Choudhary – This is not an sentence, it is an insult to justice


The British people have waited a long time to see the Islamic preachers and inciter to violence Anjem Choudhary jailed for his actions. But, after many man-hours of investigation and untold amounts of taxpayer cash, Choudhary has been rewarded, for that it what it appears to be, a reward, with a derisory sentence of five and a half years, for encouraging people to join the Islamic State group.

I doubted that he would get the ten years that his offences, and previous record, deserved as a bare minimum but 5 and half years is a bloody insult. This particular Islamic savage not only has been convicted for inciting people to join ISIS, but also has a long record for involvement in Islamic extremism. Other Islamic savages have been inspired by Choudhary, or been involved in his various groups and they’ve often gone on to commit appalling atrocities, including the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich South-East London in 2013.

Incompetent and bent police, a lack of effective legal sanctions specifically against Islamic extremism, along with a lenient judiciary and a Crown Prosecution Service that has been penetrated by Islamic groups, has handed Choudhary a jail term that is about the same as a serial domestic burglar would get. Choudhary is also likely to serve only about two years of this sentence before he’s eligible for parole. He will, and this will quite rightly anger many, serve not that much longer than people who protest against the ideology of Islam by putting bacon on a mosque door, who so far have got sentences of 9 months to a year of imprisonment. Choudhary’s sentence is without a doubt unjustly lenient. If this is the maximum could have got then it shows that Britain needs much harsher laws and also legislation which is specifically aimed at controlling Islam and its increasingly violent and untrustworthy followers.

I don’t think the citizen should just look at the Choudhary sentence, shrug their shoulders and walk on. People should complain to their MP about this sentence. They should sign any petition for Choudhary’s sentence to be looked at again, or for him to be rearrested on other charges. The authorities, which are supposed to be looking out for us, should see what other laws Choudhary might have broken, in order to take another hit at him? We all deserve proper protection from Cboudhary and Islamic savages like him and sentences like this do nothing to secure us from Islam.. If anything, what Choudhary has said over the years must surely count as ‘hate speech’, or do ‘hate speech’ laws only apply when people say stuff that is unkind but truthful about Islam? Choudhary’s sentence will strengthen that assumption.

Choudhary should, if there was any justice, be kept off the streets for a minimum of ten years, his five and a half year one is an insult to all those who have died, been maimed, or have been otherwise traumatised by the actions of Choudhary and overly large band of bearded mental patients. Choudhary’s sentence should not be seen as a victory, but as a failure by the authorities to deal with the growing Islam menace that Britain faces.


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  1. As far as I am concerned it seems killers and murders have a grater right to justice than the British people, although what can you expect when you have a conservative government in power, our government is probably working with Anjem Choudhary, thats why he is not paying for what he has done.
    This is not justice it is a mockery of it, because of this sentence all murderers, thieves, rapist, embezzlers, and any other evil sick people you can think of should get a maximum prison sentence of 2 months and one month dropped for good behavior, it makes me sick justice what justice.

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