On Munich, media and mountebanks

Munich attack. Police advancing on the shopping centre. Picture from Pakistan Tribune


On the 22nd July 2016, another murderous scumbag, again of Islamic heritage or belief, like so many others, and probably suffering from some form of madness, killed nine people in a shooting rampage at a shopping centre in Munich, Germany. There are now yet more names to add the growing list of people in Europe murdered by Islam, it’s followers or those influenced by it, or from a Muslim background. In a mere ten days since dawn broke on July 14th, the followers of Islam and those from that culture, have taken the lives of nearly 100 innocent people in Europe. To this shocking number we need to add the many scores of people whom Muslims have murdered in Asia, Africa and elsewhere, during the same time period.

Yet again we see a seemingly ‘ordinary’ person from a Muslim background going on a killing spree. Yet again we see the obvious being denied ,and broadcasters and others, going out of their way to attribute the blame for this latest Islamic atrocity to anything other than Islam.

The dishonest mountebanks of Tell Mama, Britain’s highly discredited ‘Islamophobia’ monitor seized on an equally dishonest BBC report that stated that the Munich attack was ‘nothing to do with Islam’. Despite there being credible reports from survivors, Muslim survivors included, who said that the killer had shouted ‘Allah hu Akbar’, the Islamic war cry, which were carried on CNN and elsewhere, the BBC ignored this. Instead they ran with spurious and incorrect initial social media reports presumably put out by Leftists, that the Munich killer was from the ethnic German ‘far right’.

The BBC even went so far as to manipulate the killer’s name in their broadcasts, so as to make it sound a lot less ‘Islamic’ than it was in reality, Although this latest killing is not at this time directly linked with Islamic State (unlikely in this case bearing in mind the killer’s Shia heritage), it needs to be remembered that ISIS are not the only gangs of Islamic murderers out there. There are also a lot of disturbed people from Muslim heritage or cultural backgrounds who can be easily manipulated into violence by Islamic scripture or by the stories of ultra-violence which seems to be the only product of the Islamic world these days.

Anyway the bottom line is this, whatever the motivations of this particular savage, and there may be many, including intra-religious hostility, this killer had a Muslim name. It’s another set of murders committed by someone hailing from within Islamic culture. We’ll never fully know the full reasons for this latest set of murders, the killer took them to the grave with him, but we know that they were committed by someone seriously disturbed. The murderer came from an Islamic culture, a culture known for casual violence, had an obsession with various spree killers including Anders Brevik, and who was, it seems, mentally ill. Two of these factors, Islamic loyalty or background along with madness are shared by so many of the perpetrators of terror attacks in Europe both large and small in the last ten years. Therefore one of these factors, the madness, should not have been amplified above the other, the Islamic name, which is what the BBC in particular did.

The false stories that were circulating on social media at the outset and the BBC’s playing down of the killer’s Muslim name, were seized upon by the mendacious grievance mongers of Fiyaz Mughal’s Tell Mama. The BBC story in part icular was paraded round by them like a talisman, as if to say ‘look, look, this killer is not Muslim, Islam is a religion of peace’, This was accompanied by their usual bullshit whining about ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘hate speech’. They also tried to make the tenuous connection between the Munich killer and Brevik more concrete and substantial than it really seems to be They said:



However, the BBC, on which Tell Mama have been relying on for their false Munich assertion, have been revealed as dishonest by Raheem Kassam of Brietbart London.

Brietbart noticed that the BBC had gone out of its way to amend the name of the Iranian/German dual national who carried out the Munich killings. They changed the murderer’s name from Ali David Sonboly to just ‘David Sonboly’. This is a shocking level of dishonesty especially as other sources such as the Wall Street Journal, Independent, Daily Mail, and Sky News gave the killer’s full name. ‘Don’t mention the Muslim name’ seemed to be the cry that rang out among the various departments of Britain’s state once trustworthy State broadcaster.

Brietbart said:

The BBC has unilaterally chosen not to report the Munich attacker’s full name, in what appears to be an attempt to scrub any Muslim or Islamic heritage link to its coverage of the incident.

Most sources at this point suggest that Ali David Sonboly – the Munich attacker who targeted children and killed nine yesterday – is not connected to radical Islam, but the BBC has gone to extraordinary lengths to try to keep any reference to his heritage out of its coverage, opting to name him only as “David Sonboly”.

Other news organisations including the Wall Street Journal, Independent, Daily Mail, and Sky News named the attacker as “Ali David Sonboly” or “David Ali Sonboly”. CNN even referred to him simply as “Ali Sonboly”.

