Video – Smart, sassy, opinionated and unmoderated, meet Paula


There is a new contributor to the world of political and counterjihad online videos called Paula, and her voice is a refreshing and engaging one.

Paula, a long standing contributor to Twitter as @XxPLWxX but has only recently started her You Tube channel called Plain Talk With Paula.

I feel that her videos show a lot of promise and will no doubt go on to get better and better. Paula who opens her first video with the salutation: ‘Howdy, you gorgeous feckers’, which is a great catchphrase by the way, and pulls no punches when it comes to Islam and also the politically correct arseholes who pander to it. Her videos do contain a bit of profanity and are definitely not for the sort of snowflake who requires a safe space when confronted with a different opinion.

I really enjoyed her ‘Friday Round Up’ and hope she does more like this one and also her take of the ‘Fireman Sam’ controversy where Muslims managed to get themselves in a lather of indignation about some story about the Koran being stepped on in an episode of the cartoon Fireman Sam. Paula noted that the Muslims didn’t choose to get all worked up over stuff that is more important than a mere cartoon.

Please give Paula’s stuff a view and give her some support and encouragement because she’s talking about some important issues in an engaging and entertaining manner. I at least think that deserves to have her voice heard more widely. She comes over as smart, sassy and opinionated but in all the right ways and there are the need for many more British voices, especially female voices, like this at the moment.

Here’s the URL for Paula’s YouTube channel and the video’s themselves are embedded below.

Welcome Video

Friday Round Up

Fireman Sam the Twat

Muslim or not