‘Islam Kills Women’ demonstration 20th August in London


There are many ideological and religious paths that contain some degree of gender division or have different roles for men and women. The Roman Catholic prohibition on women Priests or the Orthodox Jewish prohibition on woman Rabbis comes to mind here, but these restrictions only affect the adherents of such religions and do not have any impact on those outside of these faiths. These issues are matters specific to these believers and can safely be left to the followers to sort out in whatever manner that they choose. Freedom of religion should mean that internal dogma problems of religious believers is not the business of the State. However, we cannot take such a libertarian attitude to the ideology of Islam. This is because Islam and its male followers do pose a threat to the generality of women. At present the majority of women in the West do not face a threat from misogynistic attitudes in Christian Canon Law or Jewish Halacha, but they do from Islam. Islam is again showing itself to be different from other more peaceable faiths by the way its Shariah and the hyper misogyny of Shariah creeps out of the religious reservation and infects the wider society.

Islam makes all women unsafe, and not just Muslim women. Muslim-dominated areas become less and less safe for women to navigate on their own because of the risk of sexual attack by Muslims. Muslim men who are brought up to believe that they are superior, all too often see non-Muslim women as mere property, to be used or abused as they see fit. We’ve seen this manifested in the rash of Islamic Rape Gang cases in the United Kingdom and by the growing number of ‘Mohammeds’ who are arrested, charged or convicted of rape and other sexual assaults.

Islam makes non-Muslim women live in fear, keeps them indoors and polices women’s and girls’ clothing choices and these are damn good reasons why Islam should always be opposed.

If you want to help to oppose the monstrous misogyny of Islam and Shariah, then get yourself down to Old Palace Yard in London on the 20th August 2016 at 2.00PM,where there will be a demonstration against the misogyny of Islam, called ‘Islam Kills Women’. Organised by the very hard working Anne-Marie Waters of Shariah Watch, this event is your chance to make your feelings known about the horrific misogyny of Islam and to oppose it.

If you can get down to this demo, then I urge you please to do so. If you cannot, then please share the details about it as widely as possible, because if we do not oppose Islamic misogyny now, then we will be condemning our daughters, sisters, mothers and others to Islamic oppression based on gender.

It’s vitally important that Islamic misogyny is exposed to the world for the oppressive evil that it truly is. As a society, we cannot afford to wait for Islam to reform itself when it comes to women’s rights or to peacefully divide itself into female friendly and not so female friendly forms, as has happened with other faiths. Islam is different, dangerously different, and its expressions of misogyny are far more destructive and violent than that of many other faiths. This is why Islamic misogyny needs to be opposed now and opposed very strongly.

Remember the 20th August and remember what a damnable misogynistic ideology we are all fighting against.


Islam Kills Women demo details from Shariah Watch.