Sudden Jihad Syndrome again, this time in Glasgow

This book is the real cause of Sudden Jihad Syndrome


I wish that the media would not keep referring to those Muslims who suffer from Sudden Jihad Syndrome as ‘mentally ill’. It’s an insult to the genuinely mentally ill who are most often a danger to themselves and not others. I’m sick of seeing Muslims who suddenly decide to follow the commandmetns of the Koran and behead random non-Muslims or wave a machete around in the street described as ‘mentally ill’. If they are indeed suffering from a mind warping condition then that condition is not one that can be found in the psychiatric disorders manual DSM-V. The sufferers from Sudden Jihad Syndrome, if they are mentally ill, suffer from a condition that is not in the psychiatric books, but is one called ‘Islam’ ]

Britain has seen another example of Sudden Jihad Syndrome recently on the streets of Glasgow in Scotland. Mohammed Bhutta (it’s nearly always someone called ‘Mohammed’ isn’t it) aged 27 assaulted people with a machete.

The Scottish Daily Record in reporting this latest case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome said:

A MAN who rampaged round city streets with machetes has been ordered to psychiatric hospital by a sheriff.

Mohammed Bhutta, 27, pled not guilty to breaching the peace in Garnethill, Glasgow , on March 18, possessing two machetes, assaulting a man and resisting arrest.

He lodged a special defence that at the time he was lacking criminal responsibility due to a mental illness.

The Crown accepted that defence at Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday and Sheriff Martin Jones QC acquitted Bhutta of the charge.

He added: “I’m going to make a compulsion order in terms of the relevant legislation.”

Bhutta was acquitted because of the special defence that “he was by reason of mental illness unable to appreciate the wrongfulness of his crime at the time”.

It is not disputed that the actions were carried out by him on the date in question.

Bhutta breached the peace on a number of streets in Garnethill, including Hill Street, Dalhousie Street and Rose Street.

He also assaulted Elliot Roberts near private St Aloysius’ College.

Bhutta presented a machete at Elliot and pursued him and threw the blade at him.

He then resisted arrest by police officers on Renfrew Street.

The terrifying incident happened at about 8.30am as scores of pupils at
St Aloysius’ College were arriving for class.

At the time, the Record told how a hero janitor used a lollipop lady’s stick to take on Bhutta.

Former paratrooper Denis McCormick, 68, grabbed the stick and chased the masked man after he came at him with the weapons.

Shopkeeper Bilal Yousaf told how he locked two screaming women in his shop to keep them safe after they told him Bhutta had gone after them.

It seems that it was only the intervention of brave civilians that this particular savage was prevented from harming or killing people. There seem to be far too many of these sort of cases where Muslims flip out and go violent. It may well be that there is something within the Islamic upbringing or Islamic theology that creates such people who are more likely than others to suffer from Sudden Jihad Syndrome?

This case, and others like it, show that any civilised society that tolerates Islam or allows it to metastasize will end up having those within it who may without warning flip the ‘Islam switch’ to ‘kill’ and do terrible damage to innocent people.

This is another instance of Sudden Jihad Syndrome. How many more will our nation have to suffer before the authorities get to grips with this dangerous ideology called Islam?



Original story from the Scottish Daily Record