More British police are truly earning the epithet of ‘filth’.


Sad to say, in the UK we’ve become all to used to people being harassed by the police, merely because they have spoken out against Islam, or have demonstrated peacefully against it. We’ve seen our justice system become distorted to such a level that it’s now obvious that there is a double standard in operation. It’s now not uncommon to find individuals jailed for flinging bacon at a mosque, whilst Islamic hate preachers who stir up Muslims to commit acts of violence against Christians, Jews, gays and others, are being allowed to go about their daily lives unhindered.

Because of this pandering to Muslims and Islamic interests by the police, there is a growing amount of distrust by ordinary people, many of them who could be reasonably be described as law-abiding and decent, who now openly refer to the police as ‘filth’. This is something that would not have been imaginable 20 or so years ago. The outright and obvious pandering to Islam that is occurring is rapidly removing the trust that British people have in the police.

If anyone wanted to find an example of this bent policing in action, they would do well look at how the leader of the PEGIDA organisation, Tommy Robinson is treated by the police. Although Mr Robinson’s style of activism may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it cannot be denied that his record and his behaviour is far more mild than some of the rabid individuals which Britain’s Muslim community seems to be churning out in droves. Mr Robinson has had to put up with some outrageous harassment by the police, yet at the same time Muslims, who behave much worse than he has, are given a free pass by the police.

The latest bit of appalling harassment of Mr Robinson has occurred in Cambridge, where he was targeted by police and removed from a pub along with his children, by officers of the Cambridgeshire force on highly specious and suspect grounds. This was despite the security staff of the pub telling officers that Mr Robinson and his party were not causing the sort of trouble that would warrant being ejected from the pub in that manner. Here’s some excerpts from an article by Donna Rachel Edmunds, from the Brietbart news site, showing not only how bent towards Islamic interests our police have become, but also how readily officers are willing to use the discredited phrase ‘only following orders’. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas my comments are in plain text.

Brietbart said:

The leader of Pegida UK, Tommy Robinson, has been ejected from the city of Cambridge and threatened with criminal charges – for watching a football match in a pub with his three young children, all aged under ten, and some friends.

Mr Robinson had travelled to the university city yesterday with two friends and their four children to watch his home town’s football club, Luton, play against Cambridge. Following the match the party of ten went to a local pub to watch another football match on the television.

Here’s a man and his family who are not causing trouble, who has peacefully attended a one football match and is quietly watching another in a pub. He’s done nothing wrong yet he’s treated like dirt by the police. Is it any surprise that ordinary people who see such thuggish and bent behaviour by the police are starting to withdraw their support from them?

Brietbart added:

As they were enjoying the game they were approached by a number of officers from Cambridgeshire police who ordered Mr Robinson to leave the city, or face being issued with a Section 35 dispersal order.

A threat that is plainly unjustified.

Mr Robinson asked why he was being asked to leave, to which an officer replied: “The situation is, because of the lesson’s we’ve learned in the past, we know that if certain groups stay within the city, they’re causing violence. […] There’s going to be a likelihood of violence if a group stays here from this match.”

From what I can gather from research into this story there was no ‘likelihood of violence’ from Mr Robinson’s party. Cambridgeshire constabulary’s actions were targeted and unjustified harassment of Mr Robinson and those with him.

When Mr Robinson protested that he was with his family and that no other Luton supporters were being ejected, another officer accused him of acting aggressively and told him “You’re going to get arrested in a minute.”

Security staff at the pub approached the police to insist that Mr Robinson and his party had not been causing any trouble nor given them any cause for concern, but Police – who moved the security staff away to prevent Mr Robinson filming the exchange – were unmoved.

The party then elected to leave but were followed down the road by four officers who told Mr Robinson “we’re following you and there’s no way out of that,” causing his two children, both aged under 10, to cry in terror.

What ‘big men’ these scum police officers are, frightening small children. The party had peacefully left the pub but the police still kept on after them.

Speaking to Breitbart London today, he added: “My children are terrified of the police. I can’t understand how they are allowed to continually harass me and my family.”

