Gaziantep, Turkey. Another damned good reason why Britain should say ‘NO’ to ‘Syrian children’

Ambulances arrive at the scene of the suicde bombing in Gaziantep Turkey (Picture from Daily Sabah)


The mainstream media, far Left groups and misguided politicians such as the Labour MP Stella Creasy of Walthamstow East London are loudly and insistently saying that Britain should take in what they call ‘unaccompanied Syrian children’ and ‘children’ from the Calais invader camp. They are all, but especially the media and the left-leaning NGO’s, bombarding up with images of injured. sad and needy looking children in order tug at our heartstrings and collectively say ‘let them in’. ‘But they are just children’ say the advocates of open entry for alleged ‘Syrian children’ and castigate those of us who counsel caution as being ‘heartless’ or ‘cruel’.

But what if the ‘refugee’ advocates narrative is wrong? What if these ‘children’ do indeed pose a serious security and crime problem? Wouldn’t it be better to keep them and the problems that they will bring out of the UK?

There have been ample examples from Germany and Sweden of horrific crimes committed by those who are patently over the age of 18, but have been pretending to be younger in order to exploit the altruism of these nations. They have stabbed, murdered and sexually assaulted citizens of these nations. These were crimes that would never have occurred had not the nations that took these ‘children’ in had hardened their hearts and put the safety and security of their own citizens first.

Now from Gaziantep in Turkey we see a new horror involving these children, with teenagers setting off suicide bombs at a Kurdish wedding and killing at least 51 people and injuring scores more. According to Turkish government sources the suicide bomber was aged between 12 and 14 years old. Another potential child suicide bomber was detailed by security forces and had the explosive vest removed before it could explode. All this happened in an area in Turkey that is heavily populated by ‘Syrian refugees’ the very same ‘Syrian refugees’ that the likes of Stella Creasy want to allow into the UK without let or hindrance.

If Creasy, Lord Alf Dubs, Care4Calais, Ross for Refugees and others like them who are screaming ‘let them in’, get their way then potentially explosive junior jihadis could be sitting next to your child in a British school. It’s unlikely of course that they will be sitting next to the children of the Leftist Establishment as all to many of them, Diane Abbot for example, make sure that their kids are well away from potential problems in non-state schools. It’s the rest of us who will have to worry about our children dying or being subjected to horrific abuse at the hands of these ‘Syrian children’.

If the rapes, sexual assaults and other crimes committed by these ‘unaccompanied child migrants’ in other European countries doesn’t wake people up to the dangers of allowing in these ‘children’ then surely the Gaziantep attack should do? If we do not then we could quite easily end up with a situation where every parent lives in fear of what might happen to their child every time they set off for school. That’s something that neither I nor any other parent wants.

We need to put aside the emotions that are being manipulated by images of dead or distressed ‘Syrian children’ and start to think about our own security and the security of our children. We need to harden our hearts to these ‘Syrian children’ and defend our own children from these savages, because so far they’ve given us every reason to believe that they are indeed savages. These ‘children’ come from savage lands with a savage culture and theology and it is unsafe to put them anywhere near our precious children. They should be refused entry to the UK and any of those already here forcibly removed from our towns and cities. The risks of harm coming from these ‘children’ are too great to take chances with misplaced altruism. The politicians, media and pro-refugee activists are going down the dangerous path known as the ‘compassion of fools’. But, as is so often the case, it will not be the politicians and pro-refugee activists themselves who will pay the price as they will be insulated to a certain extent from the problems they both caused and imported, that price will be paid by ordinary British citizens and our children.

I say to people, look at what is happening with regards to these ‘Syrian’ or other ‘refugee’ children’ elsewhere in Europe and don’t be manipulated by emotive images into saying ‘yes let them in’. If we let them in then without a doubt they will bring similar death, destruction and crime to Britain as they have done elsewhere.

We are dealing with an enemy that will use any method at all, including children, to attack us, our families and our way of life. It’s therefore time to be realistic about the threat, harden our hearts and say that the risk of disturbance and trouble from these ‘children’ is too great and close the door on them. Our safety and that of the future safety of our children must come first. We should not be allowing in those who wish us dead merely because we’ve succumbed to emotions. If people want quite rightly to alleviate suffering of children in the benighted areas controlled by Islam then they are free to do so. However this help must be given in or close to the countries concerned and we should not import a whole heap of troubles by letting these ‘Syrian children’ into the UK. I do not want my child endangered merely so that virtue signalling MP’s, far left activists or the ‘holy fools’ of the churches can feel good about doing what they perceive as good.


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