Matthew Ryder QC. Is he another of Saracen Khan’s friends with questionable sympathies?

Somehow, looking at this guy's record with Matrix Chambers, i don't think he's going to be on the side of traditional Londoners



Many of us suspected that Sadiq Khan’s mayoralty of London would be one that was pro-Islam, anti -freedom of speech and would also be characterised by questionable appointments to powerful posts. Unfortunately we who have had that point of view seem to be being proved correct.

Saracen Khan started off his mayoralty with a policy of censorship of images of women on public transport. In an act that pleased both misogynistic Muslims and the far Left he banned advertisements such as the famous ‘Are You Beach Body Ready’ one. He then moved onto silencing criticism of Islam by instituting a ‘hate crime and hate speech unit’ which will probably do very little to stop Muslim hate preachers who incite violence, but will primarily be concerned with cracking down on those who oppose the violence and aggression of Islam.

Now Saracen Khan has appointed a lawyer, who showed monstrously bad judgement by speaking at an event organised by extremist Muslims, to a powerful ‘diversity and integration’ position. According to the Daily Mail Saracen Khan has given the job of Deputy Mayor for Integration to Matthew Ryder QC a human rights lawyer. Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Mail article with as is usual policy for this blog, the original text in italics and this blog’s comments in plain text.

The Daily Mail said:

London’s new deputy mayor for integration once spoke at an even run by a notorious organisation that described Jihadi John as ‘a beautiful man’, it has emerged.

For a sensible mayor, the appointment of anyone who had anything whatsoever to do with the jihad fans of Cage (formerly known as Cageprisoners) would be unthinkable, not so for Saracen Khan.

Matthew Ryder QC will join Sadiq Khan’s team at City Hall, tasked with helping to ensure ‘Londoners from different faiths, ethnicities, backgrounds and social classes are better integrated’ in the city.

This is an unnecessary and money wasting post that will provide make-work positions for the Left and for Muslims. Rather than have this post the Mayor would have been better off cracking down the Islamic and other immigrant crime that is plaguing London.

He is considered one of the country’s leading barristers in crime, human rights, media and privacy.

It’s strange isn’t it how so many of these ‘human rights’ lawyers are quite prepared to turn out to defend those who wish to kill us but refuse to even countenance taking the cases of those like Mr Tommy Robinson who merely wish to speak up against Islamic terror and crime.

In 2013 Mr Ryder shared his legal experience at a conference organised by advocacy CAGE, which provoked a public outcry last year after it defended ISIS executioner Mohammed Emwazi, better known as Jihadi John.

CAGE blamed the security services for Emwazi’s actions, while then director Asim Qureshi called the knife-wielding terrorist a ‘beautiful, gentle young man’.

A video of the September 2013 event shows Mr Qureshi  introducing Mr Ryder. Mr Qureshi has since been replaced as director.

Just because Qureshi has gone doesn’t mean that Cage is no longer a problem nor show sympathies to those involved in Jihad. The problem with many of these Islamic groups is this: When they are caught out supporting jihad or lying or doing stuff that is seditious towards the UK people, then they shift few high profile people out, make a few cosmetic changes and carry on as before but just with new figureheads. These groups may also, as in the case of the disgraced ‘hate crime’ monitor Tell Mama, make links with other groups, such as the Community Security Trust, which have good reputations, in order to shield themselves from some criticism. It seems that Cage may have merely moved the deckchairs around a bit in the hope that they convince the Dhimmis that they’ve changed.

The event focused on a piece of Terror Act legislation which gives officers the power to stop, search and detain individuals at border control points. 

Mr Ryder was invited to speak about an ongoing case which challenged the legislation. The event took place two years before CAGE’s press conference on Jihadi John.

A source close to Mr Ryder said his attendance did not signal an endorsement and that he had never worked with CAGE. 

What a weasel-like statement from Mr Ryder. He may be telling the truth that he has not explicitly endorsed CAGE, but he has shown either a terrible error of judgement in attending this event or he has a certain level of sympathy for some of the causes promoted by CAGE. His appearance does raise questions about Mr Ryder’s political sympathies, and I don’t see how these questions can be avoided. Although he was brought in by CAGE to speak at this event, he could, if he was definitely opposed to CAGE and their policies, refused to attend this meeting. CAGE could quite easily have found another Left-leaning ‘human rights’ lawyer to give this talk. There’s no ‘cab rank’ principle for lawyers with events like this, he wasn’t obliged to attend, as some barristers were once obliged to accept ‘the next case along’ no matter what it was. He attended voluntarily and that is what needs to be pointed out and criticised.

There are events that I would refuse to attend should I be asked, I wouldn’t, for example, speak at a KKK meeting, or an SWP event, or a meeting organised by the BNP or the remains of the Moselyites, This is because I’m implacably morally and politically opposed to the policies espoused by such organisations. Mr Ryder was free to take the same moral and political view towards the Jihad fans of CAGE, as I have taken towards racialists and political authoritarians, but he didn’t and that is very telling. Even though Mr Ryder has not made an explicit endorsement, his willingness to attend this event, knowing about CAGE’s beliefs, must tell us a fair bit about Mr Ryder and his political sympathies. I wouldn’t go out of my way to help scummers like CAGE, even with advice or expertise, but Mr Ryder did.

By this appointment, and by Saracen Khan’s other actions, he’s shown that he is going to promote Islamic interests under the guise of ‘diversity’, ‘integration’ and ‘equality’. Things are going to get much worse in London before they get better. The situation with Islam promotion by Saracen Khan will continue to be a problem unless the Government sees sense and takes the ‘GLC option’ that Margaret Thatcher did and take a far more hands-on role in running London.



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Matthew Ryder QC’s biography. Many will not be surprised that Ryder is based at Matrix Chambers a left wing chambers whose members never seem to find an anti-British cause that they didn’t like.