Kent, from the ‘Garden of England’ to a hell-hole of Islamic sex crime

Kent Police, another force revealed to have done little or nothing to stop Islamic Rape Gangs and other imported sex offenders in their area.


The English county of Kent used to be known as ‘the Garden of England’ because of its orchards and fruit fields, now it is yet another area of Great Britain that is being afflicted by Islamic Rape Gangs and groups of other foreign sex criminals. It appears from local press reports that there are at least 40 perpetrators and 100 victims of child sexual exploitation where the criminals are said to be ‘Asian’ i.e. ‘Muslim’ or ‘Eastern European’. The story also contains elements that will remind many of what has happened, and is still happening in places like Rotherham. Just as in that town, now internationally known as the town where Muslims raped at least 1400 girls and young women, we have a tale of inaction and incompetence by Kent police and social services.

The estimate of how many perpetrators and how many victims comes from Kent Police and because of that you can bet your bottom dollar that the problem is likely to be far worse than they’ve said it is. If the police are admitting to 40 criminals and 100 victims then this may only be the tip of a very large and nasty iceberg. As I said when you read the local media story you can see disturbing similarities between what is happening in Kent and what is still going on in places like Rotherham. Here’s the report with, as is usual policy for this blog, the original text in italics and this blogger’s comments in plain text.

The Kent Live website said:

There are at least 40 perpetrators and 100 victims of child sexual exploitation in Kent, according to a damning new report.

I think the residents of Kent are going to find that this is not the half of it. If one enquiry has uncovered this amount of abusers and victims then it’s very likely that the final figure could be much higher. We should never forget that although members of all communities can commit sexual crimes and this case there are ‘Eastern Europeans’ as well as Muslims involved, some crimes, for example ‘on street’ grooming of under-age girls, is one where Muslim men are very much over-represented. To put it bluntly, these crimes are so damned common among Muslim men that it appears that wherever there are Muslim men, then there are sexual exploiters. The scale of these crimes is truly astonishing and some idea of just how widespread they are can be found by clicking on this link.

A multi-agency review of services provided to potential abuse victims by Kent Safeguarding Children Board was published earlier this year.

It details how many people Kent Police suspect to be involved in the problem, said to be particularly rife among “Asian and eastern European” communities in east Kent, and focuses on the stories of three abused girls.

Although the enquiry only focussed on three specific cases, it is likely to be, if the pattern seen elsewhere is repeated in Kent, possible that the number of victims and perpetrators is revised up. There could be many hundreds, if not thousands of victims of Islamic Rape Gangs in Kent, and little or nothing seems to have been done to stop them.

More worryingly, the author John Fox notes that “no-one has been brought to justice for these crimes” and “it seems a matter of great concern that despite overwhelming evidence that some or all of the children had been victims of the most appalling sexual abuse, the criminal justice system has failed to hold anyone to account”.

Either this is police malfeasance where they give the Muslims and other imported sex offenders and easy ride so as not to be accused of ‘racism’ or to have a quiet life or it’s monstrous incompetence, what it will be will probably be revealed over time.

One trial went to Crown Court but collapsed because police had failed to follow interview guidelines.

It beggars belief that police forces who spend so much time on diversity guff or are enthusiastic and effective in arresting people with bad opinions about Islam should be so incompetent. It’s almost as if the police didn’t want this case to succeed.

The stories of the three alleged victims contain horrifying details of what was allegedly endured, and Mr Fox said his report was “firmly underpinned by a belief that the young people were indeed victims of serious child abuse”.

They include the account of a 14-year-old girl who claimed she was “regularly taken to a house by adult Eastern European gang members, injected in the neck with crystal meth and then sold for sex to a number of men”.

It goes without saying that all sex gangs like this need to be tackled but although on this occasion ‘Eastern Europeans ‘ were allegedly involved that should not blind us to the fact that Islamic Sex Gangs are a far more widespread problem. Such Islamic Rape Gangs exist because of the inherent racism and misogyny of Islamic culture and theology,and are therefore likely to be present in every town where there are a community of Muslim men. Islamic Rape Gangs are a product of Islam and although other groups and other individuals rape and commit sexual crimes, only Islam says that enslaving our women and children is a morally acceptable thing to do.

She also spoke about being taken to an abandoned building where again she was forced to sleep and perform oral sex on six men one after the other from 10pm to 5.30am the next day.

The review also aims to identify what various agencies could have done to protect the victims.

It found that one of the girl’s schools “generally attempted to manage all these issues internally” and “therefore the information was not shared across agencies”.

Another girl made four visits to sexual health clinics within a month and “on none of those occasions was a referral made to Children’s Services”.

This is appalling behaviour by the STI clinic. At the very least, when presented with a person under the age of consent, making repeated visits to the clinic, they should have tried to persuade the girl to go to the police or other agencies if there was something wrong. They should have contacted Children’s Services as a matter of course when there was a repeated visit by this patient. We should ask why this was not done? Was there an element of political correctness sealing the lips of the NHS medics and administration staff at the STI clinic? Did the patient mention that there was ‘older men’ involved and the background of the men which made the staff keep quiet for fear of opening the can of worms marked ‘racist’? Whatever happened, the staff at the STI clinic seem to have gone far beyond issues of justifiable patient confidentiality by being so silent on this particular girl. I can honestly see how one presented incident of an STI by a girl could be put down to the result of irresponsible teenage fumbling among peers and passed over, but repeated visits to the STI clinic by this girl should have rung alarm bells? It certainly would have done with me if I’d been in a decision making position in this situation.

