From Elsewhere: Jeremy Corbyn’s friends are no friends of ours.


The centre-Left website Harry’s Place has an excellent article examining some of the more vomit-inducing individuals who the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn considers as friends. It also details some of those who Corbyn is quite happy to appear alongside with.

There are considerably less than six degrees of separation between Corbyn and the motley collection of Islamic hate preachers, Hamas-niks, Muslim Brotherhood operatives and blood libel promoters that the Harry’s Place writer Habbibi discusses in their article. Jeremy Corbyn appears extremely relaxed for example about speaking alongside those whose politics are so extreme and genocidal, that if these speakers were not Muslim and were instead for example from the nationalist community, then they would be seen as political pariahs.

Here’s part of the Habbibi article from Harry’s Place. I’d strongly advise readers to read the whole linked article as it shows just the sort of people the leader of today’s Labour Party is happy to be associated with.

Harry’s Place said:

Jeremy Corbyn and Anas Altikriti will speak at a “Stop the War Coalition” rally in October. How appropriate, for they make a fine pair.

Starting with Mr Corbyn’s “friends” Hamas. Here’s Mr Altikriti, a veteran Muslim Brotherhood devotee, posting a happy moment with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in 2012.

 Anas Altikrity and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh

Anas Altikrity and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh











The links are close:

Mr al-Tikriti states openly that “the Brotherhood supports Hamas. I believe that if you are occupied you need to fight back.” Mr al-Tikriti co-founded a group called the British Muslim Initiative with a senior commander in Hamas, Mohammed Sawalha, and a Hamas “special envoy,” Azzam Tamimi.

Hamas is but one of Mr Altikriti’s causes. The Muslim Brotherhood has many to serve. Altikriti obliges.

Raed Salah
Raed Salah, the “blood libel sheikh”, is an Israeli Arab hate preacher with close links to the Brotherhood and Hamas. He has rightly been excluded from the UK since 2011.

Altikriti has a rather different view. Here he is presenting a gift to Raed Salah the last time Salah was in the UK. It was given on behalf of Islamist groupings with very unpleasant records – BMI of the Hamas UK network, Ismail Patel’s Friends of al-Aqsa, Daud Abdullah’s MEMO, the hate preacher fans of the Palestinian Forum in Britain – plus the self-styled Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Anas Altikriti and Islamic hate preacher Raed Salah

Anas Altikriti and Islamic hate preacher Raed Salah









For his part, Mr Corbyn has nothing but praise for Raed Salah. He even looks forward to “tea on the terrace” at Parliament with the “a very honoured citizen”, whose “voice must be heard”.

Please read the rest of the article on HP as it is a stunning one that lays bare the attitudes and views held by many of the Islamic nutjobs whom Jeremy Corbyn counts as friends and allies. These friends of Corbyn are really no friends of Britain and they are certainly no friends of me and mine. Corbyn’s associations with extremist Muslims and their genocidal views isn’t the result of a recent error of judgement it’s part of a long history that Corbyn has with calling murderous Islamic demagogues ‘friend’.

Corbyn’s hypocrisy about the issue of anti-Semitism in Labour is shown quite clearly in Corbyn’s decision to speak alongside Anas Altikriti. Habbibi is correct when they said that Corbyn’s statement that it was unacceptable to share a platform with fascists and racists is a mere ‘platitude’. This is because by any reasonable definition the sort of Jew hating, genocide promoting types that Corbyn is appearing with would count as racists and fascists

A more moral, sensible and politically aware party leader would have looked at the rag bag list of Trots, Muslim headcases, Jew haters, supporters of terror and CND types that the Stop the War Coalition have lined up and been thoroughly disgusted. A better leader than Corbyn would have refused to attend or speak at this event on the grounds that it would make him look bad and his party look bad, not so Jeremy Corbyn.


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