Tell Mama’s non-Muslim ‘House Negro’ Steve Rose is sounding off again.


The mendacious grievance-mongers of the Tell Mama organisation are getting a little vexed over an anti-Islam image,see below, which is doing the rounds of social media. Unfortunately it seems that Tell Mama’s actions are a classic example of the Streisand Effect, by their claim of fake victim hood, they are helping to publicise the image in question. I would guess that there are now a lot of individuals thinking ‘I want that badge’. Nice one Fiyaz Mughal, you idiot. This story more importantly highlights one of the Tell Mama organisation’s most prolific ‘House Negroes’, who although not Muslim themselves are notorious panderers to that ideology and its followers.

The 'burn mosque' image that Tell Mama seem to be trying to connect to just about everything

The ‘burn mosque’ image that Tell Mama seem to be trying to connect to just about everything

The founder of Tell Mama is the aforementioned Fiyaz Mughal, or ‘Fizzy Bollocks’ has he has become known. This nickname is partially because of his propensity to fizz and fume about people expressing dislike of Islam, whilst simultaneously ignoring the atrocious and heinous crimes committed in the name of Islam. Fiyaz Fizzes with indignation, but often speaks complete, and utter, tosh. He’s also a guy who you really don’t want selling you a used car.

Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama and other dubious Islam friendly organisations.

Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama and other dubious Islam friendly organisations.

Fiyaz Mughal and his organisations, most notably Tell Mama, associate with and sometimes employ individuals who are or may not be Muslim themselves but join in with Tell Mama’s long standing campaign to characterise all criticism of Islam as ‘hate speech’. One of Fiyaz’s ‘House Negroes’ (and if you are unaware of this term then please read this article by Malcom X) is Steve Rose and he plays the part given to him by Mughal both loyally and well. Rose is a freelance writer who has written for the Huffington Post and is often wheeled out by Tell Mama as a sort of non-Muslim ‘beard‘. For Tell Mama, he has mostly whined on cue about people saying nasty things about Islam and in that role has also helped Tell Mama to promulgate lies about Islam such as the lie that Islamic Rape Gangs have nothing to do with Islam. If this was the world of post World War II France and not 2016 then Steve Rose would be having his head shaved and publicly humiliated as a collaborator to fascism. Steve Rose appears perfectly happy to collaborate with Islamic fascism. There’s no other way to describe or compare his behaviour. It’s Quisling-like behaviour and for a long time I’ve been of the opinions that the Islamic savages are what they are, and will never change, but the Quislings are a different animal. They sell out their own countries, their own cultures and their own children’s future by pandering to Islam. This is why many people aim their ire and their disgust at non-Muslims who do Islam’s bidding.

Steve Rose, Fiyaz Mughal and Tell Mama's non-Muslim 'Beard'

Steve Rose, Fiyaz Mughal and Tell Mama’s non-Muslim ‘Beard’

The latest subject which seems to have aroused the ire of Steve Rose or more likely his handler, Fiyaz Mughal, is a Burn Your Local Mosque image that originated as part of a logo for a Black Metal rock band called Mogh and is featured at the head of this article. Here’s the Steve Rose article with, as usual the original text from Rose in italics with my comments in plain text.

Steve Rose said:

The recent arrest of a suspected neo-Nazi, Sean Creighton, 44, on a terrorism offence contained an interesting footnote. He allegedly possessed a badge with “burn your local mosque” written on it. This idea, to burn a local mosque, has appealed to neo-Nazis and Islamophobes in Europe and North America.

Rose fails to point out that Creighton was not arrested for the ‘Burn the Mosque’ image but for other images and documents, including those that were allegedly approving of Adolf Hitler.

The image, however, comes from the artwork of an obscure black metal band named Mogh, who released a live album in 2012.

Mogh describes itself as a “Persian/Israeli/German extreme black metal project”. Its influences range from nihilism, the occult and the Orient. The band uses anti-Islamic imagery and symbolism in its album artwork and merchandise.  The band has marketed itself as “anti-Islamlic black metal” on t-shirts bearing the “burn your local mosque” design.

If the data on the band from Encyclopedia Metallum, an online resource for metal music, is correct, then this band is also anti-Islam and not one that just uses ‘anti-Islamic imagery’. It’s interesting that Rose didn’t elaborate on that distinction or state that the band were listed as being ‘anti Islam’ .

In spite of the above, the band were ‘shocked’ to learn that their artwork had been used to incite racial hatred.

In a statement, Mogh said: “It shocks us because of many reasons. Mogh is an international conceptual art and band which includes members from Germany, Syria, Iran, Bulgaria and Peru.

Mogh philosophy believes in every person as a star regardless of its race and believes religion in any form steals that identical essence and makes you an systematic slave.”

Fair do’s but when it comes to Islam, we are not speaking of a ‘race’, we are speaking about an ideology. It makes me wonder just what Rose said, if anything, to the band if he indeed speak to them and if he emphasised the ‘race’ angle of this?

Mogh state they have lost family members in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution.

Something that would make any sensible person start to question Islam and indeed all authoritarian religious beliefs.

Later variations of the “burn your local mosque” image had removed Mogh’s satanic logo. Social media accounts have used it as an Islamophobic call to arms.

So the band itself is not responsible for how the image has been adapted. Interesting. The link between the band and the purposes that the images are allegedly being used for gets thinner and thinner.

In New York, a venue closed after hosting a neo-Nazi music festival last May. A Twitter user posted photos from outside the venue, which included a neo-Nazi owed van covered in hate stickers. One such sticker included “burn your local mosque”.

