Friday Night Movie Number 83 – The Dark Corner


Another bit of film noir for you all tonight and because I don’t want to give too much away about the plot this introduction will be a little thin on details.

The Dark Corner was made in 1946 and stars Mark Stevens as Bradford Galt, a private investigator who has served a term of imprisonment and has set up in business again after his release. One night he notices that he’s being followed and he confronts the guy tailing him and it turns out he is being tailed by someone paid by a person from Galt’s past.

Galt then finds himself dragged into a web of problems and eventually finds himself suspected of a murder. Nobody really wants to stand by Galt except his secretary Kathleen, excellently played against type by Lucille Ball.

There’s twists and turns around many of the corners in this film and the big reveal towards the end is quite satisfying.

I enjoyed this movie and I hope you do to.