From Elsewhere: Leftism is a mental illness



I read this most excellent and well written article by Anne-Marie Waters of Shariah Watch, writing on the ‘We Need To Talk About Islam’ website, and it was one of those that I felt completely summed up my own experience with the modern Left. Leftism has indeed morphed from a political and economic philosophy into a form of psychosis. Those within it are so wedded to the cause that nothing must ever intrude on the ideology, not even cold hard facts. There seems no crime too great that the Left will not excuse or try to explain away whether it be terrorism, murder, ethnic cleansing or rape. The ideology of Leftism must be defended at all costs. Leftists lie, oppress, force into silence and commit acts of public disorder and of individual violence, all in order protect and advance their ideology including their twisted conception of the word ‘equality’. What is worse is that many Leftists believe that they are doing good by what they do. They refuse to see the damage that they do or accept that their ideology brings problems to the very working class people whom they profess to support.

Ms Waters is correct in what she says about modern Leftism, especially its morally inexplicable cleaving to Islam. This is despite Islam being opposed to many of the things that Leftists say they are in favour of such as gay rights, women’s rights and equality of opportunity. I find it very difficult to disagree with anything that Ms Waters says in this piece. The only criticism I would make of it is that she is not harsh enough on Leftism. Leftism isn’t just a mental illness transmogrified into a political ideology, it’s the psychopathic serial killer turned into a political ideology. I’ve pasted below an extended excerpt from Ms Waters article. As is usual policy for Fahrenheit211, the original excerpt is in italics and my comments are in plain text.

Ms Waters said:

I recently posted a tweet stating: “I’m beginning to think it’s true. Leftism is a mental illness”. It appears to have riled a few people, so might be worth some further exploration.

I’ll begin with what I mean by ‘Leftism’. Life occurs on both a macro and micro level.  In general, the latter applies to a small or single unit (e.g. the individual) and macro to ‘the bigger picture’ or a broad overview – in this instance, the Left-wing movement as a whole. It is my firm belief, as a former moderate left-winger, that the Left-wing movement has morphed in to something truly alarming and which exhibits traits recognisable as forms of mental illness.


Attached to the controversial tweet, I added a
news story regarding a German political activist (Left-wing) who had been sexually assaulted by a group of Germany’s newest residents – migrants from the Middle East/North Africa. Described as a “national spokeswoman of the left-wing youth movement Solid”, Selin Goren was attacked by 3 men in Mannheim and “forced to perform a sex act”. When she went to the police, she lied about the identity of her attackers, claiming they spoke German when in fact they had been speaking “Arabic or Farsi”. She did this because she didn’t want to encourage racism. Putting aside how irresponsible it is to deliberately give false information to the police, this is a woman who believes she is worth so little that she will tolerate sexual assault so as to present a false picture of reality in the name of protecting a political ideology. Her own humanity and right to justice were secondary to her political narrative.

She is not alone

A male Norwegian politician, who was
raped by a migrant in his home, revealed how he felt guilty that his rapist was to be deported back to his native Somalia because he may face hardship there. His concern for a convicted rapist was therefore greater than his concern for himself or his fellow Norwegians. This brings me to another recognisable and recognised personality disorder trait: hatred of one’s own ethnic group. This one is particularly widespread within the Left-wing movement.

Anti-white sentiment is common among Left-wingers, including among white activists; something I witnessed many times during my years around politics. This is perfectly illustrated in the UK in an English anti-Englishness that
won’t, for example, celebrate the country’s national day because a city is too “multicultural” and it wouldn’t be feasible for them to celebrate all cultures. The idea that English culture should have a special place in England doesn’t appear to have been entertained. The city of Bristol is an English city (with a council dominated by Labour) that refused to celebrate England.

In 2007, Leo McKinstrey wrote in the
Express that “for the first time in a mature democracy, a Government [Labour] is waging a campaign of aggressive discrimination against its indigenous population”. Examples included a teenager who had been refused a position with the Environment Agency because she was white and English.  Competition for the post was only open to “ethnic minorities” – interestingly including Scots, Irish and Welsh, but not English.

