I wonder how many other ‘Islamophobic’ attacks are as fraudulent as this one appears to be?


Groups like the discredited and dishonest ‘Islamophobia’ monitors Tell Mama are very fond of telling people that there’s a ‘massive amount of Islamophobia’. Groups like this say this even when it can be proved that many of these ‘attacks’ are shown merely to be individuals saying nasty, but provably true, things about the Islamic religion of rape and murder.

The ‘Islamophobia industry’ and yes, it is an industry where certain individuals and groups can make a damned good living out of playing the funding game, is very quick to jump on things like anti-Islamic graffiti, especially when it appears on mosques or Islamic shops. Anti-Islamophobia groups use such attacks as leverage in order to call for tougher penalties for those convicted of such actions as anti-Islamic graffiti and even for changes in the law to make it more difficult for non-Muslims to criticise Islam.

But how many of these sort of attacks are genuinely carried out by non-Muslims with a justifiable animus against Islam and how many are fake ones, carried out by Muslims themselves for political reasons, or to get naïve members of the liberal/Left to feel sorry for Muslims? It has long been suspected by counterjihad activists that at least some ‘Islamophobic’ attacks are fake.

A case in Oklahoma USA will give credence to the idea that an unknown proportion of alleged ‘Islamophobic’ attacks are fraudulent ones, how many is anybodies guess but it is likely to be a fair few.

According to the Blazing Cat Fur website which is quoting from reports being carried by the local Oklahoma news website NewsOK Justin William Bouma sent a white powder to the mosque and daubed anti Muslim slogans on Muslim shops. However, what is interesting is that he, Bouma, is alleging that he was told to do these actions by the Imam of the mosque. If Bouma’s story is true then it indicates that some Muslim clerics are behind these fake attacks.

The News OK website said:

An Oklahoma City man was charged Wednesday with a felony after he allegedly sent a threatening letter to a mosque containing a white powder meant to be mistaken for anthrax.

Justin William Bouma, 32, was charged in Oklahoma County District Court with the rarely filed felony count known as the crime of terrorist hoax. Bouma also was charged with one misdemeanor count of malicious injury and destruction of property.

Prosecutors allege Bouma sent the letter to the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City on June 1. The imam at the mosque, 3815 N St. Clair Ave., contacted the FBI after opening it.

After testing the powder, the Oklahoma City Fire Department determined it was harmless. Police reported the powder was potassium perchlorate.

Bouma admitted to police on Aug. 18 he sent the “anthrax” letter to the mosque, police reported in a court affidavit.

Bouma “purchased some cheap detergent and placed it in the envelope,” according to the affidavit. Police reported threats in the letter were cut out of a magazine and a newspaper.

On Aug. 11, OK Halal Meat & Grocery, a Muslim-owned store adjacent to the mosque, had anti-Muslim sentiments spray-painted on the back.

Bouma admitted he painted the store but said the imam told him to, the affidavit states.

The graffiti referenced the Council on American- Islamic Relations, also known as CAIR. One statement said “CAIR not welcome.” Other remarks were crude and the terrorist group ISIS was mentioned.

Bouma reportedly attended the mosque in the past. Bouma became a suspect after authorities discovered threatening emails he had sent to mosque members, police reported.

Bouma has been held in the Oklahoma County jail since Aug. 18.

This is just one case of alleged fake ‘Islamophobic’ crime that has been uncovered and it makes me wonder just how many other cases of ‘Isalmophobia’ are equally bogus? In the UK we’ve had the case of the Muswell Hill mosque which mysteriously caught fire with the fire being blamed on the English Defence League. However it has later transpired that this mosque had big ideas for expansion but very little cash with which to do so. Following the fire however the local authority popped up and promised the mosque a large dollop of UK taxpayers cash so that the Bravanese who ran the burned down mosque could rebuild but bigger and better than before. This is something that seems very suspect to me and has done to many others. Then there is the case of the transsexual convert to Islam who the Tell Mama group exploited mercilessly for their own political ends, but who later turned out to be a completely untrustworthy mentally ill fantasy merchant

The Oklahoma case is just one case where there is credible evidence to suggest a fake attack and it makes me wonder just how many other incidents of ‘Islamophobic’ violence or vandalism are likely to turn out to be about as real as unicorn poo?

Without doubt there are some genuine attacks on Muslims because they are Muslims but there must also be a lot of other allegations which may well be as baseless and as fake as the Oklahoma case seems to be turning out to be.



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