John Fox also says the police missed opportunities when they received reports one girl was visiting the home of an older man.

He wrote: “A response by local neighbourhood officers was inadequate and no referral was made.

This is another example of lazy policing carried out by officers who really can’t be arsed to put themselves out, especially if it means maybe having to step outside the politically correct straitjacket that our police forces are encased in. Again this is either extreme incompetence or malevolence on the part of the police.

“At around the same time police received a report from another girl’s school that she was attending sex parties arranged by Asian men.

“This episode was dealt with badly and despite a suggestion she had been raped, no proper investigation was carried out and no referral was made to Children’s Services.”

Again the police must have suspected what was going on but did nothing to tackle what is now obvious is an Islamic Rape Gang. Why even with an allegation of rape, did they do nothing except push this crime under the carpet?

Social services were also blamed for failing to safeguard the victims: “There was clear evidence one girl was suffering significant harm and that her parents were unwilling or unable to protect her.

“Legal action should have been considered by the local authority.

“It has been identified that there was a lack of qualified interpreters available in Kent and there has been no evidence the situation is any better now.”

Blame the parents! Blame the lack of interpreters! Blame anything except the social services culture itself. Just as in Rotherham we have social workers doing the square root of sod all to protect the children at risk of attack by Islamic Rape Gangs or other imported sex criminals

Gill Rigg, Independent Chair of Kent Safeguarding Children Board, rounded up what the agencies have done to address problems since the review.

She said: “Operation Lakeland was a Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) complex investigation involving several agencies which resulted in several grooming gangs being disrupted and a significant number of children and young people being safeguarded.

The ‘disruption’ of grooming gangs is not enough, nor nearly enough. They need to be apprehended, charged, convicted and jailed. ‘Disrupting’ them merely leaves them free to attack later or change their modus operandi. It’s no punishment, no deterrent and no proper way to deal with this problem.

“This investigation was a very challenging and complex one, involving victims who did not see themselves as victims at the time, cultural mistrust of authority, resistance from families, and language difficulties, issues that are common in cases of child sexual exploitation.

Isn’t dealing with ‘complex and challenging’ cases what we pay our police, our social workers and others very handsomely for? Note the excuses being trotted out for failure here, the ‘resistant families’ the ‘cultural mistrust of authority’ and ‘language difficulties’. Lame excuses, every one of tthem.

“In addition, in 2013, the police and the local authority were facing considerable challenges with large numbers of new cases of child sexual abuse coming in to them.

Now why could that be? Could it be that following the Rotherham and Rochdale revelations victims actually felt that the police would do something about their plight rather than continuing to ignore it? Or maybe there’s just more rapey Muslims living within the borders of the county of Kent?

“This review found that there were examples of excellent practice from agencies involved but there were also some missed opportunities for information sharing between agencies, gaps in record keeping, and some examples of poor decision making. In some cases this led to delays in safeguarding children.

“The protection of vulnerable children will always be a priority and, during the 18 month investigation, a significant number of vulnerable young people were safeguarded and offered appropriate support from a number of different agencies.

All well and good but the perpetrators are still out there, the Islamic Rape Gangs are still intact and on the outside. Support for victims is all very well but action needs to be taken against the Islamic Rape Gangs that Kent undoubtedly is currently afflicted with.

“In late 2013, the Lakeland multi agency team was set up which had an immediate positive impact, raising awareness of the issue and improving practice during the investigation.

“Kent has also raised the issue that there should be a national review of how evidence is taken from victims as the current ‘Achieving Best Evidence’ style interviews for establishing evidence for criminal prosecutions does not appear to fit well for this group of children.

“The review has recognised that we now have a proactive approach to the risk and ongoing initiatives include training, awareness building, a Multi-Agency Child Sexual Exploitation Group and a co-located multi-agency operational team, as well as over 100 champions embedded across the services in Kent.”

Reading between the lines of the bureaucratic language used in the final paragraphs of this piece it seems as if every single bit of authority in Kent from the police to the education sector has been wildly incompetent and even that certain crimes may have been deliberately pushed under the carpet because of laziness or by people not wanting to rock the boat.

This is yet another case of appalling abuse where the police, social services, the NHS and the schools have been presented by evidence that a child was being victimised by a sex gang and have done almost nothing to stop this abuse. There are so many similarities with Rotherham in this story that it makes me shudder. I would be saddened but completely unsurprised to see the names of Kent towns and cities featuring in stories of yet more child sexual exploitation going on and that there are a large number of Islamic Rape Gangs operating there.

Unfortunately I don’t think we’ve heard the last of these sort of problems when it comes to Kent, this is just the beginning, it can only get worse as it has elsewhere.

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