Looks like another Islamic bombing in Germany

Roads sealed off around the explosion site in Zirndorf picture from B24



Just coming in are reports of a bomb explosion near to a ‘refugee’ centre in Zirndorf, in Northern Bravaria, Germany.

The BR24 website is covering the story, and here is an electronically translated rendering of their account of the incident.

In the immediate vicinity of the reception center for refugees in Zirndorf there has been an explosion. According to information from the Bavarian Radio detonated a filled with numerous cans suitcase.

At the explosion occurred about 200 meters from the reception center. There had been a police operation, confirmed a spokeswoman for the police. According to police, eyewitnesses reported a loud bang and discovered immediately after a burning suitcase in a small garden. The witnesses said several Arab-looking men had run away from the scene. About Injured or backgrounds is currently not yet known.

The original German language source can be found here:


The description given of the two men running away from the scene of ‘arab looking’ also gives reason to suspect that this could be another Islamic attack on Germany.