Planning inspectorate imposes yet another Mosque where one is plainly not wanted.

Murad Haider the Rainham Road South mosque promoter pic from B and D Post

In the United Kingdom the Planning Inspectorate, are a group of civil servants based in Bristol who deal with planning appeals. They cover England and there is a separate Planning Inspectorate for Wales which is based in Cardiff. The cases they handle include those where the local authority has refused planning permission for a development because of local considerations or political reasons or that the development may be inappropriate in some way. If an applicant for planning permission wishes to appeal a refusal of permission by a local authority then they can take their case to the Planning Inspectorate. Unfortunately for many local communities it appears that the Planning Inspectorate is developing a taste for imposing mosques on non-Muslim communities that plainly don’t want them. The Planning Inspectorate has imposed a mosque against council advice in South Woodford in the London Borough of Redbridge and has now done something similar in nearby Barking and Dagenham.

In the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham to the East of the city, a group of Muslims wanted to convert a former post office in Rainham Road South into an Islamic ‘community centre’ and Mosque. The local authority twice refused this application to build a mosque on the quite legitimate grounds that the presence of this mosque would cause traffic problems for local residents. That even a Labour council with a record for Islamopandering should refuse this mosque will give readers some idea of the sort of upset that this mosque plan will cause local people. However, the Planning Inspectorate has overruled the elected councillors in Barking and Dagenham and told the local authority that the mosque must be allowed to be built.

It’s worrying to see two incidences, so geographically close together, of the Planning Inspectorate imposing unwanted mosques where they are not wanted and it is yet another example of the State pandering to Islam even if it causes detriment to the quality of life of local non-Muslims. In the South Woodford case, Muslims used a building illegally as a mosque,were caught by the local council doing so, and ultimately were refused planning permission to convert the building into a mosque. The Muslims then went whining to the Planning Inspectorate who overruled the council and imposed the mosque on the people of South Woodford. The locals now have to put up with all the additional disturbances and problems that this mosque will no doubt bring. Also on the subject of Woodford, another group of Mosque-E-Teers are trying to impose yet another intrusive Islamic monstrosity on the area and are also going down the route of a planning appeal.

But back to the mosque imposition in Dagenham, an imposition caused by a Planning Inspectorate that seems a little too keen on imposing mosques.

Here’s what the Barking and Dagenham Post had to say about this story. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Barking and Dagenham Post said:

A controversial plan to open a cultural centre and mosque has been given the green light following a successful appeal.

The ground floor of the building in Rainham Road South, Dagenham – which used to be a post office – may now be converted into a community centre and place of worship following the decision by the Planning Inspectorate.

This is a decision by a planning inspector who has ignored all evidence of future problems that will be caused by this mosque.

It overturned Barking and Dagenham Council’s rejection of planning permission in 2014, which was made because of traffic concerns, and also a previous government rejection on the same grounds.

Two rejections on legitimate traffic increase grounds and the planning inspector just brushes them aside? This really does start to look like pro-Islam bias.

John Dowsett, the inspector who considered the fresh appeal argued that the effect on traffic would not be “severe”.

Either Mr Dowsett is unaware of similar problems caused by mosques in other areas in which case he is not informed enough to do his job or he’s malevolently disregarding known and documented problems caused by mosques. Mr Dowsett will not have to live with the consequences of his decision, which is probably why he made it.

The appeal building is located within an existing district centre and Rainham Road South is a busy main road, which carries a significant volume of traffic,” he explained in his decision, which was released on Friday.

I’ve driven down Rainham Road South in the past and it is a busy road but why make things worse? Why make it busier and more congested and also subject the locals to the notoriously bad and often illegal parking problems? It’s a senseless decision.

At the time of my site visit, the background noise levels around the site were high, mainly due to traffic movements on the main road. Whilst this does only represent a snapshot of the prevailing noise climate, given the main road nature of Rainham Road South, it is likely that it will carry significant numbers of vehicles for most of the day with consequently higher levels of background noise.”

He added: “Within this context, the small number of additional vehicle movements that would be generated by the proposed development would not lead to significantly increased noise levels on Rainham Road South.”

So he’s based his decision on one visit, probably at a high traffic time and he has also failed to observe other areas that are blighted by mosques and the extra traffic they bring along with the disagreeable parking behaviour of the Muslims.

