I think I’d be protesting too in this situation. Appalling behaviour by the UK Home Office.

Protesters against dumping of refugees on Sidcup street (picture from News Shopper)

It seems that the Home Office have been surreptitiously dump ‘rapeugees’ on a quite housing estate in Sidcup. Not surprisingly this action has really cheesed off many local people who quite rightly in my view, held a protest, which was, equally unsurprisingly, condemned by the Left and pro-‘refugee’ types. What is surprising is that this demonstration seems to have been successful and the adverse reaction to this dumping of ‘rapeugees’ has caused the local council, Bexley, to remove the ‘asylum seekers’ from the privately rented home that is being paid for by the UK taxpayer.

The local newspaper, the News Shopper, that has covered this story but has put a pro-refugee spin on the story and featured heavily the criticisms of local virtue signallers and lefty whiners. Here’s the News Shopper article with my comments. As is usual policy for this blog, the original text is in italics and my comments are in plain text.

The News Shopper article by Jake Bacon said:

Sidcup locals have blasted fellow residents over a “vile” and “hateful” protest which led to the eviction of over 20 asylum seekers.

I think that people will find that it’s only the Leftists who are calling this protest ‘vile and hateful’. I see it as a successful example of the people getting one over on an uncaring and hostile State.

The Home Office moved three refugees into a property in Penhill Road last Thursday, which was not approved by Bexley Council.

This is interesting it shows that the Home Office is not even bothering to tell councils that they are putting potentially troublesome ‘refugees’ into their areas. This is not good. People could wake up one morning to find that the Home Office has contracted with a private landlord to house these ‘rapeugees’ near them. A person could find that they have a terrorist or a rapist or other criminal living next door or nearby.

Without giving any notice to the council or residents, more followed over the weekend and it resulted in a demonstration being held outside their home on Sunday.

I really don’t blame the locals for protesting. We’ve all seen what has happened elsewhere in Europe with these ‘refugees’. Far too many of them are violent criminals or ponces or at worst rapists and jihadists. We should be quite rightly nervous of these people being anywhere near us or our families.

But, other neighbours claim inappropriate comments were made during the hour-long protest.

Is that what we’ve come to as a nation? People whining about others opinions or upset that people might want to protect their area from harm? Have we really become such a nation of grassing and whining ‘blockwarts‘?

Nicky Lennon, 38, of Eynsford Crescent, Bexley, said: “I heard that many of the people involved are claiming this as a victory.

I wonder how many of those who turned up to protest had been involved in spreading the message of hate that I saw being shared freely and without shame across social media the previous day?”

She’s shocked that people could express opinions that she doesn’t agree with. She seems even more cheesed off that removing this potentially dangerous ‘refugee’ home from the area is seen as a good thing by many residents.

She added: “I was there in support of the refugees and we were confronted with comments from the protesters describing these refugees as would-be rapists and terrorists.

Not just an anti-free speech obsessive then, she’s also in favour of housing people from a similar background who have made women’s lives in places like Germany much more miserable than there were before. Another ‘refugees welcome’ arsehole.

The crowd were shouting ‘save our children’ and ‘save our streets’ – some of their comments in the run up to the protest and on the day were vile and full of hate and ignorance.”

Ms Lennon’s definition of ‘hate and ignorance’ it should be said at this point. One person’s ‘hate speech’ is another person’s ‘accurate assessment of a situation’. Why shouldn’t people want their children protected from any potential harm that these ‘refugees’ may bring? If I thought my local authority or the Home Office was going to dump these ‘rapeugees’ on my area then I’d also be out protesting.

Met Police have since confirmed that they are investigating “concerning” comments made on social media regarding the asylum seekers.

At this point I feel I must ask the Metropolitan Police if they’ve run out of real crimes? If they can afford resources to people expressing an opinion on social media that many on the Left don’t like, then why can’t they put resources into sorting out other problems? Doesn’t London and the South East have a large amount of crimes of violent crime that should be prioritised way ahead of people saying unkind things about ‘refugees’?

Another resident, Anashua Davies, 41, of Carlton Road, Sidcup, expressed her shock at the “intimidating” nature of the protest.

The protest doesn’t look a fraction as intimidating as some of the ‘refugees’ who’ve arrived in Europe. It certainly doesn’t look as intimidating as some of the areas of the UK that have been comprehensively ruined by inappropriate levels of and types of migration.

The house is just around the corner from my 80-year-old mother who was a refugee in the 1940s,” she told News Shopper.

