From Elsewhere: The French Government waves the white flag


France is in deep trouble. It’s economically battered, has a bloated and intrusive centralised state apparatus and is beset with a large amount of Muslims who are increasingly behaving in characteristic and savage Islamic ways.

Despite the problems that France is experiencing I really didn’t expect senior French government figures telling the French people that they will have to put up with Islamic violence and terrorism. The online publication Heatstreet is painting a story of a fraggled and defeatist France. This is in my opinion not good. France needs to find the steel needed to deal with that nations Islamic problems, even if it means taking harsh action, including removing the citizenship of certain French-born Muslims. The French people cannot afford for their government to be defeatist, they need to see their government start to kick Islamic arses. Yes the Left will complain if this happens and the human rights lawyers will whine about any action taken but it’s essential that the French government does start to do something to protect their indigenous and non-Muslim citizens from the depredations of Islam.

Here’s what Louise Mensch writing for Heatstreet says:

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and other French politicians appear to be sounding a defeatist note in France’s war against terror.

Senator Nathalie Goulet called the Islamist massacre are a “nightmare” , despite the “secure” nature of Nice.

Sen Goulet remarked “The question is: are we able to prevent it. And my answer would be, unfortunately no.”

To many, this is indeed unfortunate – coming from a leading politician in charge of the Foreign Affairs and security Committee.

Worse was the extraordinary choice of words by Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who said that France must “learn to live with terrorism”.

The obvious response for many in his country and around the world was that 84 victims of terror did not get that opportunity. The parents of ten slaughtered children must be stunned to hear such weakness from France’s national leaders.

Wahhabbist terror attacks have swept across continental Europe after Angela Merkel invited in Syrian “refugees”, mostly single males of fighting age. Simplistic analyses that found some attackers, like those in Belgium, were ‘home-grown’, ignore the effect of radicalisation of existing young Muslim men by a wave of Wahhabist, Isis-sympathising entrants.

During the Brexit referendum, “security” was touted by the Remain side as a boon to Britain from combined EU intelligence sharing – which can and will continue anyway – while there is now systematic evidence of the appeasement of terror, rapes and crimes from an imported block of young, fighting-age Wahabbist males, and evidence of the radicalisation of existing Muslim youth in France.

Read the rest here:

This statement by the French Prime Minister is a shameful act of defeatism and almost of surrender to the idea that France will forever be afflicted by Islamic savagery. This is wrong. No civilised nation should ever accept Islamic savagery as normal, Islam should always be seen as a dangerous and violent alien ideology.

Governments who may be holding back on speaking about or acting against Islamic savagery for fear of feeding the far right need to realise that not dealing with Islamic savagery is even more effective in boosting the far right. When the government is seen to be playing nice with those who wish us all dead or oppressed then the ordinary citizen will become more inclined to align themselves with entities that could by a reasonable person be referred to as politically extreme.

Appeasement and defeatism never works, it didn’t work in the 1930’s and 1940’s with regards to German national socialist imperialism and it will definitely not work in the case of Islamofascist imperialism.