McKinstrey also points out how Ken Livingstone, former Labour Mayor of London, had refused to endorse nominations for the London Fire Authority because too many candidates were white. “Too many whites” is a phrase one will hear used quite a lot if one spends time around (often white) Left-wing ideologues determined to implement Left-wing policy. “Ethnic diversity” appears to be the aim just about everywhere and for everything – something that is most often expressed through lament of a white or an English majority. A small nursery in Lincolnshire was
censured by Ofsted (schools inspectorate) this year for failing to teach about other cultures or not having enough black or Asian people featured in pictures on the wall. We can try to dress this up as we like, but the message is very clear – there is too much white and English going on.

The poor old Swedes have taken hatred of their ethnicity to an extraordinary place. Migrant rape and abuse of Swedes is at an alarming level and yet they keep their borders open for more. Not only do its leaders do nothing to prevent or punish serious assaults committed against their own people, but they add insult to injury by insisting that Sweden itself is essentially worthless. Mona Sahlin, former leader of the Swedish Social Democrats told the Swedes that they have
no culture worth defending. She said “I’ve often had that question but I cannot figure out what Swedish culture is. I think that is what makes many Swedes so envious of immigrant groups. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that binds you together. What do we have? We have Midsummer’s Eve and such corny things.” Sweden has even had a Prime Minister who told them the country was no longer theirs: Sweden now belongs to immigrants.

I have not scratched the surface here, there are simply too many similar examples.

Across the board, left-leaning politicians and journalists can also offer inexplicable sympathies to those who attack Western countries: it’s our fault, our foreign policy, our past. Rarely, if ever, do Left-wing activists see Westerners, certainly whites, as the innocent party. It is always somehow our fault. This brings me to the next personality disorder trait frequently exhibited across the Left-wing movement. It is an interesting twist on the Left’s self-hate. It hates itself because it presumes itself superior.


Narcissistic personality disorder is, at its name suggests, a known and recognised condition. Basically, a narcissist is endowed with a bloated and entirely irrational sense of their own self-importance, despises those who disagree, and presents themselves as the all-knowing expert on all things. The Left-wing is infected with a weird form of narcissism that causes many to believe that they know what is best for all – regardless of democratic consensus. This can no better be demonstrated than with the reaction of the Left to the recent decision of the British electorate to leave the European Union.
Thousands of people turned in London demanding that the majority of the electorate be ignored and the UK remain an EU member. Labour MP David Lammy personified this attitude by stating “we can stop this madness”.  Madness?  The madness of wanting to leave the EU?  The madness of disagreeing with a Left-wing elite? What staggering arrogance it requires to believe that those who disagree with you on a political point do so because they are “mad”.
These are people who genuinely believe that their viewpoint ought to override others and that all who disagree with them are either mad, fascists or bigots, or simply uneducated fools who know not what they do.

I would strongly advise that people click on the link below and read the rest of this truly excellent article.!Leftism-is-a-mental-illness/c193z/57822a400cf250831da2593d

It’s very difficult to disagree with what Ms Waters has said in this article. For example: I recently came across a Leftist person who genuinely believed that the rise in Jew-hatred in East London was the fault of ‘UKIP’, he was totally uncomprehending when I told him that it’s not UKIP or Brexit driving this Jew-hatred, but the growth of Islam. They could not understand or had difficulty understanding, that it was the Jew-hatred inherent within Islam that made it unsafe for me to wear a Kippah whilst walking along the street on which I was born.

This article shows the dire need for a counter-narrative against the Left, a counter-narrative based not on emotionalism or emotive rhetoric, but on provable facts. For far too long the Left has dominated the culture in the UK and by that domination has damaged it. Leftism has damaged Britain’s culture, its economy and its democratic structure. Leftism has trampled on our traditions and has even seen to it that our children in our schools do not get a decent factual education on certain issues, especially Islam, but instead get pro-Islam propaganda.

Ms Waters is correct, the time has come to see Leftism and those who promote it not as people possessing a political ideology, but as those suffering from a catastrophic and dangerous mental illness.