Other faiths don’t do this.

Asad Shah, murdered b a Muslim for being the 'wrong' sort of Muslim.


The murder of the Ahmadi Muslim shopkeeper Asad Shah in Glasgow, Scotland, quite rightly shocked many people in the UK. The idea that a man could be murdered by another Muslim merely being the kind of Muslim who wished his Christian neighbours a ‘Happy Easter’ should shock us. It should not be accepted as in anyway normal because it isn’t. This crime shows that Islam itself isn’t ‘normal’ for our societies.. This appalling case should tell us all we need to know about the sort of people that mainstream Islam creates. It creates people who will murder others merely for expressing a non-orthodox view of faith. Other faiths no longer kill those who the majority considers as heretics, but Islam does. Christians do not fear stabbing or beheading by other Christians who disagree with their interpretation of scripture. Jews also don’t fear physical attack from other Jews for expressing theological views that are not the same as those held by the majority. It’s only Islam in the modern world that rules its own adherents via violence and fear.

The Islamic savage who murdered Asad Shah, an Uber driver called Tanveer Ahmed, has been brought before the courts and sentenced to life with a minimum recommendation that he serve 27 years As we can see from the court report, Ahmed is not only unrepentant about his horrific crime but is seemingly proud of what he has done. What is equally as concerning is that Ahmed had support from other Muslims who turned up at court to applaud Ahmed’s actions. Ahmed is a stark illustration of just why orthodox Islam is completely incompatible with free and open societies such as that of Britain.

What is frightening about this case and will give some idea of the horror that our governments have imported with Islam, is that Ahmed is not particularly abnormal in Islamic culture. The discrimination and violence against heterodox Muslims such as the Ahmediyya is common in some of the countries like Pakistan from where a great number of Britain’s Muslims hail. Killing people for what they believe or don’t believe is, I’m afraid, normal for Islam and no amount of wishful thinking or prosecuting people for stating that fact will change it. Islam is violence and it is Islamic violence that claimed the life of a peaceful, integrated and valuable member of the community. Asad Shah was murdered by Islam and that is something that we should never, ever forget.


Tanveer Ahmed sentenced to Life for murdering Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah.