Is ‘Mental Health problems’, the new media euphemism for ‘Islam’?

Uccle near Brussels


So far, at least at the time of writing, the Belgian police and media are being very tight lipped about the identity of the woman who went berzerk with a machete on a bus in a suburb of the capital Brussels.

There is of course that the chance that the attacker could genuinely be mentally ill but it could equally be true that the authorities are just looking for any old excuse to avoid saying that this is yet another random attack by Muslim jihadist savages. After all it’s not as if Brussels along with the rest of Belgium doesn’t have a history of Muslims suddenly going ‘full Islam’ and murdering people does it? According to Sky News the woman went started stabbing random people on the late afternoon bus and was shot and wounded by police. Here’s the Sky report. As usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics and my comments are in plain text.

Sky News said:

A woman has stabbed up to three people on a bus in a suburb of the Belgian capital Brussels, the city’s authorities have said.

Come on own up. How many of you reading this automatically thought ‘Islam’ when they first came across this story? A lot of you I’d bet. Now why could that be? Could it be that the followers of Islam, the so-called ‘religion of peace’ have a nasty and oft repeated habit of indulging in random killings for their bloodthirsty deity called ‘Allah’? As I said earlier the police in Belgium could be telling the truth, or they may not be and this is yet more Islam.

The attack happened around 4.30pm local time in Uccle, just south of the centre of Brussels.

Police opened fire after arriving at the scene, hitting the attacker in the arm.

At least the police got there in time to neutralise the assailant

The suspect and the three injured victims have all been taken to hospital.

Public broadcaster RTBF said that sources had told it the attacker was thought to have mental health problems and was not motivated by terrorism.

Unfortunately although this may be true there will be many who will be disinclined to believe the police. The phrase ‘mentally ill’ has been used in the past to describe those who have gone ‘full Islam’ and gone on killing sprees. There are also the genuinely mentally ill who because of their sickness are attracted to Islam end up killing people. We saw this with the story of the beheading by a Muslim convert of an elderly woman in Edmonton North London. As well as Islam being a mental illness in and of itself (how else can you describe Islam once it is closely examined) it also sucks up those who are really mentally ill and those who are of a violent personality.

The prosecutors’ office said its officers were handling the incident, rather than the federal body that deals with terror cases.

It would be nice to be able to completely believe the police on this one and as I said they may be correct, but in my opinion there is approximately a 65% for and 35% chance against this crime being in some way influenced by the ideology of Islam. I hope I’m wrong and it is a random unhinged person. I’d much rather live in a world which had the occasional random violent nutcase who doesn’t know what they are up to in it, rather than one with millions upon millions of hate filled violent Muslims who know exactly what they are doing, who choose to be filled with Koranic violence and hatred.

Belgium has been on high alert since militants carried out a series of attacks in the country and in neighbouring France.

With the recent history of Belgium and France being one of attack after attack by Islamic savages, is it any wonder that we jump to conclusions when something like this happens?

Another day another horrific stabbing that may or may not be Islam-related. This is yet another ordinary day in a Europe that is already in a war that the continents politicians do not want to admit is happening.


Original story from Sky News

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