The decision has been branded a “disgrace” and an “outrage” by Ukip’s Peter Harris, who owns a business in the road.

It is indeed a disgraceful decision.

This really will go down like a lead balloon,” the owner of Peter James Motor Group – who insisted the premises should remain in commercial use and that parking was not available – said.

It is simply the wrong thing to do – it is a massive mistake.”

Of course it’s a massive mistake. It’s going to generate lots of traffic and inconvenience local residents all for nothing. This mosque will bring no jobs, no extra economic activity it will only bring more Islam and more Islam nearly always means more cultural destruction.

In April he organised a meeting at the Eastbrook pub, in Dagenham Road, to rally residents opposed to the development.

He said residents submitted about 250 letters of objection and feels the “overwhelming majority” of people in the area were against the plan.

They are going to be extremely upset and angry now,” he said. “But I want to ask people to remain calm and peaceful and we will challenge this decision legally and democratically.”

It’s right at this point to give praise to those who fought hard to prevent this mosque imposition and I agree with Mr Harris’s plea that people need to be calm and peaceful. However I cant’ see people being peaceful about this for too long. Their objections were accepted by the council and seen as legitimate yet their rights to a peaceful life have been stomped upon by the Planning Inspectorate. An incident like this of the state crapping from a great hight on people who’ve done their very best to use the law to peacefully object to this Islamic excrescence, only emboldens hotheads.

As I’ve said so very often before, too often sadly, when the state removes from people the right to peacefully and effectively object to those things that will make their lives and the lives of their children a misery, then the state creates the perfect conditions for the growth of vigilantism. Actions like this on the part of the state make things more tense not less. People need an effective and peaceful safety valve to object to problematical developments such as this mosque, take this valve away and problems could occur. If this mosque goes up in flames then it will of course be the fault of the arsonist themselves, but they will have been handed the accelerent, and the match, by the fools of the Planning Inspectorate who’ve ignored evidence and dumped this mosque on the people of Rainham Road South.

I’ve no great love for Barking and Dagenham’s Labour council but they were correct to refuse this mosque application and that’s where the matter should have rested. The mosque-e-teers should have shut their gobs for the sake of communal peace and not taken this to appeal in this way. That they have done so shows us all just how arrogant and self-entitled Britain’s Muslims have become. Rather than take the way of peace, they take the path of increased conflict by encouraging a Quango to impose this mosque. No good will come of this decision, mark my words. I would be sadly unsurprised to be writing about this story again, but as part of my ‘I told you this would happen’ series.

He added that another meeting was being organised and he would update residents soon.

This is not the end,” he said.

I hope that you are correct. The people need to keep fighting this because if they don’t then their area will become as uninhabitable for non Muslims as many other areas of the UK are becoming.

The conditions of the development are that it must begin within three years, be used only between 9am and 11pm, that no music or amplified sound should play within the premises and that access be permitted only from Rainham Road South and not Reede Road.

As I’ve had a lot of experience writing about Mosques and their attitudes to planning permission I would not be at all surprised to see these conditions broken in some form or another. Sooner or later there will be amplified music or calls to prayer and other antisocial activity associated with this mosque.

Those who’ve promoted and given permission for this mosque have brought division, possibly violent division to this part of Dagenham. The behaviour of the Planning Inspectorate in this case is unforgivable, they must have seen the council’s objections to this development and heard of the high level of public support for the councils objections, so why didn’t they refuse? Did someone at the PI ‘take a bung’, or behave with incompetence or was it that their staff are so in thrall to political correctness that they feel that they can’t ever refuse to impose a mosque even when it would be right to refuse?

I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this case and I say that with a large degree of trepidation about the future.




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  1. The most worrying part of this decision is that it is completely unrelated to any of the issues raised by the recent referendum on EU membership. The Brexit side was chuntering on about sovereignty, decisions made locally and not by some unelected bureaucracy hundreds of miles away, etc., yet this decision is something over which we have, and we’ve always had, complete control and we still manage to screw it up. I know this post isn’t about the referendum, but it just goes to demonstrate how unable we as a country seem to be to manage our own affairs in a manner that is what the people want.

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