The reporter in a hijab row. Of course it was an insensitive act, how could any reasonable person see it as anything else?

Fatima Manji - Channel 4 reporter who anchored the stations coverage of the Nice Islamic attacks


There is a growing and boiling social media and print media furore that has burst onto our screens and our newspapers over Channel 4 News putting a hijabed Muslim woman up to front a story about the Islamic terror attack in Nice. People seem to be dividing into two different views on this. On the one hand there are those like myself who think that using an obvious Muslim to report on a Muslim attack is insensitive, and could even be seen by some as mocking the dead who died at the hands of Muslim. Then there are the others, such as the Lefties who are outraged that people are even mentioning the fact that the reporter Fatima Manji was wearing a hijab. The mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama have also got in on the act and said that the Nice killings were nothing to do with Islam and that the murderer was in their words: “a broken man who had numerous issues and who was hardly Muslim in his actions’. Yeah, right, Tell Mama. It seems Tell Mama are telling huge great porkies again. There seem to be an awful lot of ‘broken men’ in the Islamic world who inexplicably suffer from ‘sudden jihad syndrome’ and go on killing sprees don’t there?

Here’s Tell Mama in a screen shot from their Twitter feed quoting their own comments to Huffington Post and doing their ‘nothing to do with Islam’ shtick. What a horrible bunch of dishonest clowns are Tell Mama. This attack like so many others are everything to do with Islam.

TM in Huff Po

Channel 4 News booked Fatima Manji who has been with the station for four years to be the studio anchor on the night when the Nice Islamic terror attack was being discussed. Channel 4 say that she wasn’t booked specifically for the Nice coverage and that she’d been booked in some time previously. This to me is really not good enough. No matter how good or professional a journalist is it was insensitive to put Ms Manji, who plainly identifies as Muslim, in such a front of house position to cover a story about her co-religionists murdering 84 people in a grossly horrific manner.

She should have been removed on the grounds that putting a Muslim up to cover the story of yet another gruesome Islamic terror attack, was at best tokenism and at worst, grossly insensitive to the memory of those who were killed by this particular Islamic savage. It was probably equally insulting to the relatives of those who died and to those who survived or who were injured. I know for myself that if one of my loved ones had been murdered by an Islamic savage then the very last person I would want to see presenting media discussions of the savagery that murdered them would be someone plainly identifiable as Muslim. It would enrage me and I would see it as the media rubbing our noses in yet more Islam at a time when I would be grieving and angry.

Because of the nature of the coverage that the Nice story, Ms Manji should have been swapped with another anchor or reporter, who was not so identifiably a follower of a faith that is showing all the more signs of being a death cult and not a normal religious belief. To use Ms Manji on this day and for this story is a sign that the Channel 4 News editorial and production staff live in a metro-left bubble and rarely if ever bother to step out side of it. It is as someone said a bit like picking someone in a KKK outfit to report on a neo-Nazi attack on a Black Pentecostal church or a reporter wearing an SS ‘totenkopf’ badge whilst reporting on a synagogue desecration. This is something that should not have been done. We all know the religion and the religious motivations that drove this particular Islamic savage to murder 84 people in Nice. That’s why it was all the more necessary for Channel 4 News to have exercised a little tact and a little bit of taste and decency and replaced Ms Manji with someone else.

Although the Left and the mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama may believe that putting a hijabed reporter on screen for this programme is nothing to worry about, many of us think differently. It seems grossly arrogant and insensitive to views to have a Muslim anchor a programme that was centred around Islamic terror which took the lives of so many innocents. Sometimes, and this was one of them, it is necessary to step outside of the ‘diversity’ bubble and consider what affect putting a follower of the same ideology as the murderer up on screen will have on those in the wider world.

I agree with Kelvin Mackenzie of the Sun when he said that this was an incident of ‘editorial stupidity’. As Mr Mackenzie said, they wouldn’t have sent a hijabed reporter to the scene of this tragedy in Nice as it would be seen a provocation. Personally I see it just as much a provocation having Ms Manji as anchor as it would have been to send her to Nice. I think it’s time for Muslims to realise, that because their co-religionists have been so violent and indeed bestial and have committed so many horrific attacks on innocent people, they are going to have to accept being treated differently on occasion. It’s really not acceptable to put centre stage to report on an Islamic attack someone who publicly identifies with the ideology that has inspired the murders.


Original Kelvin Mackenzie piece from The Sun

Daily Mail on the same story

The mendacious mountebanks of Tell Mama

It should be noted at this point that Tell Mama appear to have teamed up with Hacked Off that group of Leftists, censorious twats and celebrities with a lot to hide in their campaign to further restrict our right to speak freely about the ideology of Islam. I believe they’ve met with HO and are working with them. This is not good for press freedom. Check the TM site for more details TM are also trying to persuade their readers and supporters to make complaints to the State Press Regulator.

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  1. The news is supposed to be impartial.
    She is displaying her ideological partiality, while covering a news item where such partiality is relevant.

    I now regard CH4 News as bigoted, and therefore unreliable or propagandist.
    I doubt I’m alone in this.

    How are the MSM ever to retrieve their credibility?

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