This comment shows a profound ignorance of the difference between the refugees who fled from Hitler or Stalin and today’s mobile mostly Muslim mayhem. Back then the refugees who came here were mostly peaceful and overwhelmingly grateful to be spared the tender mercies of the Nazis or Soviet Communism. This lot who are streaming in today are not grateful and often dangerous to the rest of us.

My mum would be horrified to know this kind of disgusting behaviour exists in modern Britain.

Have some decent moral priorities woman. Those who are protesting are only trying to prevent their area from harm. They’ve probably seen what’s happened in Germany,Sweden, the Netherlands, France, the USA and just about everywhere else these ‘refugees’ have been settled. They don’t want their daughters targeted for harassment or abuse like the daughters of German citizens. They also don’t want their area to turn into a simulacrum of Islamised hell-holes like Tower Hamlets or Newham in London. Ms Davies should maybe consider that there are other points of view out there and hers may not be the correct one.

If you have a problem with the asylum seekers, contact the council or Border Force, don’t stand outside someone’s home with placards asking people, who you don’t know, to leave.

But what happens when ‘Border Force’ do nothing and merely fob people off? Then it’s necessary to demonstrate.

When contacted by News Shopper, Bexley Council confirmed the asylum seekers had been removed from the property.

Some good news at least. It is a victory for the local residents and shows just what can be done when people pull together and refused to be bullied by those shouting ‘racist’ at them.

Officials have also demanded a further meeting with the Home Office to ensure a situation like this does not happen again.

That’s the least that should happen. Now the Home Office needs to make public the details of every instance when and where they may have previously dumped these questionable ‘refugees’ on Bexley. Come to think of it the Home Office should release all this data per se. We all deserve to know whether our councils are unwittingly or wittingly hosting these ‘refugees’ and thereby endangering our families.

Speaking before the demonstration, Stacey Simpson, 35, of Penhill Road, said she was worried for the safety of her five children.

She added: “It’s awful because I’m worried for my kids, I have a baby of 18 months. I won’t be leaving them to play in our garden any more. Nothing like this has ever happened here.

It is indeed awful. Ms Simpson has lived in an area that she may previously considered as relatively safe and along come the Home Office and dump a lot of unvetted, unchecked probably criminal ‘refugees’ near her home. She has a right to be angry and worried.

I’m sleeping at a friend’s house because I’m not staying near a group of men who I don’t know.”

It’s certainly a sensible suggestion to be wary of these ‘refugees’. The behaviour and the potential behaviour of these ‘refugees’ does make people justifiably frightened.

Bexley Council leader Councillor Teresa O’Neill said: “We fully understand the concerns of residents in Penhill Road. Our council enforcement officers acted quickly and were able to stop this property from being used in such an unlawful manner.

We thank Penhill Road residents for highlighting this issue to us. However, we must take care when something like this arises not to inflame the situation with rumour and hearsay.

A classic example of bland ‘local authority speak. I can well imagine that Bexley councillors and council officers may well be concerned that the Home Office is behaving like this? It’s also pretty obvious that the council or those working for it, are to a certain extent frightened of losing control of the narrative. There’s large gulf between unfounded rumours and the very real problem of anti-social and downright criminal ‘refugees’. This is why they are decrying ‘rumour’ and ‘hearsay’ and using the word ‘inflame’. As far as I can see from this story the only entity which has ‘inflamed’ this area are the Home Office and their policy of quietly dumping these ‘refugees’ into areas where they are obviously and justifiably, not wanted.

Bexley has a proud tradition of community cohesion and partnership. We are a diverse and tolerant borough and I would hope we would all think twice before engaging in rumours that can quickly turn into something more serious.”

Guff, pure guff. ‘Community cohesion’ ‘diversity’, ‘tolerance’, these are just empty buzzwords now. If politicos both local and national really cared about the true meanings of these words, then they would be doing things differently. They would not be supporting the bringing in of all these criminal ‘refugees’ or pandering to the wildly intolerant Muslim community or smashing the cohesion of established community. They certainly should not be as hostile as they are to the matter of diversity of opinion. These words are used here in a similar way to the word ‘racist’ has come to be used, as a virtue signalling space filler.

We need to see a lot more peaceful protests like this in areas where the Government is dumping these ‘refugees’. We need to speak up and speak up loudly and often. The way that those from the same communal groups as many of these ‘refugees’ come from have behaved elsewhere, should make us unwilling to accept these ‘refugees’ living among us, and much more willing to stand up and make a fuss about it.



Original story from the News Shopper


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