Looks like Muslim rapists may have struck again, this time in Manchester

Crowcroft Park Manchester where the 12 year old was raped


I try not to jump to conclusions when it comes to crime reports, or to apportion blame too early, but this particular case, or more importantly Greater Manchester Police’s handling of it, makes me suspect that this might be yet another child raped by Muslims.

According to press reports, police were called to Crowcroft Park, in Levenshulme, Manchester where they found a distressed 12 year old girl whom the police say had been subjected to a a ‘serious sex attack’. Quite rightly forensic teams are at the park to try to gather evidence but the behaviour of the police with regards information that they’ve released to the public is what needs to be questioned.

Normally, when the police are looking for suspects they release descriptions of those they wish to speak to, as shown by this example from West Mercia police following an attempted kidnap of a young girl in Hereford. However in this Manchester case, the police are keeping very schtum about descriptions of the alleged attackers. This raises justifiable suspicions that the attackers may well be Muslim and that the police are hiding this information for dubious ‘community cohesion’ reasons. I may be wrong of course and the victim may not have seen the attackers, but the policy of not giving descriptions of assailants when they are believed to be Muslim is getting to be a bit of a habit for some of Britain’s police forces.

Here’s the Daily Mail report on this latest appalling crime which may well be just the latest example of Muslim predation on our children. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

Joseph Curtis writing for the The Daily Mail said:

Police have sealed off a park after a 12-year-old girl was raped last night. 

Police were called to Crowcroft Park, in Levenshulme, south Manchester, shortly before 11.30pm.

On arrival officers discovered the young girl, who is said to have been subjected to a serious sex attack.

The area was immediately cordoned off and detectives remain at the scene this morning.

The type of victim, the location and information about the modus operandi of the attack all points towards Muslims. Of course this may not be the case and it may be an offence committed by a non-Muslim violent pervert, and we must remember that this investigation is in its early stages. But, the lack of description does look really suspicious. It makes the police look as if they are hiding something.

Eyewitnesses say two forensic tents have been placed in the park, with officers combing the area for clues.

A GMP spokeswoman said: ‘On arrival officers discovered that a 12-year-old girl had been raped.’

‘Police are currently at the scene carrying out inquiries.

‘Anyone with any information about the incident should call police on 101 quoting incident number 2260 of September 1.’ 

It’s good that the police are on the scene and investigating, but don’t you think, as I do, that the police would have a better chance of catching whoever committed this awful crime if they at the very least released as much descriptive information about the alleged assailants as they possess? The lack of description of the attackers looks deliberate and, if the rapist was ‘Asian’ may well have been done to protect the same Muslim community that produces a staggering number of these appalling rapists, paedophiles and other sex criminals. I hope I’m wrong on this and that I’m jumping the gun a little.. But, as Greater Manchester Police has a record for Islamopandering and of failing to tackle Islamic Rape Gangs in Rochdale in a timely and effective way, it would not surprise me one bit to find that GMP’s priorities are to ‘protect the Muslims’ from criticism and to hell with everyone else.



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Sky News as of one hour (11:30am) ago is reporting the same story with again no description of the assailants


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