A sock puppet well and truly busted.

A sockpuppet that bears no physical resemblance whatsoever to Mr Mohammed Ansar


On the internet it’s pretty easy for a person with an agenda or a malevolent person or someone who is dishonest to build a Potemkin Village of sockpuppets and fake but impressive sounding organisations· I’ve recently found an example from the diversity sphere in the form of a group called ‘Integrated Faiths’.

The reason I discovered them was because I’d written a hit piece about the mendacious grievance mongers of Tell Mama entitled ‘On Munich, media and mountebanks‘. As regular readers of this blog know, Tell Mama are the infamous ‘Islamophobia’ monitors who got caught out inflating alleged anti-Muslim crime figures and lost their public funding because of it. They could be safely ignored as the usual Muslim agenda pushers and just merely mocked, except for the fact that far too many of our public servants take these mendacious clowns seriously. Also they are one of the groups that are very much in favour of press and internet censorship when it comes to the subject of Islam. That is why this group is such a matter of concern. Anyway, to get on with our tale, out of the blue this tweeter appeared, purporting to be acting on behalf of a group called Integrated faiths. They chided me for slagging off Tell Mama, a group who they called ‘good’ people to which I then replied that I questioned his definition of ‘good’. The full part of the early conversation with this clown is pasted below this piece.

The conversation went on and the person denied being a ‘fanboy’ of Tell Mama when I accused them of being such but the person claimed to be representing an ‘educational group’. I went to look at the group’s Facebook page and something really didn’t smell right about this group or so-called group. For a start they had only started up their facebook page a couple of days after the Islamic attack in Nice. Secondly they were being really really cagey about revealing their website URL which for an organisation that is doing ‘door to door’ collections and is claiming to be an educational group is highly odd. I pointed out to them that even the smallest of groups have websites and are often registered as community interest companies and/or charities. The ‘Integrated Faiths’ account played dumb on this and said they were a ‘small organisation without financial staff’ so I schooled them on how incompetent and even in breach of the law they would be if they did door to door ‘charity collecting and ran a organisation of the type that they were purporting to do, without the legal protections of a Ltd company and charity registration.

For the record the Facebook page of this ‘Integrated Faiths’ organisation is coming up now as ‘content not available’ and it’s pretty certain to my mind that Integrated Faiths is a mere sockpuppet, although for whom is a different question.

I asked them for the website URL, again pointing out how unusual it was for a group, any group to not have a publicly visible website. Even domestic violence organisations, entities that must by their nature practise strict security, have websites. However the Integrated Faiths character refused to hand it over on the grounds that they didn’t want to be mocked or slagged off and he couldn’t pass on the URL unless he spoke to Integrated Faiths mysterious ‘founder’. IF’s founder was allegedly according to the Integrated Faiths twitter account a formidable lady who didn’t want the wrong sort of publicity or publicity from what IF called ‘the wrong channels’.

And so this conversation went on, with IF repeatedly evading the perfectly reasonable request from me for the group’s URL. I even made the generous offer to him that I would email him with a personal request for the URL and that I would look at it but not deliberately leak it anywhere else. I did promise to keep the URL secret but I did not promise that I wouldn’t criticise the group if I found anything that I could criticise. This was a most generous offer on my part. It allowed his ‘group’ to maintain their paranoid security, and would have allowed me to go some way to ascertaining if this was real group with some sort of substance. At 16:15 yesterday I sent the ‘Integrated Faiths’ organisation an email that read as follows:

email to integrated faiths -page001It is now 18:15,  well over 24 hours later and I still have not heard from ‘Integrated Faiths’. I have not had a reply to my email request or my very generous offer to keep their private details private. Surely 24 hours would have been enough to have consulted with their mysterious ‘founder’ and told me one way or another if I could view their website? Integrated Faiths has now blocked me on Twitter on the ‘advice’ (their words) of the Tell Mama organisation.

Here’s part of the Twitter conversation between TM and IF. As stated earlier the full early part of the conversation I had with IF and others is pasted below.

Contact between Tell Mama and ‘Integrated Faiths’

Here’s the complaint from ‘Integrated Faith’s about my comment on the Middle East situation

With the shifty behaviour, the lack of contact, the readiness to block despite blowing their own trumpet about wanting ‘dialogue’, I have to conclude that the Integrated Faith’s group is a mere sockpuppet of some other group or individual and they’ve been exposed as such during the conversation. The question we now need to ask is who is IF a sockpuppet for?

