When you are taking flak from the mendacious grievance mongers of Tell Mama then you must be right over the target.



That loud whining sound that you may be hearing in your ears is not the result of someone firing up an old WWII air-raid siren, but the dishonest and discredited Islamic grievance mongers of Tell Mama complaining about a Twitter hashtag.

It seems that the hashtag #MakeAMovieIslamic has seriously cheesed off the Taqiyya artists of Tell Mama. Tell Mama are whining like mad over this hashtag with almost the same intensity as they and their supporters dismiss Britain’s massive and ongoing Islamic Rape Gang problem as a ‘far right fantasy’.

For those who haven’t seen the #MakeAMovieIslamic hashtag it involves taking famous movie titles and changing the to make them well, a bit more Islamic.

Over the last couple of days the readers of Twitter have been regaled with such delights as

‘Seven Brides for One Brother’

‘Dial ‘M’ for Murderous Muslims’


‘Gone with the Bomb’

‘When Abdul Raped Sally’

‘Charlie and the Bomb making factory’

‘Silence of the Imams’

‘Honey, I raped the kids’

‘The Return of the Jihadi’

‘Gunfight at the OK halal’

‘My big fat arranged marriage to a 9 year old’

‘Sunni I blew up the kid’

‘Beheaded Poets Society’

‘A bridge too kufar’


‘Four Beheadings and Your Funeral’

‘To honour kill a mockingbird’

‘Beheading Private Ryan’

‘Honey, I blew up the Yids’

‘The Silence of the Moderate Muslims’

‘Dude, where’s my car bomb’

‘Twin Towering Inferno’

‘Snow White and the Seven Rapist Taxi Drivers’

‘Withnail Bomb and I’

‘Planet of the Islamic Apes’

and many, many more.

Now rather than do the sensible thing and wonder why Islam invites such mockery or to ignore it, Tell Mama decided to get on their high horse and whine about ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘racism’. It doesn’t seem to occur to Tell Mama or any of its equally untrustworthy and easily offended supporters, that the reason Islam is being mocked is because Islam invites mockery.

Another reason that Islam is being mercilessly mocked in this way is that Islam and its followers are implicated in a number of gross crimes, terrorist attacks, inter-religious violence and child-sex trafficking. Islam does permit and encourage things such as misogyny, child sex, violence and aggression, we can see that by reading Islamic ‘holy’ texts and other Islamic documents such as the ‘Reliance of the Traveller’. As I’ve said before on here and elsewhere, even though there are Muslims who are decent, civilised people, Islam itself is a nasty, uncivilised death cult. For example: Neither the Christian festival of Christmas or the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur have a death toll caused by violence associated with them. Islam on the other hand does have a death toll from violence associated with its festivals. This year’s Ramadan shows that quite clearly with 1294 violent deaths which was relatively peaceful if compared to last year when Muslims killed 2988 people.

What seems to be pissing off Tell Mama isn’t that this mockery is completely baseless, but that this mockery has a large element of truth in it. Muslims are, without a doubt, implicated in mass rapes, a large amount of child-sex offences, mass killings, terror and violence and not just in one or two places on the globe, but all over it. Maybe Tell Mama should consider just why Islam is so widely hated by so many different people, religious groups and nationalities? Could it be the great number of deaths, maimings and shattered lives that Islam leaves in its wake?

Tell Mama instead of being thoughtful or developing a thicker skin, turned the whining up to 11 with a piece on their website by one of their staff which said that the ‘make a movie Islamic’ hashtag promoted ‘hatred, prejudice and bigotry’. However, I’ve been informed that Tell Mama are often silent when it comes to the bigotry expressed by believing Muslims towards ex-Muslims and to non-Muslims.

Tell Mama have also tried to play the ‘race card’ regarding this hashtag and have called for censorship of social media so that people cannot mock Islam. They also gave examples of what they called individuals ‘challenging’ the hashtag, but on closer examination of these examples, they turned out merely to be ‘offended’ Muslims (and Muslims are notoriously easy to offend) and a few Left wingers.

Despite Tell Mama’s claim in their article that mockery of religion is acceptable that doesn’t stop them from falsely claiming that mockery of Islam is ‘racist’ nor does it stop them for calling for censorship. This is I’m afraid typical of the two faced and downright dishonest behaviour that we’ve come to expect from Tell Mama and those associated with them.

My advice to Tell Mama would be this and it is to stop with the whining and have a little sense of shame about what the followers of Islam are doing to countless people in many different countries around the world. If Islam doesn’t want to be mocked then its followers should stop killing people, groping women, raping children and blowing things up. Maybe, just maybe, if Islam becomes civilised then people will respect it and its followers more. Until then we should continue to take the piss out of it and organisations like Tell Mama who want to stop people taking the piss out of Islam.

I’d like to conclude by congratulating all those who have created the hilarious entries for the ‘Make a Movie Muslim’ hashtag and also for winding up the mendacious grievance mongering mountebanks of Tell Mama. Well done people, keep it up. As far as I’m concerned the more people mock Islam and the crimes of its followers the better.


The loud and piercing whining coming from the Tell Mama organisations


You can find many more stories about the troubling and troublesome Tell Mama organisation on the Fahrenheit211 website by using the search terms ‘Tell Mama’, ‘Fiyaz Mughal’ or ‘mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists’

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  1. The lack of a sense of humour is a bit strange, especially when the Islamic Human Rights Commission held their Islamophobia of the Year Awards, back in 2015.

    The awards “provide a chance for light-hearted humour ” with entertainment and a 3 course dinner with the promise of lots of fun and satire.

    And strangely, despite the fact the Editorial Team at Charlie Hebdo won the International Islamophobe of the Year, not one member turned up to collect the award in person.

    This may have been due to the fact they had been slaughtered, 2 months previously.

    How hilarious is that?

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