Her gaff, her rules, which is as it should be. Hairdresser facing jail for chucking Muslim woman out of shop

Brave Merete Hodne who has stood up to Islam in Norway.


Although there are many people who are ignorant about Islam or worse, appease Islam, it’s heartening to realise that there are a whole load of people out there who have a different opinion of the ‘religion of peace’. Such individuals see Islam for what it is which is a mixture of an authoritarian ideology and a death cult. It is these people who stand up and speak the uncomfortable truths about Islam that both Muslims themselves and non-Muslim quislings would prefer that the rest of us didn’t hear. It is also good to know that there well informed people who understand that the fight against Islam isn’t one where racial prejudice should play any part, but is instead a political battle, against a dangerous and threatening ideology, that masquerades as a peaceful faith.

Some people by necessity, choice or for reasons of security prefer to speak about Islam and tell the truth about it quietly or under a pseudonym, However, there are others, very brave people, who put themselves, their businesses and their families in the front line in the fight against the ideology of Islam. One such person is the subject of this post.

Merete Hodne is a businesswoman who runs a hairdressers in Norway has been campaigning for years against the Islamic death cult and despises Islam’s totalitarianism. She was approached by a hijab clad Muslima who asked for her hair to be covered. Ms Hodne, not wanting to discriminate against the other customers in the unisex hair salon refused service to the Muslima and kicked her out on her arse. Whilst chucking out the Muslima Ms Hodne told her that she did not want the Islamic ‘evil’ in her establishment, something about which many will not disagree.

Ms Hodne was arrested in October 2015 by Norwegian police and they fined her £800 pounds for refusing the Muslim customer service. Ms Hodne refused to pay the fine as she felt that she was well within her rights to refuse service on political grounds. This to me is the right way to approach Islam and its symbols. Islamic garb is a political uniform and should be treated as such.

According to the Daily Express, Ms Hodne said:

I don’t want this evil inside the doors where I’m in charge. “

Good for her! There needs to be many more people who are prepared to stand up and tell the truth about Islam for it is indeed evil. Islam corrupts, traumatises and murders thousands of people a year and not just non-Muslims, Islam also mentally, spiritually and physically devours and degrades its own followers. It’s right to stand up for freedom and to protect that freedom we need to stand up to Islam. Needless to say the Muslim woman has gone into full whine mode and is telling the world how ‘offended’ she is.

It’s strange isn’t it how Muslims are so often loudly offended by the fact that non-Muslims dislike their ideology. They are offended by cartoons of Mo the Paedo or by getting refused service in a shop, but they are rarely offended by the misogyny, homophobia, Jew hatred and violence that characterises Islamic cultures, nations and theology. All too Muslims are not offended or even ashamed of the things they really should be ashamed of, such as the crimes that are daily committed in Islam’s name. As regards this case I would not be surprised if Ms Hodne was set up by some Muslim group who, knowing of Ms Hodne’s antipathy to Islam, sent a Muslima to her precisely in order to harass Ms Hodne and get her into trouble with the police.

I do hope that Ms Hodne manages to fight her case for as long as it takes for her to be successful and that there is more of this sort of peaceful and non-violent push back against the ideology of Islam. I really don’t blame Ms Hodne from not wanting those who adhere to and represent the ideology of Islam on her premises, it’s a sentiment that I would guess that many share. The only just outcome of this case would be for both the courts and the Norwegian state to recognise that this is a case of ‘her gaff, her rules’ and that she was perfectly justified in not wanting those in Islamofascist uniforms on her premises.


Daily Express story, with added whining Muslima, about Merete Hodne