Video – Corsica. Local people start to take action against violent Muslim invaders.

The island of Corsica


It’s fair to say that the so-called ‘refugees’, who are in reality hardened Islamic thugs from North Africa, who are ensconced on the island of Corsica, haven’t gone out of their way to make friends with the locals. In fact their behaviour could quite reasonably be described as downright despicable and has included rioting, firing a harpoon gun at Corsican s and attacking a 15 year old boy with a machete. These are not by any stretch of the imagination genuine, desperate and thankful refugees, these are a mob of violent Islamic scum.

Although the French national authorities and the local authorities may have not yet fully come to the realisation that what Corsica has is not refugees but violent Muslim scum, others have. There are a growing number of ordinary local people who are sick to the back teeth with these Islamic savages from North Africa and are taking action and attempting to take action against them. ‘This is our home’ the Corsican’s cry as they march on the area that has been heavily infested by the violent Islamic interlopers from across the Mediterranean Sea. The Corsican s have a right to be angry about what is happening on their island. They also have a right to not have their people attacked or even murdered by these Islamic invaders. ‘This is our home’ is the correct thing to chant as it’s plain that these Muslim invaders have behaved like the guests whom no civilised person would want living in their home.

Here are some videos showing what is going on in Corsica. My French is not that good but it appears that there has been a gathering of the righteously angry who marched off to try to sort out the Islamic savages who had attacked a teenager and other Corsican s. In one of the videos it should be noted that not only are the locals having to fight against the invading savages but also their own police force who are protecting the invaders by blocking the way to reach them. This is not on. In a just society the police should be protecting the local people from the invading savages who are committing horrible acts of violence against Corsican s and not, as they appear to be doing protecting the invading savages from what is plain to me to be justifiable retribution. The local people wanted to punish those who had behaved not only as ungrateful guests, but who had attacked one of their children, I find that I cannot morally condemn them for wanting to do that, I’d want to do the same if it was my child which was injured by one of these savages. If there was any justice then these invading savages should have been evicted en masse at the first inkling that they were liable to cause trouble. Better still they should never have been allowed to land on Corsica in the first place.

The first video comes via the Vlad Tepes source and, like some of the other videos, shows an angry mob of local Corsican s being told just how savage these Islamic savages have been to those who they’ve attacked.

More on the gathering of angry locals

This piece could have been part of this blog’s ‘I told you this would happen’ strand as it shows just the sort of retaliatory violence that is almost guaranteed to happen when governments allow these invading savages entry. It also shows what can occur when government and police then do very little to counter the violence that these invaders bring, or even force them to live in a civilised manner..

Although I’m saddened, as any reasonable person would be at the violence on Corsica, I really can’t blame the Corsican s for feeling that they’ve had enough of the savagery that has been imported with these alleged ‘refugees’ and at least trying to do something about it. I fear that this will not be the last such clash and that other places in Europe, including the UK, will follow suit. There is only so much Islamic savagery of the sort that we’ve seen not just in Corsica but in Cologne, Stockholm, London, Rotherham, Berlin, Paris and Vienna, that a community, or a nation, can take before people snap and hit back. As I’ve said so often on here I would prefer a political/military solution to my continent’s Islam problems but it looks like that many people such as the Corsican s are getting to the point where they have had enough of being fobbed off by the politicians who pay skant attention to the travails of those suffering because of these uncivilised Islamic invaders. To add insult to injury politicians all too often meet justifiable complaints about Islam and its followers, with the dishonest phrase ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. In a situation where the politicians and the police are not doing their job and controlling or removing these savages from our societies, is it any wonder that some people will kick off and try to do for themselves the jobs that the politicos and the police should be doing for them?

I can’t blame the Corsican s for wanting these imported savages gone, they are no more than thieves, rapists and thugs of the sort whom nobody would ever want to give house-room to such ‘guests’. It is a scandalous indictment of the perfidy of the French Government that the people of Corsica have been forced to share their Island with these savages, it really is. These savages need to be if possible humanely removed from Corsica and sent back to North Africa and if that is not possible they should be driven into the sea from whence they came. They are not in Corsica to live as equals with or integrate with the Corsican s, they are there only to plunder and kill and therefore should be treated as the enemy that they so often behave as.

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  1. What bothers me (apart from the obvious day to day Islamic mayhem inflicted on our societies) is the apparent involvement of our leaders. Merkel refuses to alter her policy even though she must realise this will cost her dearly – what astute politician does that? Junker cries “we will never close our borders, no matter how bad it gets…” Why? Why be so obviously at odds with the growing sentiment in Europe. It is almost as if they are taking orders to do this from something or someone above them.
    In the old cold war spy games somebody said to find out who was behind something duplicitous, where you had no real idea for motive any longer, you should always ask “who benefits?”
    In this case “who benefits” from flooding Europe with Islamic migrants who will inevitably cause chaos and division in society?? Who wins from this??

    Breitbart has a current crop of articles highlighting Soros and his Open Borders foundation. Food for thought…

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