‘Mental health issues’ – my a**e, it’s Islam again.


Many religions have key texts or phrases associated with them, but it is only the Islamic phrase ‘allah hu akbar’ that is shouted whilst innocent people are stabbed, shot, burned or blown up. Odd that isn’t it?

You never seem to hear Christians or Jews screaming out key phrases from their doctrines whilst murdering or maiming people, this is something that seems only to happen with Muslims. As hard as I try it’s very difficult, if not impossible to find the follower of any other faith in the modern world do this.

Now the phrase ‘Allah hu akbar’ has been heard again in connection with a murder, this time in Australia where a British backpacker has been stabbed to death in a Queensland town by a French Muslim. Also sadly familiar is the attempt by the authorities to blame this attack on anything other than Islam. The mealy-mouthed and dishonest term ‘mental illness’ and ‘drug use’ is also being used by Australian authorities in order to explain away this attack and place it in the category ‘nothing to do with Islam’.

Sky News is reporting that the French Muslim killed a dog and then went on to murder the British traveller and injure two other people.

Sky News said:

A British backpacker has been stabbed to death at a hostel in Australia by a man who allegedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he attacked her.

Police said they found a “terrible scene” when they arrived at the scene of the knife attack in Home Hill, north Queensland.

Two men were injured, including a 30-year-old Briton who was taken to Townsville Base Hospital where he is reportedly in a critical condition.

A dog was also killed in the attack, which happened at around 2.15pm (11.15pm local time) on Tuesday and was witnessed by up to 30 people.

Yep, this is Islam in action again I’m afraid and the ‘mental illness’ line is mere obfuscation by yet another government, this time that of Australia, who are reluctant to admit exactly what the problem really is. This problem of random murders of innocent people has a name and its name is Islam. It is grossly insulting to those who genuinely suffer from mental illnesses, to lump them in with the deliberate savagery that we see day after day being practised by the followers of a 7th century paedophile warlord called Mohammed.

We are not fooled by the use of code words such as ‘mental illness’ or ‘drug use’ or by redacting the names of Muslims who kill from press reports, we are quite rightly disgusted by such dishonesty but we are not fooled by it. Every day, from locations across the globe, we have examples of Muslims killing non-Muslims or murdering those Muslims who are in their view ‘not Muslim enough’ and no amount of euphemistic language will change that or more importantly prevent that.

Let’s have no more of this dishonest rubbish such as describing attacks carried out by jihadists as ‘mental illness’ and let’s have some honesty about where this violence is coming from and some harsh action taken against it and its often violent, unstable and dangerous followers. We should also cease to listen to the whines emanating from Muslims about ‘Islamophobia’ or complaints from them that a growing number of people don’t like Islam very much. With a constant diet of stabbings, shootings, bombings, vehicular attacks and other acts of violence carried out by Muslims in the name of their faith is it any wonder that ordinary peaceful people have grown to dislike this death cult?

This attack isn’t ‘mental illness’ this attack is the result of Islamic teachings and Islamic theology and dishonest practises by police and media such as describing it as ‘mental illness’ can alter that fact.

I grieve for another innocent life lost and boil with anger that nothing meaningful is being done to tackle the ideology that is encouraging its followers to take innocent lives.