not the methods and means that Australia used to try to sort these out have been partially or wholly the cause of that nation’s creeping socialism. The fiscal and political position of Australia and much else of the rest of the world in the period following WWI had an impact on how politics and finance was managed both within nations and between nations. This means that to a certain extent, we are still feeling the effects of WWI on today’s politics.

Although World War One ended in 1918, it’s sobering to think that nearly 100 years on the world is still living with the political, fiscal and cultural fall-out from that all encompassing conflagration. Whether it’s fears of economic turmoil, or national political tumult or the academic desire for and the effect of internationalism the aftermath of WWI is still being felt. WWI really didn’t end on the eleventh hour of the eleventh month of 1918 because we are still, to a greater or lesser extent influenced by it or dealing with its effects on politics, finance and culture. WW1 is partly why the ‘Remanians’ are so obsessive about not breaking up the EU, even though that entity is way past its prime. It’s why the obscenity of Nazism grew in Germany in the 1930’s and why socialism went fro obscure sect to keeping a large part of the world in chains. It’s why Labour became a party of government in Britain in the 1920’s and why Government has such a large and intrusive influence in the lives or ordinary people in many nations today. ‘Total war’ requires total control of a nation and its economy, and those who picked up that control have been extremely reluctant ever since then, to let go the levers of power and set their people’s free.

This article by Mr Holt was extremely thought provoking for me and has helped me to understand a little bit more about how the politics of Australia got to where it is today. What this article does tell me is that wherever socialism or socialist ideas are tried, it ends in utter disaster and fiscal, political and cultural impoverishment.