Tell Mama whining about getting criticism again


A while back this blog reported how the disgraced ‘Islamophobia’ monitors Tell Mama were whining about getting criticism. The mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists of Tell Mama complained that they couldn’t operate because of the level of what they called ‘abusive’ calls and other communications. The Tell Mama group, an organisation championed by the murdered, and extremely Islamopandering MP Jo Cox, has previously complained to the Guardian newspaper (where else) of ‘abusive’ calls blocking their ‘helpline’ and that the police had done nothing about it.

Now it seems that Tell Mama is again whining about getting what they term ‘abuse and threats’. Now nobody should get credible death or similar threats, but Tell Mama are not making it clear what sort of content these abusive messages contain. That, bearing in mind Tell Mama’s long record of playing fast and loose with the truth, raises suspicions that what they may be getting is not genuine threats but is merely criticism in ‘fruity’ and angry language.

Tell Mama have threatened to work with the police to have people arrested for what they call ‘abusive and threatening’ emails. However they’ve made no attempt to state what the content of these emails are, something that would strengthen their case if they did so. Tell Mama stated in a post on their Twitter timeline:

I call on Tell Mama to publish these alleged ‘abusive and threatening’ emails so that the public at large can judge whether the content of them is indeed as they state it is, or whether or not Tell Mama is again talking up molehills into mountains and being ‘economical with the actualite’. Now I’m not naïve and I know that there are some dangerous people out there who do make threats of violence and who do cross the line that divides forceful opinion from credible threats. However, Tell Mama are not helping themselves by not giving representative examples of the sort of communications they’ve been getting. Are they genuinely illegal for example threats to kill Tell Mama staff or are they merely people questioning the probity of Tell Mama, something that all citizens should be entitled to do? If they don’t come forward with proper checkable information about the content of these emails then a great number of people will come to the conclusion that Tell Mama are again purveying yet another great big pile of steaming horse shit.

If, like me, you are curious as to the content of these alleged ‘abusive and threatening then why not do as I’ve done (see addendum below) and ask them, politely of course, what these allegedly ‘abusive and threatening’ emails are and also how many they have received ? Tell Mama’s contact details are as follows:

Telephone 0800 456 1226,
Twitter: @tellmamauk,
SMS: 0115 707 0007
WhatsApp: 0734 184 6086


Tell Mama complaining about what they call excessive levels of negative communications from critics

Jo Cox MP, A person who never found an Islamic cause that she didn’t like


I have written a polite note via email to Tell Mama to ask them to specify and clarify exactly what sort of ‘abuse and threats’ they’ve been getting and pointing out that to do this could be seen as strengthening their case.

Here’s the text of the email that I’ve sent at approximately 11:30am GMT on the 2nd September 2016 to the Tell Mama organisation.

Dear Tell Mama

I’m sorry to hear that you are getting what you describe as ‘abusive and threatening’ emails. I can assure you that none of these communications have come from my blog or from any of those associated with it. However, bearing in mind that many questions have been asked, by me and others, about your organisation’s probity and issues of reporting accuracy, may I suggest that it may be a good idea, and may even help your organisation’s case and be in your own interests, if you give as many examples as possible of these alleged ‘abusive and threatening’ emails. I understand that you do not want to disseminate hateful messages, but an indication of the sort of abuse and threats you have had, and in what quantities, would be helpful.

Failure to give concrete and truthful examples of the communications in question will not help your organisation and will only encourage others to say ‘oh it’s Tell Mama exaggerating again’.

I await your speedy reply.

Best regards


Editor Fahrenheit211


It is now 16:30 hours GMT and so far I’ve had no response from the Tell Mama organisation from the polite email that I have sent them. They’ve had a reasonable amount of time to respond to me and my very reasonable request that they detail exactly what this ‘abuse and threats’ are, but they have not done so. There is also no sign of Tell Mama giving any details of the alleged ‘threats and abuse’ on their website or, so I’ve been told from, their social media outlets. Therefore I feel that I have no alternative to come to the conclusion that Tell Mama may well be being economical with the truth again over this matter. This claim of threats and abuse may very likely be more Tell Mama bullshit.