And another Islamic savage up in court on terror offence charges

Buckingham Palace, one of the alleged targets of accused Muslim terror savage Haroon Ali-Syed


Britain may not be the ‘workshop of the world’ any more, but if there is one thing that we seem to be producing an abundance of, it is Muslims who hate us and want to kill us. Now we have yet another Muslim who is accused of plotting atrocities against us who is up before the courts. Haroon Ali-Syed, aged 19 was allegedly nabbed before he could carry out the atrocities that he has been accused of.

The Daily Mail said:

A young Muslim man is accused of attempting to buy guns and a suicide vest for an Islamic State-inspired massacre at Buckingham Palace.

Haroon Ali-Syed, 19, was arrested by counter-terrorism officers amid fears he was on the brink of committing an atrocity.

The IT student is also suspected of trying to contact a bombmaker to build a nail bomb, and researching an Elton John concert in Hyde Park which took place on Sunday to mark the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

He is charged with planning to carry out an attack at a central London landmark, potentially Buckingham Palace or Oxford Street.

It is understood evidence against Ali-Syed was gathered in a joint operation between MI5 and Scotland Yard.

An undercover officer, posing as an extremist, infiltrated his circle and allegedly recorded exchanges of him preparing a terrorist attack.

Ali-Syed is accused of attempting to get hold of an improvised pressure cooker bomb built to instructions published online by Al Qaeda.

District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe remanded Ali-Syed in custody and ordered him to appear at the Old Bailey next Monday.

Ali-Syed is one of three men arrested during dawn raids and searches by unarmed officers in London and the Home Counties last Thursday. No weapons or bomb-making materials were recovered in the operation.

A second man, aged 20, was also held in west London on suspicion of preparing a terrorist act and failing to disclose information regarding an act of terrorism.

A third man, aged 19, who is originally from Mosul, Iraq, was arrested on suspicion of a religiously aggravated offence.

Both men were released on bail.

Police have claimed in the article that they are picking up violent and murderous Islamic savages every day for terror plots. This should give the public some idea of how many of Britain’s Muslims are either directly involved in terror plots or who are giving support to such plots.

Cases like these, along with other cases where murderous Islamic savages have been convicted and jailed for Jihadist activity, give the lie to the lazy assumption that Islam produces only a tiny minority of extremists.

So far the authorities have been lucky and a large number of plots put together by murderous Islamic savages have been foiled. But, we should not be complacent about our safety and security and I believe that it will only be a matter of time before one of these savages slips the net and kills Britons. The death and destruction caused by Muslims and the plots to kill and destroy Britons by Muslims will continue until the State wakes up to the danger of the Islamic enemy within. There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of British Muslims who want to kill other British citizens and it is high time that we all realised that the extremists, those who are susceptible to extremism and those who turn a blind eye to them may be the majority of Britain’s Muslims rather than a minority



Original court report from the Mail