More ‘Islamic mental illness’ this time from Canada

The latest violent Muslim to afflict a civilised nation.


I’ll say one thing for the Islamic community, it seems to suffer from an awful lot of ‘mental illness’. Not sadly the sort of mental illness that the rest of humanity seems to suffer from that brings misery and sometimes self-destruction to the individual sufferer, but the sort of mental illness that causes Muslims to fly planes into buildings.

Over my lifetime I’ve known lots of people who could easily be described as ‘mad’ but the absolute majority of them pose no danger to anyone but themselves. This is not the case with Muslims. They and the mental illness, which could be called ‘Islam’ are a danger to everyone.

Here we have a story via Pamela Geller of a 20 year old Muslim Canadian who stole a light plane and crashed it into a shopping centre. Thankfully the only person killed appears to be the Muslim savage himself. What is noticeable, especially when the full article is read is that the father of this particular Muslim savage is blaming anything and everything for his son’s terrorist action apart from that which should be truly blamed, that of the ideology of Islam itself.

Pamela Geller said:

Canada: Muslim steals airplane and crashes it into mall, father blames police,” By Blain Tamarin, August 22, 2016:
Somehowmanaged to fly under the radar (pardon the pun). Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary, 20, of Markham, Ontario, was killed after crashing a stolen airplane into a local shopping mall. Naturally, his father told media sources that Mohammad lived with schizophrenia and other mental health issues. The Toronto Star news outlet goes so far as to call Mohammad a “troubled tinkerer,” in a way reminiscent of Clock Boy Ahmed Mohamed. Many sources did not even mention the “20-year-old man” by name, perhaps in an attempt to avoid further scrutiny.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have declared the incident to NOT be a national security issue, despite the fact that the stolen Piper Tomahawk plane was full of fuel and was ready to fly for five hours. Afzal Chaudhary, Mohammad’s father, “expressed outrage over the fact that his son was able to break into the airport, steal a small aircraft, and crash land on the streets of Peterborough without any intervention from police or airport security officials.”

As many jihad terrorists nowadays are supposedly plagued by mental health issues, Canada should be relieved that this incident did not cost any lives other than Mohammad’s. The grand irony in this case is that Afzal Chaudhary blames Canadian police for his son’s death, while in reality any sort of police involvement when it comes to Muslims is deemed “Islamophobic.”

Read the rest of the article here: this story

Canada is a nation with a reputation for multiculturalism and political correctness and of pandering to Muslims. However, it seems that no amount of pandering or appeasement of the followers of Islam can prevent them going out of their way to kill non-Muslims or to harm non-Muslim nations.

This case is just one among many that illustrates just why Islam and its followers are unfit to reside in civilised, multi-religious and multi-racial societies. Most of us can get on OK with others who have different belief systems to our own but Islam cannot. Islam always seems to revert to killing, maiming and destroying even when the nation that they are resident in goes out of its way to accommodate Islamic demands.

If there is one thing that should be learned from this case then it is that appeasement doesn’t work. Muslims will still be violent and destructive no matter how much they are appeased or pandered to. This is because the ideology of Islam itself is violent and encourages violence.