Britain, the mad land where an ISIS supporting Imam can claim to be a victim and get someone gaoled for a bad taste joke.

Dr. Raied Al-Wazzan aka 'Wizzy-Wazzy' the ISIS supporting Islamic community leader who claimed to be a victim of an online joke.

The Law is an Ass someone once said and this story makes me wonder whether the law is not only an ass, but is wearing a burkha and a suicide bomb vest as well.

According to the Brietbart London website and the site of the Belfast Newsletter, a woman who cracked an admittedly bad taste joke about putting Muslims in gas chambers has been given a six months prison sentence suspended for two years, for a malicious communication offence. This conviction and sentence, the latest in a long line of examples of the State attempting to bully people into shutting up about Islam and its problems.

This conviction is particularly worrying especially when one considers the sort of hate filled guff that are coming out of the mouths of Imams and other Islamic leaders every day. This is yet another occasion when the Islamic double standard in our justice system has raised its ugly head. For the record, I abhor what the defendant has said but I completely defend her right to say what she did.

To be quite frank what she said is not much different from that which vomits and cascades from the mouths of the Islamists, the Left and the warmed over Jackboot-lickers of the neo-Nazis, which are more often than not left alone by the authorities. This appears to be another case where Muslims are being protected by and favoured by a legal system that should be treating everyone as an equal.

Here’s the Brietbart story about this latest worrying saga of the rapidly diminishing ways that the British citizen can criticise, mock or show displeasure at the opinions and antics of the ‘religion of rape and murder’. As usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas my comments are in plain text.

Brietbart said:

A woman from Belfast has been handed a six-month suspended jail sentence for “joking” about harming Muslims on a Facebook page.

Victim Dr. Raied Al-Wazzan, who has previously praised Islamic State terrorists, claimed the comments put his life in danger. Defendant Anne Bothwell denied the messages were harmful and insisted they were written in humour.

If I may offer a suggestion to the writers of Brietbart: It’s going a bit far to describe Al Wazzan, a man delightfully and creatively lampooned as ‘Wizzy-Wazzy’, as a victim. Al Wazzan appears to be a lot of things but ‘victim’ is not the first word that pops into mind here.

Ms. Bothwell was found guilty of six counts of improper use of a public electronic communications network, with Belfast Live reporting that she is preparing to appeal the ruling.

I hope she appeals and that she is successful. She’s obviously going to need the sort of decent legal representation that Mr Tommy Robinson used to fight the police’s recent attempts to shut him up and jail him. It would be probably helpful for Ms Bothwell if everybody who is able to contribute to whatever legal fighting fund she may have.

Dr. Al-Wazzan was also the chief witness behind the attempted prosecution of Christian Pastor James McConnell for making “offensive and disgusting” comments whereby he called Islam a “satanic cult” in a sermon broadcast online.

It is, or rather should be, Pastor McConnell’s right, and everybody’s right to call Islam names and be offended and disgusted by Islam and say offensive and disgusting things about it. After all haven’t we all been unwillingly regaled over recent years with details about some of the offensive and disgusting things both in Islamic theology, law and culture and that which is done by the followers of this horrible death-cult?

Pastor McConnell explained his comments in 2014. “I have nothing against Muslims, I have never hated Muslims, I have never hated anyone. But I am against what Muslims believe. They have the right to say what they believe in and I have a right to say what I believe”, he said. 

He seems very much like me and my attitude to individuals. I find I can’t hate decent individuals who happen to be Muslim,, but I have the divinely given and inherent human right to say that Islam is a troublesome and often dangerous ideology.

Ms Bothwell may or not be a decent person but she should have the right to express her opinion just as everyone else should be able to. Also it was very dishonest and cheeky for ‘Wizzy-Wazzy’ to claim that he was some sort of victim who had been given cause to live in fear because of Ms Bothwell’s comments. This is a shitbag of the highest order, a man who has made statements supporting ISIS. Surely the is is the sort of Islamic arse-wipe who we all should be mocking? Although Ms Bothwell’s comment about Muslims were not very nice and defnitely impolite, it should not be the job of the law to police matters of probity and politeness. This is especially the case when those who are claiming to be victims are the sort of individuals, like Wizzy-Wazzy, who if they got sucked into the intake of a jet engine would not be missed by civilised people.

Wizzy-Wazzy, ‘Dr’ Al Wazzan, is a cheeky and grasping bastard and is exploiting his new found infamy for all it’s worth.

Brietbart added:

However, following the verdict, (on Pastor McConnell – Ed) the Belfast Islamic Centre, of which Dr. Al-Wazzan is the executive director, called for a blasphemy law making it illegal to “insult… others’ faith and beliefs”.

What a nasty piece of work is Wizzy-Wazzy. What about the rest of us who feel insulted every day by Islam and the manifestations of it? Don’t we count? What are we, chopped liver or something?

Dr. Al-Wazzan also used the publicity generated by the James McConnell case to lobby for taxpayer money to be spent on land for a new mega-mosque. On several radio appearances in relation the pastor’s comments, he used the airtime to call for free land for an “Islamic community centre”.

Grasping, cheeky, authoritarian and a supporter of ISIS – what’s not to like about Wizzy Wazzy?

Following all this, Dr. Al-Wazzan found a vicious post on a Facebook page called Protestant Coalition, featuring a picture of him at a pro-mass migration rally and allegedly calling for Muslims to be shot and sent to gas chambers.

Although I don’t agree with the sentiments expressed by Ms Bothwell, I can certainly understand how a seditious savage like Wizzy-Wazzy can arouse the sort of antagonism that he obviously has done.

Ms. Bothwell told the court the post was a joke, claimed her comments were taken in the wrong context and insisted she has Muslim friends. She also said she had been upset about Pastor McConnell being taken to court by Dr Al-Wazzan,

Many of us were upset with the prosecution of Pastor McConnell.

However Dr. Al-Wazzan said the online comments had put his life under threat and resulted in him carrying out checks to see if he was being followed.

I call ‘bullshit’ on Wizzy-Wazzy’s claim that he felt his life under threat. If it ever was under threat then it was probably because he’s made positive noises about ISIS. That sort of thing really gets up the noses of civilised people.

In 2015, Dr. Al-Wazzan said that Mosul, where Islamic State (IS) jihadists have murdered or expelled all of the city’s 2,000-year-old, 60,000-strong Christian community, is “the most peaceful city in the world” and that “[IS are] less evil than the Iraqi government”.

Speaking live on BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback show, he continued: “Islamic State came to protect a section of society that had been marginalised, and foreign policy had pushed part of society to reach this point.”

He has since apologised for the remarks and was not charged for appearing to support the genocidal terror group who are prescribed under UK law.

I think we can all gather that Wizzy-Wazzy is the sort of Islamist tosser that the nation could well do without. What is worrying is that his support for ISIS was so open and so blatant that we should ask just why this bastard isn’t sitting in a cell right now? What Wizzy-Wazzy has done is far worse than put up some stupid thoughtless meme picture of Muslims and gas chambers, Wizzy Wazzy has backed a terroristic, hyper misogynistic fascist regime. It’s the likes of Al Wazzan who should be feeling the full weight and majesty of the Law and not the likes of Ms Bothwell. The fact that this is not the case should cause us all concern and also cause us to in future vote for those politicians who will do something about not only injustices like this, but every Islam related problem the nation is currently afflicted with.



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