Another Briton dead because of Islamic savagery.

Tom Jackson the heroic Briton murdered by an Islamic savage in Australia.


The media is reporting the very sad news that Tom Jackson, 30, the British backpacker who was grievously injured whilst heroically attempting to save the life of another travelling Briton, Mia Ayliffe-Chung, 21, in Australia, when she was attacked by an Islamic savage, has died of his wounds. Ms Ayliffe-Chung and Mr Jackson were attacked in a Queensland town by by the Islamic savage, whom the media are erroneously calling a ‘Frenchman’, but who in reality is an Algerian Muslim, at a hostel in the city of Townsville.

This is yet more tragedy brought to two more British families by yet another worthless Islamic savage called Smail Ayad, aged 29. Ayad, who had developed an obsession with Ms Ayliffe-Chung who rejected Ayad’s twisted and unwanted sexual advances, the Islamic savage then went ‘full Islam’ after this rejection, killed a dog and then went on to murder Ms Ayliffe-Chung and Mr Jackson. During the murder the savage Muslim shouted out the Islamic war cry of ‘Allah hu Akbar’.

I’m sick and tired of the deaths caused by these Islamic savages. Wherever you go in the world these savages are bringing death and destruction and grief. Two young lives have been snuffed out and for what? I’ll tell you why: These people have senselessly died in order to satisfy the blood-lust of this savage and the equally blood-thirsty deity, Allah, that these savages follow.

The Australian Police who are holding this Islamic savage on what is now two charges of murder are dishonestly claiming that these murders had ‘nothing to do with Islamic terror’ but it’s plain to see that the police are wrong. This murder has everything to do with Islam and we should not be fobbed off by excuses such as ‘mental illness’ or ‘drugs’, or any other of the multitude of reasons that the authorities may give in order to avoid saying the word ‘jihad’.

This is Islamic savagery in action and no amount of wishful thinking or lame excuses by the police or the state or those inclined to behave in a qusling-like manner towards Islam, can alter that fact. The Islamic savage Ayad was not acting out of character for Islam, nor was he an aberration, he was acting just as so many other Muslims do throughout the world and throughout history. In fact Ayad was acting no different from how the violent, thieving, sex obsessed ‘prophet’ of Islam himself behaved. To deny that there is any connection between these two awful murders and the ideology of Islam is to deny reality.

I pray that the Eternal One will comfort the mourners who are grieving for their loved ones who were violently taken from them by this Islamic savage. I also hope that one day that decent people will rise up, and speak up, and help to ensure that this foul ideology of Islam will go the way of Nazism and Stalinism and will no more trouble this world or claim the lives of innocents.


Original story from Sky News about the murders of Tom Jackson and Mia Ayliffe-Chung in Australia by an Islamic savage.

Earlier story from Fahrenheit211 about Islamic murder of Mia Ayliffe-Chung

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  1. The BBC News reports are now confining their descriptions of the killer to “a Frenchman”.

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