The Channel invaders should be treated like burglars

HMS Valiant towing invader boat to shore in the English Channel (picture from Sky News)


The Crown Prosecution Service’s guidance on the use of proportionate force when a burglar forces their way into your home makes interesting reading. It’s relevant to anybody who wonders whether they can use reasonable force, even if it involves killing the burglar, to protect themselves and their family. It’s also relevant to the growing problem of the fake ‘refugees’ of Calais getting into small boats and crossing the English Channel, which they do in order to take advantage of Britain’s lax citizenship and identification rule,s along with this country’s welfare system. It begs the question if we can legally deal harshly with a burglar why can’t we do the same with these invaders?

It has been reported that six unwanted illegal migrants have recently been picked up by a Border Force ship in the English Channel and brought to the UK for questioning. This is not the way to deal with those who are in effect burglars. It’s highly likely that now that these illegals are here on British shores that they will claim asylum using fake stories of oppression to convince the Home Office that they should be allowed to stay in the UK.

The correct and most effective ways of dealing with these invaders would have been to act more decisively and harshly. These invader boats should be sunk using gunfire by the Royal Navy as soon as they are identified as such, or if a more humane approach is required, the Navy should pick the invaders up and return them to Calais from whence they came. They should not be allowed to come to the UK or given any chance to spin their fake yarns to the UK border officials. All too many of those who are resident in the Calais camp are not genuine refugees. They are often violent thugs and chancers who have crossed two or more safe countries in order to get to Calais in order to try to illegally enter the United Kingdom. They are criminals and should be treated as such.

To allow these invaders to get to British soil and play the asylum game only encourages more invaders to come. It’s a similar situation to that which is happening in the Mediterranean Sea where the rescue of migrants only encourages more to come. If as I have said before the EU nations took a harsher line to these migrant crossings at the beginning of the crisis and has used live fire on the boats then it would have discouraged further crossings. However the knowledge that the various naval forces of European nations would act as a ferry service for the migrants is only encouraging more to make the crossing. This encouragement is having the paradoxical effect of promoting the idea of crossing the Med and therefore is causing more deaths of migrants by drowning. If the naval forces had acted harshly at the beginning and used force on these boats early on, then yes it would have caused a few hundred deaths of migrants, but it may have saved the lives of many thousands more who would still be alive had they been discouraged from making the trip.

As with the Med migrants so it is with the invaders from Calais. Picking them up and bringing them to the UK just makes the problem worse. If those invaders in the Jungle camp see their compatriots being allowed into the UK and allowed to exploit the asylum system then more Calais invaders will attempt to do the same.

If the CPS allows us to, in extremis, kill a burglar who is invading our homes, why on earth cannot the Royal Navy and the Border Force do the same with these illegal migrants who are attempting to burglarise the UK? After all it’s not as if we don’t know that these people are dodgy, we can see that by the way they have behaved to British and other travellers using the Channel ports or the Channel Tunnel. The invaders of Calais are too often violent dangerous thugs who Britain needs to keep out and not let in. We don’t know what crimes they have committed elsewhere or even in too many cases what their real identities are. They could even be jihadis pretending to be ‘refugees’ in order to get to the UK where they will bide their time before linking up with other ‘home grown’ Islamic extremists and causing havoc and deaths among our own people.

I have every sympathy with genuine peaceful refugees fleeing conflict but I find it difficult to have any sympathy for the invaders of Calais who have shown themselves so often to be thugs, ponces, liars, exploiters and worse. They don’t deserve sympathy they need keeping out and our security forces should be protecting the British people from them and not, as they are doing, assisting these invaders to enter the United Kingdom.

Because of the threat that they pose to the people of the UK it would not to my mind be using unreasonable force to lethally interdict them before they get to our shores.


Sky News story on the six invaders picked up the UK Border Force

Crown Prosecution Service guidance on using violence against burglars

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  1. They will be housed in hotels, get free English classes and pocket money… they would be fools not to come.

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