Some Germans have had enough of their imported savages

Marauding migrants in the German town of Bautzen (picture from The Sun)


Press reports are coming out of Germany showing how patriotic Germans are engaging in street fighting with members of Merkel’s mobile Muslim mayhem. It seems that a growing number of Germans are reaching the point where ‘enough is enough’.

According to the Daily Express the town of Bautzen in Eastern Germany a group of 80 locals got into a confrontation with 20 Merkel Muslims. The Merkel Muslims were said to be throwing stones and bottles at local Germans.

The Daily Express said:

The fight broke out between around 20 young asylum seekers and 80 angry locals in Bautzen, a town in eastern Germany, in the early hours of this morning. 

According to reports, migrants hurled bottles and wooden stakes at police officers. 

A group of 10 police officers were forced to use batons and pepper spray to defend themselves. 

A police spokesman said the Germans were chanting slogans saying Bautzen and the Kornmarkt belong to them. 

Read the rest of this story and watch video of the confrontation via the link below:

It looks very much like the Merkel Muslims were taking the piss and trying to claim spaces in the town and the town itself for themselves. This sort of arrogant behaviour, of a sort that has characterised the Merkel Muslims quite rightly angered the local people and they fought back.

I really don’t blame the Germans for having a go back at these imported savages. The German people have been given provocation after provocation from the savages. The Islamic savages have brought to Germany rapes, murders, outrageous demands, arson and property crime and very few of them are going to be of any benefit at all to Germany. These Merkel Muslims are about as far as one can get from genuine and grateful refugees. They are instead dangerous and savage invaders who should be repelled and not, as Germany’s Chancellor has done, invite them in.

This is not the first and nor will it be the last eruption of defensive violence against the savages that Merkel has imported to Germany. The situation will only get better when these invaders are rounded up and shipped back to whatever Islamic hell-hole they were vomited from. Since the end of World War II, the Germans have become an exemplar of a democratic, peaceful, industrious, creative and inventive nation. It is also a nation, like many others, that does not deserve to be afflicted by Islam. No civilised nation should put up with the disgusting, aggressive and destructive ideology of Islam, nor with its burdensome, often low IQ followers, many of whom are far too easily led into committing acts of violence against any nation that takes them in, or shows sympathy for them.