If you follow the New Musical Express link above and here, you’ll find that the club may have closed for other reasons not connected to this alleged neo-Nazi gig. It’s a bit disingenuous for Rose to make it appear as if the closure was directly connected to the event and thereby with the dodgy ‘Burn Your Local Mosque’ sticker.

Mark Bennett, 48, was jailed last July following a racially aggravated public order offence at a mosque in Bristol. Bennett and others had placed rashers of bacon on the door handles of the mosque. They had shouted racial abuse at a member of the mosque, thrown bacon sandwiches at the mosque, and tied a  St George’s flag to the railings with the words “No Mosque”.

Again you have Rose attempting to make links between the band and those who, quite rightly are cheesed off with Islam and its often violent and deviant followers.  Anyway Bennet’s banner didn’t say ‘burn mosques’ it just said ‘no mosque’ a sentiment that many of us would share.

A Facebook page, linked to Bennett, had posted the “burn your local mosque” image, with the caption “Fire in the hole..!!!”

It should be noted at this point that the initial complaint about this image appears to have come from a supporter of Hope Not Hate, an organisation that not only is known to be violent but which never misses a chance to pander to Islam at the expense of others.

Two Instagram users in the United States have promoted “burn your local mosque” patches in recent months. Both posts encouraged individuals to message for further details. The user ‘houndsnhogs88’ promoted the patch a day after the terrorist attacks in Brussels. He captioned the post: “After much deliberation, I’m finally putting this on my vest #burnyourlocalmosque #JeSuisBruxelles #fuckIslam #stopIslam”.

Oh shock horror! People don’t like Islam very much. I wonder why? Could it have anything to do with terrorist attacks such as we saw in Paris, Brussels, London, Nice and elsewhere in the world? Or maybe it’s the mass rapes that Muslim men seem to make a unwelcome habit of committing wherever they set up shop? Islam is one of those ideologies that has a lot to dislike about it.

On November 14, 2015, Patrick Keogan had allegedly made online threats against two Islamic centres. In one alleged Facebook post,  Keogan included an image of a mosque in flames, captioned with the text “burn your local mosque”. His attorney argued that the allegations do not constitute “crimes of violence.” The judge, however, found probable cause to charge Keogan.

Again this example appears to have nothing directly to do with the image in question. Also this is not only an American case, where people have the right to say mostly what they damn well please, but also that this case is more complex than Rose paints it. Keogan is not just been arrested on dubious ‘hate speech’ grounds but there’s more, a lot more. There are a number of numerous other accusations against Keegan including illegal possession of firearms. The ‘Burn Mosque’ comments and imagery are but a small part of Keogan‘s alleged offences. The case has not even been tried but the non-firearms offences ones could, in my opinion, pivot around whether the ‘burn mosque’ threat was credible. It will be an interesting case to watch.

Tell MAMA staff became aware of the image last year. On February 27, 2015, the Facebook page of the Sunderland North East Infidels had uploaded the image. In early 2016, Tell MAMA received numerous reports of social media accounts sharing the image. A Twitter account linked to the notorious troll John Nimmo had targeted Tell MAMA staff with this image in 2015.

By April 2016, Tell MAMA reported that an individual had been arrested for posting this image online.

However, a brief online search can find no credible source for this statement about this particular arrest or any subsequent sentencing of this individual, other than from Tell Mama themselves. This story about the arrest is only sourced from the Tell Mama site. There is no indication from Tell Mama or from anywhere else of any disposal of this case by the courts. There’s also, as far as I can make out, little confirmatory information to back up Tell Mama’s claim of an arrest. Surely it would be in Tell Mama’s interest to give the world the name, the address of the alleged offender and the method by which the courts have disposed of this case. Can Tell Mama inform us how this case was finalised, if indeed it has been or even if it exists in truth?

The “burn your local mosque” meme had built a European audience since at least 2014. On November 6, 2014, an online post in German promoted the “burn your local mosque” patches atop bullets. A reverse image search revealed the use of the image as an avatar on a Polish language forum that same year.

Nor does this idea exist in a vacuum. It’s possible to buy patches which read ‘burn your local church’.

So it seems that it’s not just Islam that is being targeted by these sorts of stickers and patches? Why then is it so much more of a an issue for Rose that this concerns Islam? Don’t Christians and their feelings count, or is only Muslims who are ‘special’ in Rose’s mind? I think that the reality of the ‘Burn the Local Mosque’ image has its roots in anti-religion per se and like the ‘Burn the Church’ ones should be seen as part of that genre.

In spite of its obscurity and niche genre, the imagery, while offensive, became, by accident, a means for racists to allegedly target Muslim communities.

Again I’d like to ask Rose what ‘race’ is Islam exactly? There are a lot of people, a growing number in fact, who are not racist in the classic sense, but quite rightly hate and despise Islam for what it does to individuals and to nations. As observing the lengthening list of perpetrators of Islamic atrocities will show, Islamic savagery is committed by individuals of varying skin colours, the key factor in all these atrocities is, you guessed it, Islam.

This looks like another example of Tell Mama, and those who associate with them, making mountains out of questionable molehills and being highly selective, as Rose has been, with the actualite. It’s also an example of Tell Mama’s ongoing campaign against freedom of speech and against press freedom, when it comes to the issue of Islam. Tell Mama have form for being dishonest about hate crime statistics, exploiting the mad and the sad and being hostile to those who do not attack Muslims but merely ask awkward questions about Islam and about certain Muslims.

You can accept people like Fiyaz Mughal spinning yarns, talking bollocks and doing whatever he can to protect and promote Islam. It’s par for the course with those who found and lead Islam dominated or focussed organisations, but what’s Steve Rose’s excuse for helping to promote Islam and acting like Mughal’s ‘House Negro’ and Quisling? It’s an excuse I’d love to hear.

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