The police are allowed to do this because we the people let them get away with it and because the police are acting on higher orders, orders I might add that these rank and file officers, of the sort who feature in this incident, are too cowardly and morally bankrupt to refuse. Someone needs to remind these officers that ‘only following orders’ didn’t work for the Nazi criminals at the Nuremberg trials. I hope there will be a similar judicial reckoning for both the violent followers of Islam and their appeasers and quislings, such as these police officers and that defence will not going to work at that time either.

The video, embedded below, makes truly shocking viewing.

You can see just how arrogantly these uniformed filth from Cambridgeshire Police are behaving. Although Mr Robinson has got angry, he has a right to be angry, just as the rest of us have the right to be angry, because we know that today it’s Mr Robinson getting this sort of treatment but tomorrow it could be you and me. Its obvious that there was no trouble being started by Mr Robinson and that the police were trying to provoke Mr Robinson into a response that the police for which could arrest him. The police state that they were operating under orders from ‘their boss’ who they refused to name.

This is just one example of the moral depths to which British police forces have fallen. The police have failed to protect British children from Islamic Rape Gangs in a multitude of towns and cities. They have failed to halt Islamic electoral corruption in places like Tower Hamlets and Birmingham, nor have they dealt with the growing amount of Islamic crime and violence from which Britain is suffering. Yet even as the police ignore heinous crimes by Muslims and pander to the followers of Islam, the police seem to find a significant amount of time and resources in going after those like Mr Robinson, who has peacefully stood up to an Islamic ideology that has openly stated that it wants to kill us and oppress us and all non-Muslims.

The British police have gone from being respected by the British population and by other nations, to being nothing more than dishonest filth and this incident shows it. I’ve seen, and experienced myself, some pretty bad behaviour from British police officers over the years, especially when I was a photojournalist, but this incident really shows why increasingly they are despised.

These officers can only really be described as fucking scum and they are a disgrace to their uniform and a disgrace to the nation. After this I don’t think I’ll treat any police officer with any degree of respect ever again.



Brietbart story on the harassment of Tommy Robinson and his family


If you want to complain to Cambridgeshire Police about this appalling incident of harassment, then here is the email link to this particular police force. I have emailed them a copy of this article. Cambridgeshire Police’s Twitter feed can be found at @CambsCops


The independent journalist who goes by the handle of Sargon of Akkad on Twitter ( @Sargon_of_Akkad ) has written a letter to Cambridgeshire Police demanding answers as to why Mr Robinson has been treated in this appalling way and his letter is included below.

Sargon of Akkad letter to Cambridgeshire police

Just in case this video file of the harassment mysteriously disappears from You Tube under pressure from the police, I’ve uploaded it to the Fahrenheit211 site and it can be accessed below.




Below is a copy of the email that I have sent to Cambridgeshire Police

Dear Cambridgeshire Police

I, along with a great number of others, have been very disturbed by the way that your officers have treated Mr Tommy Robinson recently.

The way that your officers have behaved can only really be described as ‘bullying’, especially as Mr Robinson doesn’t seem to have committed any crime. Your officer’s behaviour, and the senior officers who ordered them to carry out such harassment, brings shame on the police uniform and on the police service itself.

This is abusive behaviour towards Mr Robinson and it contrasts greatly with the ‘kid gloves’ way that your force, along with other forces, treats the followers of Islam. Muslim clerics seem to be allowed to get away with the most abusive types of hate speech and incitement yet it is ignored by police officers. This is naked and biased political policing of the worst kind. It shows exactly why a growing number of ordinary decent citizens of the UK are losing faith and trust in the police.

At the very least your force should offer an apology to Mr Robinson and his family along with an apology to the security staff of the public house whom your officers treated in a grossly underhand way.

I have written about this worrying incident here:

More British police are truly earning the epithet of ‘filth’.

Policing should be fair and equally importantly should be seen to be fair but in this case it plainly neither fair not just.

I await your reply

Best Regards

Editor Fahrenheit211 blog

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  1. When Cambridgeshire Police next whine about lack of manpower and resources I hope the locals tell them where they can shove it.
    Similarly when they use the same excuse for not doing anything about the next Cambridgeshire grooming gang.

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