Kadzia Sultana reaped what she sowed.


Normally I take the view that the death of a human being, no matter who they are, but especially of a young person, is a tragedy for both the individual concerned and their families. We should feel sympathy for those who die before their time and in most cases of such loss this is the correct attitude to take. However, it’s difficult to take such a charitable view when it comes to Kadzia Sultana the ‘Jihadi Bride’ who went to Syria to follow and support the thugs of ISIS but who has died during the conflict there. Sultana dug her own grave when she decided to throw her lot in with the savages of ISIS. Basically she reaped what she sowed.

I find I feel little except for an emotion of relief that this Sultana, who was allegedly killed in an air strike in Syria, will not be coming back to the UK. No longer will Britain have to run the risk of Sultana coming to the UK bringing her Jihadist poison back with her and British taxpayers will now not be expected to pay for her ‘rehabilitation’ or her welfare. Kadzia Sultana will be grieved by none but her family as many of the rest of us who don’t follow the ‘religion of rape and murder’ will be at best indifferent and at worst celebratory about her death.

Kadzia Sultana chose to join one of the most evil groups following a most evil ideology and has paid the ultimate price for that. Sultana’s family must also share some of the blame for her death as they followed the same ideological path and follow the same Shariah as ISIS do. Therefore they created the conditions where those like ISIS who are only doing what Mohammed did, started to look attractive to Ms Sultana. If they had not brought Sultana up to be an observant Muslim then it’s possible that she may have had a far more realistic and critical view of ISIS than she so obviously did. But, it’s unlikely that the family will recognise that by giving Kadzia Sultana Islam they also brought her to her death. It’s much more likely that the family will whine about how anything and everything, except Islam of course, is to9 blame for her death. They will probably pop up at some point blaming the schools, the police, the local council or some other entity for not doing enough to divert their Muslim daughter from the path of Islamic terror.

When it comes to Kadzia Sultana I find I have to temper my belief that all life is sacred and take the more cynical and practical view that this death is a case of good riddance to bad rubbish. If she’d stayed in the UK who knows what danger she could have posed to Britons had she got involved with ‘home grown’ Islamic terror plots. Sultana was certainly on the path to being either an organiser or accessory to Islamic terror and her death removes that possibility and that potential danger. Kadzia Sultana ‘s no longer a potential burden to us and no longer a potential threat to us and for that we should be a little bit thankful.


Sky News story on the death of Kadzia Sultana in Syria


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  1. Firstly, it was actually a pleasure to read about your holiday on Mull. Having spent some time in the Hebrides on holiday myself, I can appreciate how it would have been. Many thanks for sharing your experience.
    Oh, sorry, now back to this piece of (happily deceased) trash.
    She was 17 when she was killed.
    The media are referring to her as a “child”.
    Now, where else have we heard of a 17 year-old “child” recently?
    Oh yes, the axe murderer in Germany!
    So let’s put a stop to all this mainstream media crocodile tears and mass expression of any form of grief.
    She fully understood what she was doing and has now paid the price.

    Best wishes and many thanks for your hard work,

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 12, 2016 at 4:05 pm |

      Thank you so much for your compliment we did indeed enjoy our holiday and Mull is beautiful the only mar on the holiday was the ‘holy fools’ that I found on Iona. Occasionally I like to do pieces like this or a cookery piece that are not based around the horrors of some of the stuff I see being vomited or excreted from the world and the ideology of Islam.

      Completely agree about the Jihadi Bride she wasn’t a ‘child’ she was old enough to decide that running off to join the Islamic Nazis of ISIS was what she wanted. Her family are also dodgy and Sultana’s father took her to flag burning Islamic extremist demos since she was a teenager. The BBC is desperately trying to play down the girls complicity and are trying to paint her as some sort of victim – appalling dishonesty from the BBC.

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