There are two contenders for the role of sockpuppet master in this instance as far as I can see it. The first is Tell Mama themselves as they have a reputation for quoting themselves as a source and are often to be observed quoting their sister groups like ‘Religious Reader’ or ‘Faith Matters’. The writing style of IF’s tweets also looked to some as if they were very similar to those found on the Twitter feed of Tell Mama themselves. They also appeared to have taken the word of this extremely new group on trust when they went to TM for ‘advice’. Surely if a new group contacts you with this or that allegation you do a little checking privately before you start dishing out advice in the same manner as you would do for an old friend? However I’m erring on the side of incompetence rather than malice in this case.

So TM could be the sockpuppet master in this case, although I have doubts about that as the ‘Integrated Faiths’ account was so shifty and transparently dodgy that not even Tell Mama would concoct a fake group that would so easily busted. I may detest Tell Mama and those who work for it but I credit them with a little more intelligence than what was shown by the Integrated Faiths account.

So it is probably someone else? So who else could it be? How about the strong possibility that it could our old friend Mohammed Ansar, that paragon of Islamic moderation, that renaissance man whose a legend in his own lunchtime. According to Mohammed Ansar’s bio he’s a ‘Broadcaster (NUJ) ◦ Activist ◦ Political & Social Commentator ◦ TV/Radio ◦ Charity Guy ◦ Cricket Coach ◦ Freedom Fighter’. He’s probably a champion sponge diver as well but he’s far too modest to say so.

Mo Ansar, international man of mystery

Mo Ansar, international man of mystery

Here’s Mo Ansar’s Twitter page. I’ve had to get this via another ‘source’ as I’m blocked, as are literally hundreds of others, from viewing Mr Ansar’s Twitter time line.


I’d advise you to read it, it’s an absolute hoot. A brief scroll down the page will have you pissing yourself with laughter. He seems to spend an inordinate amount of time saying ‘it’s nothing to do with Islam’ as he’s done with regards the Munich shooting story and getting involved in petty personal vendettas with others including Jeremy Duns the journalist who is mentioned below. He also spends a lot of time tweeting various vexatious seeming allegations to Hampshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Now Mo Ansar is a much more likely candidate to be the sockpuppet master here as ‘scream and block’ is most definitely a tactic of Mo Ansar, and it is a tactic practised by Integrated Faiths, despite their guff about ‘dialogue’. There was also the appearance on the thread of a known Mo Ansar alias, ‘Ann Fields’ or @xtc_uk

Shortly after the appearance of ‘Ann Fields’ Integrated Faiths started to block people and now their Facebook page is closed to me as also is their Twitter.

The journalist and writer Jeremy Duns has done an excellent expose of Mohammed Ansar which can be found via the link below


Mr Duns has also dug down into Mr Ansar’s aliases and has found one, ‘Ann Fields’ that popped up on the conversation about which this article is concerned with. The interesting tale ‘finding Ann Fields’ can be found here:


I’m utterly convinced that ‘Integrated Faiths’ is not a real organisation with real volunteers doing real work. They were far more shiftier than any community group I have ever come across in my professional experience in the management of small community groups and projects. The failure to supply information that they should have provided when asked such as web address, charity number and company number along with the failure of any searches of Companies House and the Charity Commission to turn up any ‘Integrated Faiths’ organisation, all point to ‘Integrated Faiths’ being a ‘nothing’ entity. What got me was that the complex language that was used to describe the groups aims on the Facebook page really didn’t match the scenario that the Integrated Faiths account was painting which was of a small group of ingénues doing their best to educate people about diversity and racism.

To conclude, Integrated Faiths is without doubt a fake group and there is the strong possibility that it is a fake group created or managed by Mohammed Ansar. The appearance of a known alias of Ansar’s shortly before all this kicked off allegedly and ‘Integrated Faiths’ complaining to Tell Mama about a comment I made on the Middle East conflict, all points to the involvement of Mo Ansar. The full conversation with all names, dates, times and handles can be found by visiting this blog’s Twitter time line @Fahrenheit211

Mr Ansar does have a reputation for sockpuppetry and fake accounts and malicious complaints. Therefore it”s very likely that Integrated Faiths is merely Mo Ansar under another name.

It looks like yet another of Mr Ansar’s sockpuppets has been well and truly busted here so if you come across Integrated Faiths on the internet then please remember that they are much less than they seem.

Below you will find a goodly part of the early part of the conversation where you will see ‘Integrated Faith’s is being unnecessarily evasive

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