Who wants to bet that this isn’t Islam in action again?

Void nightclub. Picture from Daily Express


Anyone? No takers? Or are the odds too short on this being the work of another violent Muslim?

Another appalling tale for you now of a man, who at the time of writing, is fighting for his life after being attacked outside a gay nightclub in Manchester. The suspect is described as ‘Asian’ but as we’ve learned to our cost in the United Kingdom, the word ‘Asian’ often means ‘Muslim’. The members of Islamic Rape Gangs have been euphemistically described by our police, our media and our politicians even the majority of the members of these gangs have been Muslim and have Muslim names.

So it may will be with this latest horrific case. This attack outside Void nightclub in Manchester’s Gay village was described as ‘unprovoked’ by the police. The fact that this attack took place where it is and that it was unprovoked all points towards the assailant being a Muslim. It’s unlikely, although not impossible, that the attacker may be a Hindu or a Sikh or a follower of some other belief system. However, neither Hindus and Sikhs seem to be any more unnecesarily violent than any other peaceful group, or the rest of us, but Islam on the other hand is violent, and its followers do have a reputation for random attacks. Therefore it’s much more likely that this attacker is another Islamic savage.

Here’s how the Daily Express is reporting this story:

AN INNOCENT man is fighting for his life after being headbutted in a “horrific and random” attack outside a gay nightclub.

The victim was standing near Void nightclub in the Gay Village in Manchester city centre when he was approached by a stranger of Asian appearance who launched what police are describing as an unprovoked attack. 

The blow caused the man to fall to the floor and although he initially managed to stand up, he fell unconscious shortly afterwards and went into cardiac arrest. 

The man was rushed to hospital after the attack in the early hours of this morning where he remains in a life-threatening condition. 

The attacker is described as an Asian man in his late thirties or early forties. 

He was wearing blue jeans, a black t-shirt and brown boots and he ran away after attacking his victim in Richmond Street. 

Void nightclub shared an appeal on its Facebook page but said the victim was not one of its customers.

Greater Manchester Police has launched an investigation and is appealing for witnesses. 

Det Sgt Phillip Marsh said: “This horrific and random act of violence has left a man in critical condition in hospital.

The motive for the attack is not clear but do we believe it was a completely unprovoked attack on an innocent man.

I urge anyone who saw the assault or has information about who is responsible to come forward and speak to police.”

Anyone with information can call 0161 856 4402 or 101 quoting incident number 688 of 24/07/16, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Read the source here http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/692660/Man-fighting-for-life-HEADBUTTED-RANDOM-attack

A truly appalling and typically savage attack unprovoked and probably motivated, so many other similar attacks are, by the violent culture of Islam. Let’s hope the police get this savage soon or that some other form of summary or divine justice catches up with him.