‘Clinton Cash’ – a documentary well worth seeing


There are many good and interesting things that come out of the United States of America and one of those things are documentaries with a conservative political slant. ‘Indocrtrinate U’ about the Leftist dominance in American universities is one, this offering ‘Clinton Cash’ is another. Putting over a view that questions the Leftist Establishment is one of the things that the Americans seem to do so much better than we Britons. I haven’t seen anything yet which is as slickly and professionally produced from our own political Right in the UK, as ‘Clinton Cash’ is.

‘Clinton Cash’ tells the stories, some going back decades, of the allegedly murky dealings of Bill and Hillary Clinton and the ‘Clinton Foundation’. The movie, based on the book of the same name by Peter Schweitzer, shows how the Clintons have enriched themselves, and possibly compromised the security of the United States, by taking massive donations from foreign donors. These donations appear in some cases to have been hidden in ‘speaking fees’ for the Clintons and it’s certainly clear from this film that a lot of money has passed to the Clintons from some questionable individuals and nations.

I can’t imagine that a film like this, one taking aim at the mighty, could be made in the United Kingdom. Britain’s libel laws and other legislation would make it difficult and expensive, if not impossible, to produce in the UK. ‘Clinton Cash’ could only be made in the USA because of the protections of the First Amendment to the Constitution, protections that are most surely needed in the UK today.

This film is an eye-opener and a journey into the sordid, selfish and narcissistic world of the Clintons. This film makes me as a Briton extremely nervous about what sort of world we might see if such a person as Hillary Clinton becomes President. It solidified for me the opinion that although Donald Trump has many faults, he’d be better for Britain and British people than Hillary Clinton would be. I’d rather have a pugnacious Trump as President than someone like Hillary who appears to be available to be ‘bought’.

Watch the movie via the link below