Alleged ‘Religion of Peace’ follower attacks elderly people in Cannes, France


For a ‘religion of peace’ the ideology of Islam certainly seems to be producing an awful lot of violent thugs. It appears to be the case that no matter where you go in the world you will find a Muslim shouting ‘Allah hu Akbar’ and attacking random people.

Another case of a alleged Muslim going ‘full Islam’ and attacking people, has emerged from the French coastal resort of Cannes, where a man shouting Allah hu Akbar attacked a group of elderly tourists. Here’s the report from the French newspaper Nice Matin, which has been electronically translated into English. The report said:

Sunday night, a homeless 42 year old was violently assaulted eleven people on the Old Port of Cannes, without real reason according to the first elements of the investigation.

The man followed a group of elderly tourists sixty years on a boat. The forty initially frightened passengers screaming Allah Akbar, before hitting them with their fists and feet, and throw them into the water. The victims slightly injured but very shocked, boaters, but also witnesses and firefighters who tried to intervene.

The attacker was eventually subdued by police and taken into custody. Already arrested last week after assaulting his mother and a neighbor in Antibes, he was briefly hospitalized in psychiatry.

He is scheduled to appear Wednesday before the Criminal Court of Grasse.

These sort of attacks by Islamic savages and those who convert to Islamic savagery are getting more and more common both in France and elsewhere. This is a particularly nasty attack as the victims were all vulnerable elderly people and it is only by luck that this savage didn’t kill anybody. We don’t know at this stage whether this attacker was born Muslim or converted to Islam but because of the shout of Allah hu Akbar we need to assume that there is an Islamic angle to this crime. There appears to have been an element of pre-planning to this attack as the thug followed the group on a boat before violently kicking the passengers and laying into them with his fists. The authorities are trying to pass this attack off as an episode of ‘mental illness’, but as there have been so many similar Islamic attacks across the world, I’m going to take the ‘mental illness’ claim with a very large pinch of salt. It may well be that this is merely the act of a random madman but it could equally be the work of a ‘lone wolf’ jihadist. We should also not discount the possibility that this is another violent madman who has been attracted to Islam precisely because Islam is a violent ideology. This would not surprise me, after all Islam was started by a violent madman called Mohammed, whom Muslims revere as a ‘prophet’. If this is the case then it really does show that you don’t have to be mad to be a follower of a 7th century paedophile warlord, but it helps.

‘Religion of peace’? Don’t make me laugh how can an ideology that inspires the most awful violence in individuals in nations across the globe ever be classed as a ‘religion of peace’?