This shocking dishonesty even by BBC standards. We expect the BBC to play the false ‘religion of peace’ recording after all this is what they do after almost every Islamic horror show. But, editing the name of a murderer in order to make the name look less ‘Islamic’ is low even for the BBC. It’s especially low when you consider that other media outlets, even Left leaning ones like CNN, have not been so prissy about giving the murderers full name or alluding to his Islamic heritage.

Following the revelation by Brietbart, the BBC backtracked and in another article by Mr Kassam he said that the BBC had been quietly re-editing the online pieces to include the killer’s name ‘Ali’ but the BBC have given no explanation of why the edit and the re-edits have taken place.

Mr Kassam said:

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has corrected its coverage of Munich killer Ali David Sonbaly following a Breitbart London expose of how the global media giant was attempting to hide the murderers Muslim name.

Despite sources outwardly rejecting any link to radical Islam, the BBC still felt it necessary, in isolation, to scrub any reference to the name “Ali” in the killer’s name. The organisation chose to report his name as “David Sonbaly” on social media, on broadcast TV, and in its online coverage.

After Breitbart London reported the news, which subsequently featured on the powerful news aggregation site the Drudge Report, the BBC began to quietly alter its coverage.

The chyron on its broadcast news segments was quickly changed to add in “Ali”, and the original article was edited to include the name as his middle name. The BBC also added the line: “He has also been referred to as Ali David Sonboly, or David S.”.

Mr Kassam later explained that despite requesting contact from the BBC in order to get an explanation as to why the name was originally edited, he has not been contacted by the BBC and has been given no explanation.

What we do know about this case is that we have a nutter, obsessed with spree killers, from an Islamic background, who although is not at this time connected to radical Islamic groups, is never the less is alleged to have shouted out ‘Allah hu akbar’ during his killing spree. These are the facts that we have at the moment, no doubt more will emerge as the authorities and press start to examine his family, his educational background and his health records. So far there isn’t a solid connection between this killer and radical Islam but that is still no excuse for the BBC to scrub the killer’s name of Islamic content. There is also no excuse for Tell Mama to crow about this killing, as if one mass murderer with less connection to Islam than the others makes up for all the thousands upon thousands of people murdered by Islam and its followers in the first 16 years of the 21st century. It’s yet more dishonesty and tricksy spin from Tell Mama of the sort we’ve seen so often before. Tell Mama have shown us what they are yet again, although many of us knew already.

We also now know categorically and without a shadow of a doubt, that the BBC will lie to hide Islamic connections to crimes like this, even where the connection is tenuous or unclear. The BBC have been caught out hiding the Islam, even though it’s just a the name, following this incident. This obvious and easily uncovered lie will go even further in diminishing the trust that the ordinary citizen has in the BBC. The BBC have promulgated the lie that this killer was not of Muslim heritage and that lie has been picked up by the grievance mongers of Tell Mama, who will use any means necessary to say ‘nothing to do with Islam’, even when there are cases, such as the terror attack in Nice, where the killings were everything to do with Islam. The question that both those of us opposed to Islam and its quislings, and those who still believe that the BBC is fundamentally honest is this: If the BBC will go to great lengths to hide something as basic as a killers Muslim name, what other negative Islam-related stuff are they hiding?


BBC puts back Munich killer’s Muslim name following pressure from Brietbart


BBC scrubs Muslim name from description of Munich killer


Telegraph coverage of the Munich killings which mentions the ‘Brevik’ allegation in much more context than Tell Mama did.


Tell Mama’s website. Check their Twitter time line and the dodgy ‘inspired by Brevik’ out of context quote from the Telegraph along with their eagerness to promote the BBC ‘nothing to do with Islam’ line. This particular murdering Iranian / German savage seemed to admire many spree killers not just Brevik. Tell Mama are no friend of the concept of freedom of the press as evidenced by their ‘pinned’ tweet criticising newspapers for giving negative coverage of Islam. Tell Mama would dearly love to stop the press and the rest of us from speaking about Islam and the problems it brings, which is a good enough reason for anybody with more than half a brain to oppose Tell Mama.


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  1. From his name and most of his victim’s names this look like the first Shia killing Sunni murder in Europe. I am amazed that the press have ignored this.

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 24, 2016 at 12:24 pm |

      Good point. The Iranians were very quick, suspiciously quick in my view, to deny anything to do with these killings and were effusive with the condemnations. This may be organic Shia hatred for Sunnis flaring up or it could be something even more sinister.

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